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So greasy…. and I’m not talking about fried food here.

Dinner date

Hey home slices! Happy Memorial Day weekend. My internship hardly ever closes (since we’re technically a hospital) but by the grace of god we do have Monday off. Woot Woot. I usually  go to Vermont this weekend– two years ago I ran the marathon there– but this time around we decided to stay put in Boston. Last night we went out to drinks with Lens friends, then my friends, then the two of us went out for dinner alone. Twas a wonderful evening. Other plans for the weekend include: dinner tonight with two of my girlfriends, half marathon tomorrow (supposed to be hotter than balls), and MAYBE mountain biking on Monday. Don’t ask me how to mountain bike because I have no clue. Either way, sounds like a great weekend to me!

So last night I went to a celebration for my friend who recently got a new job and the restaurant just so happened to be next to the expo center where I needed to pick up my race packet. Totally convenient and awesome  if you ask me. So I went into the expo and it was a ghost town. Hardly any exciting tables, NO people, nothing. Good news is it was easy to get my packet and peace out. I hope the expo isn’t an indication to how the race is going to be.

So I changed my About page and added a Race page which lists the races I’ve participated in and my times. Don’t judge, I never said I was fast. There was also a weigh in per the usual Saturday morning routine.

P.S. In every picture of me from now until October, expect to see an oil slick on my face. What the frig is that about????  Is there anything I can do about this oil or am I doomed because of my italian roots? Oh well.

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New goodies!

I haven’t posted much about food lately which is a shame because I’ve been munching on some damn good things. Last night I ate strawberry shortcake with melted peanut butter and jelly over it. TO.DIE. I wanted to kick my own ass when I realized I didn’t take a picture but should have. Today I made a crafty sandwich of avocado, light cheese and hot sauce! By the time I ate it I totally forgot there was hot sauce involved so apparently I didn’t use enough.

At the grocery store tonight I picked up two new purchases…. wait for it… wait..

Buffalo sauce marinade!

Skinny Cow Caramel Cone single serving cup. Freaking awesome but could really use more caramel cones.

I had therapy tonight and Mimi thinks I’m making some progress. I think I am too, actually. Today, I had a piece of cake at work. I didn’t have a mental war over it. I just ate it and moved on. I didn’t binge, just moved on. For a binger by nature, this is a success. I also brought a huge piece home for Len (see to the left) and haven’t touched it. She also told me that obese people who binge have a better chance at losing weight (with work, of course) than naturally obese people. Genetics suck!

P.S. I got hired for (very) part time outpatient work. My hours are Tuesday 9-2.Yahoooo!! Let’s hope my clients show up, otherwise I don’t get paid.

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Another one bites the dust…

Another toe nail that is. You guys, my feet are SO freaking nasty right now.  I have a huge blood blister on the side of my big toe, blood blisters on the end of about 4 toes, and a missing toe nail. Like, it’s gone. A seven year old asked me where it went today. Hahaha, damn little shits never miss a beat. It’s a shame that I must wear open toed shoes because these bad boys do not look healthy. Does this mean that my sneaks are too small? They don’t feel small but I guess it could be possible.

I just ate an awesome dinner of an egg/mushroom omelette and triscuits with hummus. YUM. I’m about four seconds away from making myself some strawberry shortcake. That has been the dessert of the week. Do you wait till your dinner settles before eating dessert or do you eat it right away? I can’t hold off for very long.

So…. American Idol finale is on soon. I HOPE Lee wins. I want to straddle him. I kid. But really, he’s really grown on me over the season and he seems so genuine. And The Biggest Loser finale? Holy inspiring. That cast made me cry every.single.week.  When Michael cried, I cried. Oneil? Forget about it. Sob city.

Okay this was a quickie because I’ve got sugar to eat and tv to watch. Night night!!

P.S. I’ve been going to spinning lately. Is it the same feeling as riding a bike outside? I need serious practice but am so scared of vehicles. What’s a girl to do?

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Don’t call me Lance just yet.

Graduation weekend was a true treat. My family was in town and we had some great meals, laughs, and time well spent. The ceremony was pretty boring so I after crossing the stage and getting my diploma, I scrammed to the exit and got out of there early. Probably not the best etiquette but hey, it’s my graduation I’ll do what I want.

I love making my dad proud.

Mom came to Boston for the first time! I almost died when I saw her in the audience.

Along with my diploma, I received some incredible gifts……

Beautiful flowers sent to me by my sissy

Garmin from my dad and rob

self-help book from pops. this girl needs all the help she can get

And last but not least, the best gift of all from my hunny……..drum roll please….

A CUSTOM MADE MOUNTAIN BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been talking about a bike for YEARS now but never did I dream of one specially made for me. This bike is so cool because it can be switched into a road bike too. I tested out my bike after a night out with several glasses of wine and boy was that fun. I sailed down hills with my hair blowing and jumped off curbs effortlessly. I think I’m a natural.  Don’t worry, only once did I almost ride into moving car. No big deal since I got a matching helmet!

don't be jealous.

