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So I’m a bitch. Big deal.

I had the moodiest bike ride last night. I must be pms-ing because my inner dialogue had something judgemental to say about everyone and their mother. And believe me, it was a high traffic night along the bike path. I’m not normally so mean hearted but i came to the conclusion that because I have to be so nice and sensitive as a social worker, my evil side comes out now and again in my own mind. Last night was an example of that apparently.

Everyone was running too fast or two slow. It seemed as if everyone was taking up more than half the bike path. I don’t care if you’re walking with six strollers and a camel, stick to one side so others can easily pass by. What really gets my goat is when someone clearly sees that you’re approaching and doesn’t bother to scoot to their own side. Do you want my handlebars rammed into your ribs? I didn’t think so. At one point I was dreaming about ramming some girl on her funny bone–that should teach her a lesson.  Ouch.

After miles of annoyance, just when I thought someone was going down,  I got a quick wiff of what smelled like the inside of a lunch box and suddenly all was right in the world. You know that smell? You open up your lunch box with the awesome thermos and the aroma knocks your socks off. Didn’t matter what was actually in there for lunch, the scent remained the same. Please tell you me know about the lunch box scent? They should make an air freshener out of that. Wait, I think I’m onto something. Don’t even think about stealing my idea.

I’m off for a seven mile run–gotta work off the four skinny cow ice creams I ate yesterday.

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A dogs life

I’ve been getting a ton of sleep lately and it sure feels good. Len has been gone about two weeks now and as I’ve mentioned, the bedroom has been a lot quieter. And I don’t mean because of the inactivity between the sheets, pervs. I mean because of the television being off. As sad as this is to admit, it has become pretty common for me to be in bed by 8:30–reading, playing on the computer, just laying there or actually sleeping. I typically work out in the mornings but this week I’ve had workout partners at night, allowing me to hang around and be lazy before work. It’s quite nice!

As you might imagine, Eleanor and I have been spending lots time together in her father’s absense. I wonder if she’s wondering where he is? For a few days she was acting depressed: not getting up to greet me at the door, being lethargic and less excited. I don’t know, maybe I’m imagining things. She has a pretty damn good life though. Wouldn’t you agree?

Throw my ball ma!!

I caught it! This is AWESOME!!!

Now this is what they call roughage.

Life doesn't get better than this.

Really, Ma? This is just brutal.

Life isn’t always fun and games people.

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And The Winner Is…..

#11– Kelly... YOU WON!!! whoohooooo. Email me your address @  and I’ll send you out your free cereal.

P.S. I’m in a donut coma.

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The boob test.

I’m a sugar addict. We know this. I read in a study yesterday that sugar takes a serious toll on your looks and will age you dramatically. The effects are often seen starting at age 35. This is bad  news for me folks. Bad, bad news. I’ve been inhaling extreme amounts of sugar since age 16. I’m almost 30. You do the math. In 10 years I’m going to look like a Shar Pei.

I wish this was incentive enough to cut the crap but last nights Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt got the best of me.

It’s going to be interesting to look back on my younger years and think about all of the preventative habits that could have made a difference–eating better, wearing sun block, avoiding tanning beds (hello prom), and flossing. Although I do have some healthy habits (exercising, drinking enough water), I have lots of work to do. At 29, I can already see the wrinkles starting, the sagging boobs (oy vey), etc, etc. Have you tried the pencil test? Apparently the official test to tell if your boobs sag is to put a pencil under them. If the pencil stays, you’re sag city. At 36D, I can fit a whole sharpener under there. Go try it.

What healthy habits are you proud of? What needs work?

Don’t forget to enter to win a box of Uncle Sam cereal. Winner will be chosen tonight.

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Uncle Sam Cereal giveaway

Len has been away for over a week and I’m getting the best sleep of my life. This sounds bad and babe if you’re reading this, I obviously miss you and am ready for you to get back. See, Len needs the television on to fall asleep, I do not. This is a constant battle because he thinks I sleep just fine with it on. When the tv is on, I wake up throughout the night and have a harder time falling asleep because of the stimulation. I’m forever asking him to turn it down which is annoying for both of us. I’ve gotten back to my roots this week with a quiet, dark room and it feels good. I need to solve his insomnia somehow and ban television from the bedroom. What helps you fall asleep? Are you someone who needs the television on?

There was discussion on the radio about whether it’s easier or harder to sleep when your partner isn’t there. I find that if Len is out on the town for the night I have a difficult time falling asleep. Unfortunately I have serious trust issues, not from him, but they cause my mind to race. When he’s away for longer periods of time, I don’t have that problem.

Sorry for the blurry pic--something is up with my camera

So I made an awesome dinner last night with Uncle Sam Cereal. Now you all know I am working for Attune this summer and promoting the cereal so I wanted to get creative with it. I put a twist on Hungry Girls Onion Ring recipe and substituted Uncle Sam for an alternative cereal.

I blended a bunch of Uncle Sams to make it into a bread crumbs-add some salt and pepper into the mix

whisked 2 egg whites– though 3 would have been better

Sliced half a huge onion.

Dip the onion into the egg whites, then into the cereal, then onto the baking sheet. Do this with each individual onion piece because you want all of them well  coated. I baked for half hour on 350 and bam–healthy as hell onion rings. Don’t forget heaps of ketchup!!

Even with the blur they look good!

These were soo good. I was worried they might taste too cereal-like but they truly didn’t. Next time I plan to add different seasoning to the mix–maybe cajun or cayenne. Yum. The best part about them is that they are super healthy. Uncle Sam is made from whole grains and flax so you’re getting omega 3s, lots of fiber (10 grams in a serving), 7 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fiber.  Anyone interested in winning a box of Uncle Sam to try for yourself? If so, leave a comment about what you look for in a breakfast cereal/or breakfast in general. I’ll pick a winner tomorrow night. Good luck!

