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My sister needs your help

Hey friends. My sister is a radio DJ in NYC and needs help from EVERYONE. Regis and Kelly are looking for a radio broadcaster to co-host their show for a day. When I tell you that my sister and Kelly are long-lost twins…  I mean it. My sister (Lisa) has wanted to meet Kelly for ever and a day, and this could be her chance. If you have a couple of minutes, nominate her. I would LOVE to see her meet her idol so we appreciate any help. Please know that you have to register to vote but it only take a few. CLICK on this link to get all the information you need. THANK YOU!!

It’s a damn shame my camera is MIA because I’ve had some seriously amazing treats the past couple of days. My dad was in town for a meeting so Len and I met him for dinner last night. We hit up California Pizza Kitchen and I ordered the Tricolore Pizza salad. It’s basically a big honey whole wheat thin pizza crust topped with arugula salad and parm cheese. HOLY!!!!!!! I stole the picture below. That picture doesn’t give it justice. Everyone should try it. 

After dinner we headed to JP Licks— an ice cream chain around Massachusetts. I usually get the same hard yogurt flavors but I got a little careless last night and went big. And by big I mean Candied Ginger ice cream. Yes, really. I made sure to sample first because it could have been a serious bust. It was way better than I could have ever imagined. I want to get this weekly.

My girlfriend and I are having a wine and cheese night tonight so I made an effort to get some fruits and veg in today.(By the way, I’m “off” today meaning my hours are greatly decreasing and I’m weeks away from unemployment.) Because it’s hotter than balls, something cold was in order. In the blender went almond milk frozen cherries, ice cubes, spinach and …. wait for it….. Justin  CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT butter…aka Nutella. This smoothie was insane. Not as insane as the candied ginger ice cream but still great.

Damn I treat myself well…..

P.S. Do you guys know anything about Blue Fish? Like, if they’re in the open water that I train in will they bite off my big toe?

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