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Best weekend ever!

I LOVED this past weekend and am devastated that it’s over. Yes, I know it’s almost Thursday but I’m still devastated.

Let’s start with the half marathon.  To celebrate the night before our race, we went out to dinner in the North End of Boston. I chose the same restaurant from the weekend before because it was THAT good. I ordered the same thing, of course– baked pasta with red sauce, eggplant, zucchini, squash and goat cheese. Incredible.

Then we went out for gelato. Again. I swear, I’ve been eating so much ice cream lately. Dairy, right?

Allison and I were up around 6:30 race morning trying to get a poop out. The one time I have a hard time eating is before a race. My nerves are amped up and typically I eat a heavy dinner the night before so it’s hard to get something down. As usual, I manage. Pre race meal was a piece of toast with peanut butter. The morning was already hot so Allison and I spent the next 1.5 hours complaining that summer races should be scheduled earlier than 8:30. Damn this race for being scheduled so hot.

Pre run in the parking garage

I really need a new racing shirt. I’m sick of looking at the green one.

So we get to the race only to find that all the half marathoners were gone. We had green bibs, the only bibs around were blue for the 5 mile run. Turns out the race DID start at 8, not 8:30. So……. as the rest of the crowd faced one way while singing the national anthem, we, the sole half marathoners, ran through the start alone. Classic. NO one was around for the first 3 miles but luckily the race was out and back so it wasn’t long till we caught up with the others.

The first 3 miles were HOT, miles 3-7 had cloud cover which was amazing, and miles  7-13.1 were hotter than balls. End time was 2.23.33 which is A-OKAY with me. Right after finishing we sat in an ice bath that was provided at the expo. Glorious.

Post race in the parking garage. Good thing you can't see my hairy arm pits. When will I start being a lady?

3rd race in 5 weeks. Sweet.

After the race we headed to New Hampshire to spend the night at Len’s parents campers. For those who have never been in a camper, or trailer as some say, click on this link for my video tour. PLEASE excuse the bed head, the smeared mascara and the smokers voice–  I had just gotten out of bed. One day I’ll dress to impress. One day.

Monday morning we took Ellie for a short 1.5 mile hike. She totally loved being one with the wilderness. Our little mountain lion. After she got her exercise, Len and I did some mountain biking. We chose an “easy” 6 mile trail, according to our new mountain biking trail book, but it was definitely nerve-wracking at times. I can’t imagine going down a serious mountain and not falling off my bike. Len taught me what to do WHEN (not if) I fly over my handle bars. Imagine?? Oh shit. I joked that I want to ride in a knights costume.

Look out, sexy bitch on the loose.

All and all the weekend was great. I had way too many slices of chocolate cake, smores and cheese. I definitely ate all the calories I burned off but it’s okay. Could be worse.

P.S. I went to yoga yesterday morning and I can’t quite get over the heavy breathing, weird lingo, and crazy poses. What I can handle is Child’s pose. Oh yeah, that’s my kind of movement.  Tonight, I went to Zumba and although it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be, it was fun and the hour flew by. No joke, the class was full of middle age women and there was a 75-year-old man with a hearing aid in our class. I couldn’t decide if he was adorable or a total creeper. I think we all know the truth.. perv all the way.

Well, my eyeballs are closing so it’s time to catch some ZZZZZZZZ’s.

Question: Would you rather run out of fruits or run out of veggies?

Fruits all the way.

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