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Don’t be coming round these parts.

Happy Halloween ghosts and goblins! I’ll be happy when there are no more bags of candy corn pumpkins on the shelf. Those bad boys are heavenly. Eat five and there go your teeth.

I watched Dear John last night. Oh my gosh, what a tear-jerker!  As Marina said, “From ten minutes in untill the next day, my eyes were swollen prunes.”  I bought the soundtrack from iTunes right after watching. Some great songs include: The Moon by the Swell Season and Paperweight by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk.

That’s how I spent my Saturday night– alone and crying. Kills me how cool I am. At least there weren’t candy corn involved.


Ellie and I celebrated her birthday by playing outside and eating a special doggie “cake”.  I made a little video that you can watch but it’s not that exciting. Just as I suspected, she got the shits. Great. Sorry little rat.



Thanks for being such a good friend Meg.

My sweet friend Meg brought me some homemade corn chowder last night. She was missing her family so she made her grandmothers chowder to feel closer to them. How cute?  I heard my doorbell ring and got nervous there’d be little princesses and pirates looking for candy. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. People call me the Grinch for not having candy but honestly, I cannot be trusted with a single bag. Last year I tried to buy the most bland candy possible but Len wouldn’t have that so he then went out and bought the good stuff. I bet you can guess how that played out.


Off to meet a friend for lunch and then the veggie festival!

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Big day.

Today is very special. Why you ask? Well it’s Ellie Rats birthday of course!  I can’t believe she is only two; feels like I’ve had her forever. Happy birthday to (one of) the love of my life.

I haven’t done anything to celebrate her birth yet but I think we’ll hit up Petco for something special.

My house smells SO good right now because I have butternut squash in the oven. I simply sliced it up and sprinkled with canola oil, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, cayenne, brown sugar and salt. I envision some almond butter in the mix too, HEAB style!

I cannot believe it’s only 12:30. Melissa and I ran 12 miles at 7:00 this morning in preparation for the Chilly Half marathon in two weeks. It was only 39 degrees when we left the house but the crispness felt really good after the first mile.

Post run came Trader Joe’s. That place is a total shit show on the weekends and it’s really a fight to the finish. Don’t worry, I know how to navigate the aisles without getting rammed in the ankles. So here’s my weekly grocery haul. Our fridge was empty so I dropped 98 bucks— its way too easy to go overboard there.

Dry stuff–

Bread (is bread dry considered stuff?), pasta sauce, salsa, BBQ sauce, whole wheat couscous, quinoa, tomato soup, veg broth, dog treats, ricola cough drops, Clif Bars, salsa.

Cold Stuff–

Cage free eggs, organic beef, tofu, tempeh, greek yogurt, goat cheese and two kinds of hummus–  Edamame and Cilantro/jalapeno.


baby potato medley, cauliflower, 2 bags green beans, tomatoes, slaw, avocado, Portobello mushrooms, asparagus, carrots, dates beetles and an eggplant. (I went a little wild in this section.)

AND….. drum roll please….. the biggest, fattest spaghetti and butternut squash one can lift.


I put the avocado in there for size comparison.


Trader Joes doesn’t charge but the pound, it’s a set price. I don’t know who the donkeys are who pick out the tiny squash but it sure ain’t me!

I sure hope the kids don’t come around these parts tonight because all I have to offer is squash guys. Mwahahahahaahha.

Who’s dressing up like a hoochie mama tonight? Who hates Halloween like this girl?

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little of this

Why oh why must I HATE the idea of strength training? I cannot even say I hate strength training itself because I’ve never really even done it. My plan was to hit up Body Pump this morning and once again, I bailed. Being accountable for workouts that involve anything but cardio is impossible for me. I want toned arms, to lose belly fat, etc, etc yet a simple crunch has me whining. HELP MEEEEEEEEE!

What motivates you to strength train?

My eating has gone down this shitter this week despite eating well during the day. Night time brings about mindless eating and binge eating. Then I spend the night in a food coma.

Luckily I have a partner in crime.

In an attempt to start my day off right, I’ve been making some damn good lunches. Historically I haven’t had much luck with spaghetti squash.  Anyone remember the Squash Bomb incident? I made some the other day and during clean up accidentally dumped half of it in the garbage. That sucked. Luckily the squash was HUGE and I still had one bowl full left. That’s how this beautiful creation was born.

