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Jacqui is enabling my baby fever

When you don’t hear from me for days it means I’m in a lousy mood and no one needs to be bothered by my Debbie downer attitude. I’ve been a ball of stress and pessimism as of late, not sure what my deal is. Well, I know what my deal is but it’s not worth getting into.

My day turned around when I came home to a wonderful surprise in my mailbox from Jacqui.

Yep that’s right– What to Expect When You’re Expecting. No people, I’m not preggy, I swear. To prove it,  Len and I shared a bottle of champagne.

I was secretly toasting to a future bun in the oven. He was secretly toasting to blacking out and forgetting the book ever existed.

Jacqui sent me the book after reading about my baby fever–so sweet. Len said, “Well we’ll have to give it to someone who needs it.” Um, not quite. This sucker will be waiting patiently on the shelf for ME, damn it. I took a picture of it on my phone and sent it to my sister with a text that said, “Guess what?!!?!” I couldn’t wait for her to flip out and  sat there giddy waiting for her response. It wasn’t long before she fell into my trap with…. “?????????? No.”  He he.

Thanks Jacqui, I had a lot of fun freaking out my loved ones tonight and can’t wait to put that book to use.

August 3, 2010 Posted by | baby fever, The Boyfriend | 13 Comments