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Farewell health insurance. Lets hope I don’t need you anytime soon.

Total deadbeat blogger here. I’ve abandoned my duties because I kinda haven’t head anything all that exciting to say.

As you know, I spent this past weekend at my mom’s house. We did a lot of relaxing, eating, shopping and movie watching. We watched It’s Complicated (I swear that movie makes me want to get ripped), I am Sam (my eyes were blood-shot and puffy from crying so much) and Because I’ve Said So (starring my all time fave- Mandy Moore!! Yes, I’m serious.). We attempted to watch Remember Me (purchased from Red Box–coolest thing ever) but it was a total snooze fest and called it quits after 20 minutes. Why do people like it so much?

So as of next week, I am without health insurance. This means no more Mimi (my therapist) which is okay because I’m kind of over it. I LOVE her therapy style and hope to emulate her with my clients but I guess I’m not fully committed to doing the work. Such a bummer because life would rock without my insane food issues. Lack of health coverage also brings up a slight concern about whether it’s a good idea to do a triathlon without coverage. God forbid something happens (especially in the water) and my medical bills are through the roof. What do you guys think about this? Is it safe to participate in a triathlon without health insurance? Would you do it?

I’m making something delicious tonight so tune in. Unless you’re not into ketchup that is.

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home a trigger?

Hey y’all. I am home in Ct for the weekend spending time with my mama and nana. Len is in Georgia so it was the perfect excuse for some girl time. I recently signed my mom up on Eharmony and we’ve spent much time browsing through her matches. So far we’ve seen lots of men who look like pedafiles with their tomato stained mustaches. Note to men– it’s very unlikely that you can pull of that bush that lies above your lip. Do us all a favor and facescape.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to weigh in this morning because I left Boston yesterday afternoon.It’s probably better that way because last night was not pretty. I know people can relate to the problem that being home is an eating trigger for me. My mother, who does not have emotional eating problems, has seven million packages of candy, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, crackers, etc. And well, let’s just say I dabbled in a litte bit  lot of everything last night. No matter my intentions, it’s always difficult for me to be home and not binge. Now that it’s out of my system, I am confident that the rest of the weekend will be much better.

It’s in the 90’s here and tomorrow will be awful too. I can’t believe how hot this summer has been. Last year we had lots and lots of rain so this is a welcomed treat to many New Englanders. As much as I hate the heat, I am enjoying my morning bike rides and will miss them when the weather turns cold.

Thanks for the triathlon advice–I’m taking everything into consideration. I still haven’t decided on what event to do but will have to do that soon. I recruited my friend, or maybe two, to partake in the tri with me so that should make things more comfortable.

Okay friends, I am off to go window shopping with the ladies.

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I hate feeling so rushed in the morning that you can’t poop. That’s all. Back later with more important stuff.

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Triathlon debate

I was originally registered for my first sprint triathlon on August 14th but decided to attend/work at the Healthy Living Summit instead. Finding a replacement triathlon is very important to me so I was thrilled to find an event in my hometown on September 11th. The only problem is that the swim is .5 miles vs. the .25 miles I was expecting. The swim is my greatest fear, as it is for many. .A half mile swim sounds really scary, especially since I have high anxiety about open bodies of water. I’ve yet to make it past the pool.

I like the idea of doing my first triathlon in my hometown simply because of its convenience. I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel, it’s a very short drive there and back, etc. But that damn half mile swim….

After searching around on the world-wide web, I stumbled upon another triathlon a little over an hour from my hometown on that very same day. The swim is only 1/4 of a mile, the way it should be if you has me. So the question is…….

Do I suck it up and train for the half mile swim in my hometown OR forget about the convenience and drive the extra hour for a shorter distance?

Help!! Also, should I wear a wetsuit???

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Slaving in the kitch for my bitch

Yesterday was a really special day because I got to spend the day with my oldest friend Lacey. We grew up as neighbors and stayed close throughout adulthood. The plan was to simply go out for lunch but things got a little more exciting when we stopped at Ocean State Job Lot and bought boogie boards.  Keep in mind that I haven’t gone into the ocean in over 6 years. No joke. The idea of water critters freak me out enough to stay away. When I was younger I would always wear water shoes. I’m also not a fan of bathing suits but that’s another post. I wasn’t prepared for swimming so Lacey graciously offered to lend me her swimsuit. Now, there are VERY few people in my life that I would share a swim suit with. That’s just way too crotch close for comfort but she swore it was clean.

The water was frigid but we boogied (boarded?) around for a while chit chatting and having a damn blast. Playing in the water makes me feel free and liberated in a way. That probably sounds really strange to most of you  but just go with it. I wanted to live in that moment forever but our skin was shriveled and our time was up. The day ended with a 25 minute photo shoot in the parking lot. Good times.

Sadly, I will only be working two hours per day this week leaving me lots of time to do everything but job search. Todays distraction included making all natural dog treats. I swear my dogs in better health than me.

My girl gets hooked up!

Doggie Ice Cream Click to find original recipe. I added the banana because I’m a bad ass. No big deal.

fat-free vanilla yogurt

peanut butter


Place in food processor, pour in cupcake papers, then freeze.

The second recipe can be found here and it’s one that I’ve made many times before.

Rye flour



Frozen Pineapple in place of blueberries


Blend fruit and milk, mix dry goods in, mix, then bake.

Burn baby burn

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