I packed an awesome lunch yesterday that had everyone saying, “Oh what is that?”, “That smells so good.” Why thank you.

What you see here is spaghetti squash, tomatoes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, beans, olive oil, salt and pepper and a bean burger. Micro wave it up and call it a day. Glorious. You should really make this combo.

Off to work at my old internships. Hopefully I can ward off the Bins of Hell.

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hide and seek

This is what our bed looks like in the morning after waking.

P.S. Our mattress looks really dirty but that’s the regular color. We’re slobs but not that bad.

If you look closely, you might find a little rat under that mess.


Did you find her?


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Boston Bloggers and Readers Meet up?

Hey Guys. So this weekend is the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and I’m thinking it would be a great time for a meet-up. I am definitely interested in checking out the event and there are lots of interesting presenters. Yeah yeah, it’s Halloween weekend and I actually have evening plans (though not involving dressing up, I’m not creative or fun enough for that) but I have Saturday and Sunday day open.  The event is all day on Saturday and Sunday. Would anyone be interested in partaking? Could be fun to meet new people, chit-chat, try free samples and enjoy some time together.

Comment below or email me @

Let’s make this happen!

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I know I’m a little late on this but thank you so much for your great feedback on my blog. I’m taking it all in.

Back to the juicy details— Girlfriend went shopping yesterday.

Here’s the deal– I despise, DESPISE collared shirts. It’s fair to say that work clothes make me cringe. I’d rather walk around naked than wear some starchy pin stripes. Well, that’s probably not true. Still, you get the idea.

Somehow I’m managed to grunge down my wardrobe at every job I’ve had. One place even let me wear jeans every day! Now that was a Christmas miracle. Since I’m starting a new job this week (it actually got postponed till next week) I had to give my closet a makeover. My friend said, ” You must have the basic black pants and a cardigan, right?” Since I’m almost 30 you’d think she was right but sadly I don’t.

With credit card in hand, I was off. My intention was to find a professional style that didn’t compromise comfort. And NO collared shirts. (Bless the people who can pull them off. I look like a football player in them.)


Gap Outlet and Marshalls. Not crazy about any of these except the bottom right. it's sheer and looks AWESOME with skinnys.

My personal fave-- not for work of course. See that red mark on my chest? Sports bra burn. Ouch.

Those skinny jeans on bottom right (black and gray) were 13 bucks each!!!!!! The boots on the top left were 45 bucks from Gap Outlet.


Tj. Maxx and Urban Outfitter.


That white on the bottom right is sheer and will be worn with a cami– on sale at Urban.  LOVE that green tank with the things (whats that called?) around the front but it was definitely overpriced.

So yeah, I went a little nuts yesterday.

How do you develop your professional style?


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Holy crap you guys, I ate my face off this weekend. I ate and ate and ate and ate. And just when I thought I couldn’t eat anymore last night, we got invited to the North End for an authentic Italian dinner. Holy bloat.

Last week Len and I decided on a no desert during the week rule. You see, normally we have dessert every single night. And I’m not talking a fudge pop here people. I’m talking real desserts– large quantities of Ben and Jerry’s, carrot cake, eclairs. We do it up. So we stopped the madness, until Friday that is. Friday night I had a beautiful pumpkin ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles, Saturday night I had gummy candy (weird choice) and Sunday I had ginger cookies and a cannoli. My arteries are officially clogged.

I did manage to get some healthy cooking in this weekend however. This recipe may sound really weird but trust me, it was delish!

Sweet and Spicy Mash (serves 4 huge portions)

1 Acorn squash (roasted)

4-5 large apples

lots of cinnamon

lots of pumpkin pie spice

1/4 cup (?) brown sugar (or any other sweetener)

little water

lots of curry

can chick peas

goat cheese


Bake squash. (I did this earlier in the week and had it sitting in my fridge)

Slice apples and put them in a skillet on medium heat with some water, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and sweetener of choice. Let them cook down to desired consistency.

Once apples are cooked down, add squash to pan and let heat through.

Add curry– I use a lot but it will vary depending on personal preference.

Add chick peas and let all the flavors blend together.

Serve and top with goat cheese.

