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location vs. food

Morning! This weekend felt very long but I think it’s because we fit a lot in. Saturday morning I went for my first long bike ride (little over an hour) then we headed to the Cape for a wedding. I only knew two people at the wedding, my bf and the groom. Luckily, we were placed at a table with some really fun people so we had a great time. Weddings are so interesting because everyone has something to say…. how was the food, what was up with the decorations, good god those bridesmaids dresses are hideous… ┬áso much pressure. I’ve never been one to dream about wedding details and really wouldn’t know where to start but I started questioning about location vs food. Would you rather spend all your money on an amazing location and less than stellar food or amazing food/open bar and less than stellar location? I think I’d opt for kick ass food and free booze but I guess you never know till it’s your time.

After we arrived back from the cape we grabbed our bikes and hit the mountain. It was 92 degrees yesterday and our bodies were definitely feeling it. We were only out for half hour before the skies opened up and down poured on us. Luckily we stumbled upon the exit just in time. Mountain biking is definitely a nerve-wracking sport. The roots, rocks, and wild terrain makes my nerves go crazy and it doesn’t help that I’m terrified of falling. Like anything, the more I do it the easier it will feel.

My sister is on the early show today at 8:40 so tune in if you’re around. I’m so proud of her! I swear, she popped out of the womb claiming she was going to be famous and she’s well on her way.

New pictures to resume soon! Have a great day bloggies.

June 21, 2010 Posted by | Family, fun, The Boyfriend | 12 Comments