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yesterday was one of those days. You know those days when irritation gets the best of you and you can’t be bothered to see or talk to anyone. The kind of day when you shouldn’t get behind the wheel because it might just feel really good to ram an idiotic driver or run over a biker? Okay, I’m not that out of control but you get the idea. (Lord- I was only kidding. Hitting a biker would not give me any pleasure whatsoever.)Anyways, it was that kind of day so I isolated myself and missed out on my friends b-day party. (Sorry Mikaela.) What I should have done was strap on my sneaks and hit the pavement. Exercise IS my prozac and had I worked out, I would have felt so much better. Period.

Today started off better when I hit my first Body Pump class. Call me pathetic but I had never so much as picked up a barbell until today. The class was AWESOME and it’s the perfect way to get my strength training in. I mostly used 10-15 pounds (total) throughout the entire class and my arms were shaking at points. Barbells make me feel like a total bad ass. The class was packed and the teacher came straight from the set of Rent. (I’ve actually never seen Rent but I imagine he’d be the leading star.) He was so theatrical, passionate and full of body pump energy.

My friends and I are hitting up Toy Story 3 at Imax today because that’s what you do when you’re unemployed. I’m really looking forward to spending time with the ladies but job searching should be my top priority. Sigh.

Totally off topic but I need tips to lose belly fat… any suggestions? And honestly, what the hell is up with cellulite? Cellulite=┬áDimples of the devil.

June 24, 2010 Posted by | Body Pump, Friends, fun, Self Discovery | 18 Comments