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money sucks. why can’t we pay with candy wrappers.

We’re headed to the Cape tomorrow and our car started having trouble today, stalling out several times. (It’s a standard so stalling is not normal.) God forbid the car dies tomorrow on the highway in the 90 degree heat. I just might throw myself in front of a bus. At least Ellie won’t be with us so we don’t have to worry about her overheating.

So I checked out my bank account this morning and almost choked on my toast. It’s incredibly scary to know that in three weeks I will have no money coming in until I get a full-time job somewhere, sometime. Yes, I’ll be working 5 hours a week doing therapy but let’s face it, that ain’t even paying the heat bill. I have enough money to get me through the summer but my insurance ends in August and my student loans start comingĀ in October. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed with finances before. Luckily work distracted me from my morning anxiety so I wasn’t ruminating over it all day. What are your money-saving tips?? I need all the budgeting help I can get.

What’s everyone doing this weekend?

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