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One with nature

I started off the morning with an 8 mile run, which hopefully burned off the chocolate mouse cake, banana bread and veggie pizza I ate yesterday at work. I avoided weighing in this morning because I didn’t want the number to bum me out.Thanks for the work out tips from yesterday. Hopefully I can make myself a schedule each week and work hard to stick with it. I want to incorporate some weight classes, spin classes, MAYBE a yoga class and running. I need variety in my workout in a bad way.

Len and I are headed up to Vermont this weekend because his high school buddy is having a huge BBQ. His parents have a huge log cabin (on the right) that we are “camping” at tonight; it’s incredibly peaceful since its way back in the woods with no internet connection, television, etc. For New Years Eve 2007 we stayed there and had to take snow mobiles to get there. Good times.

Last night we watched Lovely Bones… it kept my attention which is a first but I wasn’t nuts for it. The only thing it really did was make me scared to go into the basement to change over the laundry. Why are basements SO creepy??? I feel like creeps are lurking in all the musty crevices and corners waiting to attack. Booo!

Okay, I’m off to pack and hit the road. What are you guys up to this weekend?

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