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One expensive popsicle stick

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing in action this weekend but we had quite the scare with Ellie so I was dealing with that. Friday night she decided to eat a whole popsicle, stick and all, without chewing it. Our vet recommended we take her immediately into Angel Memorial Hospital (the biggest and best hospital around). There were three options for us to consider: inducing vomit which wasn’t recommended because the popsicle stick would likely get stuck in her esophagus, wait it out in hopes that it would pass but that wasn’t recommended because 50-50 chance it would get stuck somewhere in her system and would need invasive surgery, or she could get an endoscopy where Ellie would get knocked out and they’d put a scope down her throat to pull out the stick. We went with the third option because the other two seemed too risky. Plus, I couldn’t handle the stress of waiting for her to poop it out. The third option sounded like the best idea because it happened immediately.

If your animal has ever gotten anesthesia, you’re aware of the riot act that gets read to you. There are certain complications with every dog when they get “knocked out” but our doc made sure we understood that those complications are increased with a bulldog due to their overall build and their bronchial system. Doc asked how far we wanted them to go incase there were any complications. The answer, of course, was all the way. She informed us of those steps including opening up the chest cavity and doing CPR on her heart. At this point I wanted to hurl but she comforted us by ¬†repeating that she didn’t expect any complications and that it was a pretty routine procedure. We left Ellie with a sad heart and a much higher credit card bill, expecting to see her in the morning.

Around 9:30 they called us and said surgery went well and we could pick her up. I was shocked considering she was meant to be in ICU for the night but I wasn’t about to complain. At our second trip to the hospital we saw a doctor sitting with two children in the waiting room. My heart melted as I wondered what they were waiting for and if it would be good news. On the other side of the building was a doctor with an older couple. The older lady was sobbing hysterically and we could only conclude that she lost her pet. Soon the older couple walked across the building to the waiting kids and broke the news. There sat a family of four comforting each other while they grieved for their fifth wheel. Heartbreaking isn’t even the word.

Everyday I am amazed at how animals change lives. They aren’t just pets, they are companions and best friends.¬†They’re a lifetime of memories and often years of heartache. Pets bring joy to the lives of many and today I am so grateful for my little lady. How has your pet changed your life?

June 27, 2010 Posted by | dogs | 14 Comments