Not sure when I’ll venture out to the streets of Boston during the day time. Its dangerous out there with the many cars, buses, people, etc. When I’m driving, much of my road rage is geared at bikers because they hold things up and I’m terrified of hitting them. I’m amazed that bikers can weave in and out of cars so effortlessly without getting hit, bumped, or ran over. Scary! Yeah, I don’t trust myself. Not yet anyway. Either way, Len and I plan to take our bikes to the trails when we hike in NH and Vermont and ride along the Charles.

Thank you babe. I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves me so much and I’m excited to have another activity to do together.

My mom and her friend are here for the day so we’re going to explore Boston a little and then hit up Target. Priorities, people.

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Upgrade or old school?

Who said dogs don’t like to party?

We went to a birthday BBQ yesterday for our friend Jack. We had a great time catching up with everyone and meeting new people. Growing up is a funny thing isn’t it? It seemed like everyone was caught up in their own little world of babies, dogs, work, etc. I can’t remember what we used to talk about before all those things. Keg stands are no longer a priority, no one’s smoking pot in the garage, and tables are no longer used for flip cup. Our biggest amusement was seeing a raccoon named George hiding in a tree. Funny enough, that’s okay with me.  When did we get so old?

I was talking to our friend who is six months pregnant and all belly. She was telling me how she went shopping and was trying on normal clothes, not maternity clothes, and she refused to come out of the dressing room due to feeling embarrassed. She was trying on a MEDIUM.  Wouldn’t that be nice, I thought. I’ve been a large forever and I’m not pregnant. So sad. Speaking of sad, I gained this week. Boo.

Believe it or not, I’m still obsessing over Greys Anatomy and watched it over again on Friday night.  The second time around, I paid attention to the acting since I knew what was going to happen. Incredible.

Is your phone from 1966 or is it just me? My ghetto little phone shit the bed yesterday so it’s time to upgrade. I like to get the most simple phones because I believe the less technology the better. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a blackberry or an Iphone, but 1) I cannot afford it or the monthly payments 2) I’d never get off the damn internet.

How long could you live without your phone? Should I stick to an old model or get with the times?

Alright ladies and gents, I’m off for a 10 mile run. My half marathon is next weekend so hopefully I feel good during todays run. Wish me luck!

P.S. Last night Len and I decided that if we ever get married we’re going to elope to Alaska and Jack (the birthday boy) is going to marry us.

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Did anyone watch the season finale of Grays Anatomy last night? If you have ever been a fan, I suggest you Hulu it asap and get up tp date. I was at the edge of my seat for the full two hours and I’m pretty sure I got a few gray hairs in the meantime. Intense is an understatement.

Moving on. Hi!!!!!! I’m sorry for being a bad blogger. The good news is it’s Friday and we all have the weekend to look forward to.The next five days of my life are going to be a shit show.

Today- work and out to dinner

Saturday- CLEAN the house spotless, birthday party to attend

Sunday- 10 mile run with Alison, Dad and his girlfriend come to town, out to dinner to celebrate my graduation

Monday- GRADUATION, dad and gf leave, mom and her friend come to town, hang out with them all day.

Tuesday- Hang with mom and her friend.

Wednesday-nBack to the grind.

I picked up my cap and gown the other day but haven’t taken it out the plastic wrap. My therapist advised me to go naked under there to prevent from over heating. That’s the last thing Boston College needs–some chunky chick rocking around in a tarp. God forbid it ripped or the wind blew it up. Haha, just had a funny vision. But really, what are those outfits?  Is it really necessary to walk across stage in a moo moo and a piece of flat cardboard balancing on my noggin? I think not.

I haven’t spoke about therapy in a while but yes, I am still attending. I was ready to quit because I’m not really getting anything out of it but that’s my own fault. You get what you put it. Speaking of, I interviewed on Wednesday for an outpatient therapist position. Because its fee for service, I am only interested in taking on a couple of clients per week. If they don’t show, I don’t get paid and SOMEONE’S going down. I didn’t prepare for the interview because it was kind of “connection” type of thing so I basically sounded like a babbling idiot. I’ll see if he noticed or not next week.

If anyone needs to be diagnosed with a mental illness, I’m your girl.

What would your ideal therapist be like, look like, etc?

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back to the flat land

Do you guys feel like it’s harder to face a Monday when feeling bloated from an indulgent weekend? I do. As a kid, I always had anxiety on Monday mornings before heading off to school. I still get that way now at the start of a new work week. Those feelings are magnified by feelings of bloat and water renention from a weekend of unhealthy food and wine.

With that said, Vermont was a great time. Saturday night we went to that BBQ. Someone made pasta salad with velveta cheese in it. Yum. Vermonters love their meat so I caught a lot of crap when I handed over my veggie burgs to the grill master. Oh well, that’s part of it I guess. I also tried jello shots for the first time. People can’t believe that I’m almost 30 and had never had a jello shot. Quite frankly, jello is made out of horse hoofs and that grosses me out and vodka doesn’t rank high on the list either. People seem to love those little pixie cups of tendons and booze. Me? Not so much.

