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So long as his speedo is not white..

Being camera-less is really for the birds. My desire to blog diminished knowing I had no photos to post up here. Oh well, we’ll make do. Hmmm, what to tell. I haven’t written in a while so there must be something new and exciting to tell you all about.

I had a doctor’s appointment today at 1:40– a standard yearly physical and gyno exam. My insurance runs out in August so I want to get everything taken care of before then. I went ahead and fasted because I was expecting to have a full set of blood work done. Since my appointment was so late in the day, I called several times to make sure I had to fast. The idea of no coffee pissed me right off but sometimes we have to do things that truly suck. So I get there (you should know that my PCP is in a ghetto hospital that is basically a sterile version of Walmart) and my doctor turns into a blood work nazi, denying me my right to labs! “Cholesterol only needs to be tested every 5 years” she says. But Doc,  a lot can change in that amount of time. Do you understand how many donuts, whoopee pies and onion rings I consume on a yearly basis???? Girlfriend needs annual testing, asap! Despite my baked good confessions, she insisted against the labs. Fasting for nothing.

This weekend we are headed to Cape Cod for a wedding which means that old faithful is back. You know… old faithful. The dress that I’ve worn to 700 weddings and has a broken strap held together by a twisted paper clip. I really meant to toss the old thing out last September but it proved to be a difficult task. Instead it’s been sitting on my closet floor for 10 months. Good thing I’m a hoarder otherwise I’d be dress-less for Saturdays wedding.

Food.  I’m still battling my good days with my bad days. Every morning I wake with a new diet plan in my head but the plan never makes it past 11 am. I truly feel that I must follow an eating plan in order to get this weight off but plans and I have a poor relationship. Mimi and I have been having our therapy sessions every other week which is great for right now. My life doesn’t change much from week to week so I consider it 20 bucks saved twice a month.

As for the exercise… I’ve started to get a little panicked. Since my last half marathon which was Memorial day weekend, I’ve gotten way too lax with my exercise schedule. I think I had/have a little cardio burn out which is a total bummer considering my triathlon is in 7 weeks. You must know that I started swimming this week which is pretty comical. I have slight OCD about getting to the pool before everyone else so I can be at peace in my own lane. (Stay out of my lanes you old wrinkly pervs!) Unfortunately that means getting there around 5:15 am. Today I learned the hard way that 6:00 is cattle call for men in speedos. Is it really possible to share a lane without kicking one another or clawing out an eye with the force of a breast stroke? I can’t be trusted. I don’t have a particular swim plan to follow but it’s certainly the event that is most anxiety inducing.

Okay, sorry about the lack of pictures and the long ass post.  I missed you guys.

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