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Special day.

Three years ago I was working at a Boston non-profit called Project Place. Everyday I would walk over to the Boston House of Correction to teach life skill classes to women inmates. The one-mile walk from my office to the jail was pretty sketchy. I walked past a creepy hospital and a methadone clinic. Three blocks in particular were littered with crack heads, homeless men and women, creeps, prostitutes,  and people who got lost along the way.  (This isn’t me being mean or stereotyping, I’m totally serious.)

Three years ago today, I was doing the usual walk when a gentleman in a suit asked me where the House of Correction was. It was well above 90 degrees yet the man in a suit wasn’t sweating at all. Me on the other hand…. well, you’ve seen the oily pictures. “Follow me” I replied, “I’m going there, too”

We walked about a quarter-mile together. Eventually he mentioned that he was a lawyer and had to visit his client. “You’re a young lawyer” I commented. We talked and walked and discovered some things we had in common, such as our history living and attending undergrad in Burlington,  Vermont.  He was cute and we were flirty.

Later that day, back at the office,  I received an email from the stranger in the suit asking me out for a drink. That stranger was Len.

I never thought I’d meet my partner in front of a jail but life has a funny way of sneaking up on us.

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