**I’m pretty sure that if I owned a restaurant no one would come.

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Social Workers RULE!

Sorry I’ve been missing in action. I had my Social Work licensing test on Friday so I was cramming my butt off the past couple of days. I have a horrible habit of procrastinating. In some areas of my life I work well under stress, other areas… not so much. The good news is that I passed!!!  Yay to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!

In other news– this is my last weekend being unemployed since I start my new job this week. I am looking forward to using my brain, getting paid, and having structured days. Of course I will miss spending so much time with my pup. I hate the thought of leaving her home all day alone.

Len thinks she’s happy to sleep all day with her tongue out but I believe she gets bored….

I’m thinking about having a dog walker come but that can get pretty expensive. We’ve tried the doggie daycare thing and it didn’t work so well. Ellie is too much of a scrapper.

What do you do with your dog while working a 40 hour week?

As some of you know, I weigh myself most Saturday mornings and keep track of it on my blog. I started weighing in one year ago this weekend and I am down 10.1 from last year. Pretty cool.

Any exciting plans this weekend?

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Stocked up

I just hit up Trader Joe’s hard and am stoked with all my goodies.I’ve really come to depend on the products and the prices there. The low cost amazes me every time.

For example

Jumbo Pomegranates for 1.99 each??? Surprisingly these bad boys were in great shape. My one problem about TJ’s is that their produce can be sketchy.

TJ’s is also known for their trademark indulgences. Such as this…

Pumpkin cream cheese????  God is good.   I could eat this like ice cream so I didn’t dare buy it.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a grocery haul so today is the day, folks. I spent 80 bucks which kinda seems like a lot. See for yourselves.

2 potatoes, onion, 2 poms, bag green beans, mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, arugula, broccoli, eggplant, spaghetti squash and acorn squash.

2 cans pumpkin, 2 jars pumpkin butter (if you haven’t tried this yet, you’re a douche.), sauce, bread crumbs, 2 kinds of dog treats, almond milk, shredded mozz cheese, goat cheese, greek yogurt, organic hamburger meat, half and half, 3 kinds of seasonings, peanut flour (now what?), veggie burgers and portobella mushroom ravioli.

Does 80 bucks seem reasonable? How much do you spend weekly on groceries?

I must admit– I can’t wait for that beef. Hubba hubba.

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I am currently seeing an older client right now who struggles with an eating disorder. She has gone though the whole spectrum– from anorexia, to over exercising, to bingeing. She’s strongly believes that if only she were a size 12, life would be different. She would be happy and social, she’d feel comfortable in her own skin. To an extent, some of this is true. Who doesn’t want to be happy with their body? This can create great confidence. But on the other hand, the mindset that “everything will be better when I’m 20 pounds lighter, 10 pounds lighter, maybe five more” is sort of misbelief. It is this mindset that often sets people up for failure because we’re constantly waiting to live.

I, like my client, have felt the exact same way. As a matter of fact, I relate to her so much that I can almost predict the things that she will say. I understand not wanting to be social because the thought of trying on outfits makes you cringe. I understand the pain of restricting and going overboard, of being so consumed with feelings of shame and disgust.  For many years, I didn’t have a full size mirror because I was unhappy with the reflection. I get it.

My client came in yesterday so excited because she and her friend were signing up for Jenny Craig. Her energy was high and she was so hopeful that this program was going to be it. The lady at Jenny had promised her that she will lose the weight and maintain it once and for all. She couldn’t stop smiling and I wanted that newfound excitement too.

Since starting my blog, I’ve really made an effort not to diet. I’ve done them all…. well, except Jenny Craig. I left our session eager to look into Jenny myself. Maybe this is it for me too? I’ve seen the commercials. The girl with red hair looks fabulous. And Valerie? Boy, she has really been a success.

Then I snapped out of it. For me, dieting does not equal happiness. Happiness comes from going to a restaurant and ordering what you really want— not what is points friendly. Happiness is working out and feeling yourself getting stronger. Happiness is learning to stop eating before you’re in a food coma. Happiness is stopping a binge before it starts. Happiness is looking in a mirror and being proud of what’s before you. Happiness is going into your closet and feeling like you can wear whatever you want. For me, happiness cannot be found at a Jenny Craig counter.

I am striving for all of these things without a program. To me, this is living.

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