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Giveaway for two lucky winners

I’m honored to be the first blogger to host a giveaway from Gerbs Pumpkin Seeds. Thank you Sennen for hooking me up with quality products to sample and share. Gerbs rocks my socks for a bunch of reasons– not only are their seeds delicious but they are dry roasted and packaged using recycled products. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that they made PUMKIN SEED BRITTLE. If my grandfather was alive he would flip out because he loved anything brittle. How progressive we are!

Sennen (cool name, right?) sent along seeds in four different flavors: touch of salt, roasted onion and garlic, roasted red pepper and lightly salted. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better I spotted dark chocolate pumpkin seed clusters and milk chocolate pumpkin seed clusters. You better believe I dug right into the box of dark chocolate pumpkin seed clusters. Holy hell were they good! The chocolate was so rich and the seeds added a unique taste that really worked well. I brought a box of the roasted red pepper seeds to work and we all sat around the table and munched away like squirrels. This flavor was a huge hit. My friend Justin said he felt like he was enjoying a wonderful harvest. Okay…….

Are you hot for Gerbs? Here’s your chance to win four different flavors of seeds, a box of milk chocolate clusters, and a box of either the dark chocolate clusters or the pumpkin seed brittle. To enter, please check out Gerbs Pumpkin Seed website and leave a comment below suggesting a new flavor seed or a Gerbs product you’d like to try. I will pick two winners NEXT Tuesday at 10:30 am. Contest is open to U.S. residents only. (Sorry, I’m poor!)

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Race take 2

Hey loves. I have the day off today but there’s lots of home work to be done. Only two more weeks of this crap and then I’m done forever!! I skipped booty yesterday our of sheer exhaustion but today my ass was kicked. Though my legs aren’t sore, they were feeling weak after my workout. Gotta rest these puppies up because I’m running the Broad Street Run this Sunday. The Broad Street Run is a 10 mile race in Philadelphia. My sister asked me months ago if I wanted to run but my answer was, “hell no, it’s the weekend before finals”.  After running the half on Saturday my mind changed but registration was closed. 30, 000 people had already signed up for the race but my girl Liv saved the day. I “met” Liv through the blog world and she lives in the same town as my sister. Her mom has a friend that signed up for the race but can’t run for some reason so she HOOKED IT UP!!!!!! I’m SO freaking excited!

Though Len and I had a great time crossing the finish line together last weekend, he won’t be running with me on Sunday.

Stayed tuned for a giveaway later today!

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