Sunday we had an amazing brunch at our friends place then headed to the mountains for  a long walk. I only brought flip flops with me so we couldn’t do anything intense. It was a beautiful day and Ellie had such a great time. On the way home we stopped for lunch, then for ice cream. I had the biggest cone of peppermint stick and almond joy with sprinkles. Dinner was veggie pad thai which sent me to bed in a complete food coma and increased my number of chins. Not cool.

I’m going to focus on eating clean this week, whatever that means.

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One with nature

I started off the morning with an 8 mile run, which hopefully burned off the chocolate mouse cake, banana bread and veggie pizza I ate yesterday at work. I avoided weighing in this morning because I didn’t want the number to bum me out.Thanks for the work out tips from yesterday. Hopefully I can make myself a schedule each week and work hard to stick with it. I want to incorporate some weight classes, spin classes, MAYBE a yoga class and running. I need variety in my workout in a bad way.

Len and I are headed up to Vermont this weekend because his high school buddy is having a huge BBQ. His parents have a huge log cabin (on the right) that we are “camping” at tonight; it’s incredibly peaceful since its way back in the woods with no internet connection, television, etc. For New Years Eve 2007 we stayed there and had to take snow mobiles to get there. Good times.

Last night we watched Lovely Bones… it kept my attention which is a first but I wasn’t nuts for it. The only thing it really did was make me scared to go into the basement to change over the laundry. Why are basements SO creepy??? I feel like creeps are lurking in all the musty crevices and corners waiting to attack. Booo!

Okay, I’m off to pack and hit the road. What are you guys up to this weekend?

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hey hoochie mamas

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted and I have no real reason why besides wanting a break from everything. It still doesn’t feel like school is over because I had some things hanging over my head till last night. I imagine the feeling will start kicking in next week.

So…… yesterday was my last day of boot camp. I was definitely ready for it to be over but now I’m nervous about keeping my exercise habits up. As you know, I have a really hard time motivating to work out on my own. I checked out a new gym to see if that would help but it felt too corporate. I hope to attend more classes at my “old” gym and get a couple days of running in. How do you motivate to work out everyday?

I’m running a half marathon Memorial Day weekend with my friend Alison. We went for a six mile run last weekend (hung over, thank you)and she’s definitely in much better shape than I am. I really need to prepare a little bit for this race, meaning I need to get some running days in.

Last weekend I celebrated being finished with school by going bowling and eating/drinking way too much. It was a weekend of gluttony that consisted of pina coladas, orange dreams (made with ice cream), beer, waffle fries topped with blue cheese and buffalo sauce (holy heaven) and pad thai. Let’s just say I felt like a blimp with limbs. It felt good to let loose and have a great time though.

I like the above picture because I look like a rabid gofer. I should be chomping on a log or something.

Today is the first week I’ve worked a regular 9-5 Monday -Friday job in two years. I gotta say, I’ve really gotten used to Fridays off so it’s slightly bittersweet. Good news is that I can wear jeans to work today.

Something weird happened. My period was over two weeks late this month. Since going off the pill in October, I’ve been pretty regular so it was strange to be so late. Knowing I wasn’t pregnant, I’m thinking the lateness was due to stress and an increase in exercise? Strange.

Well guys, I’ve missed you.

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Lay on my couch cause I’m a clinical therapist!

Two great things have happened in my life since I last wrote: I ran The Broad Street (10 mile) Run AND I finished grad school!!!!!!!! Which one do you think I’m most excited about?? That’s right, no more papers, no more tests, no more crappy classes, no more procrastinating. This means I have my weekends back! I can enjoy a Saturday and Sunday  without the heavy weight of homework on my shoulders. I can come home at five and actually be DONE with work. Ohhh, life is good.

The past two years have been challenging; I learned a lot about myself and the field of social work. I have grown leaps and bounds in my clinical skills and believe it or not, there are several classes that I will miss.  Keep in mind that I still have my internship three days a week until the last week in June. The good news is that I got hired per diem and my title is Clinical Therapist. ME!! I’m a clinical therapist!! Imagine??

Anyway, let’s talk about the race last Sunday. One word, HOT. It had to have been 600 degrees out there and people were literally passing out all over the place. The fire hydrants were spitting out water along the course. When I needed a good laugh I’d get wicked close to the hydrant and get nailed with the pressure of the water. For some reason that made me giggle each and every time.

I made the goal to run a 10 minute mile pace and I kept it up until mile 6. After that I slipped down to about 10:15. I walked through some of the water stops but not all. The 10 miles felt a lot harder than the half marathon the weekend before. Don’t ask how that happens but I was soooo thankful to not have to run those three extra miles. My finishing time was 1:42:37. I felt pleased with it seeing as it was hot, I ran alone and I didn’t train. Done and done.

Happy to have those 10 miles over with.

My sister and I--she rocked it as always

I’ve always said that the best part of running a race are the bagels served afterwards. Leave it to Philly to hand out giant pretzels. No complaints here.

Well, it’s a rainy day here in Boston which is perfect for being lazy guilt free.

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