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two lunches

I had a stomach ache until about 11 today so I wasn’t able to eat before going to yoga. I take that back– I slugged back a Chocolate Mint Gu right before walking in the door. Despite not being crazy for Bikram on Monday, it’s important for me to keep trying. The introductory package was 20 dollars for 10 consecutive days so why not get my moneys worth. I liked it more today than Monday. I had a different teacher who had a SMOKING hot body. I just stared at her when times got tough. (Not in a creepy way.)It felt harder and I definitely got light-headed several time but I pushed myself a little further. I embraced being called out and actually appreciated help getting into positions. Also, I was basically the heaviest person in the class. Still, I felt strong and healthy. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I pictured Len doing yoga with me and laughed hysterically inside. I hope he never wants to.


Post yoga I had two lunches.

Lunch 1: Goat cheese, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, one baby purple potato, s&p and balsamic vinegar.

A little while later, lunch 2: the rest of my butternut squash topped with almond butter. Slice of Ezekial bread with tomato paste and hummus.

The plate looks wicked dirty because it’s been sitting in the fridge holding squash all week. Don’t judge.

Off for a quick 3 mile run then a fancy dinner with my man.

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B & J strike again.

Good news– Portia is on Ellen tomorrow. Now that’s going to be good.

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night? I did.  Unfortunately I was joined by two old bastards, Ben and Jerry.

Who eats a pint of B&J while watching an inspirational weight loss show?  I do. And I do it with shame.

Jillian and Bob sent punishment vibes my way and I woke at 5 am with a terrible stomach ache. Serves me right, I suppose. There was also frost on the cars. Winter is here people, time to put down the ice cream.

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