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I was invited to attend Lunafest this coming Wednesday here in Boston at the Liberty Hotel. Apparently Luna established this nationwide film festival supporting women directors, women’s issues and women’s nonprofit organizations around the US and Canada. The fine folks at Lunafest offered myself and a guest complimentary tickets but to those of you who aren’t so lucky, tickets are 40 bucks which includes pre-film appetizers and post-film wine and dessert. That’s a damn good deal for a girls night out. You can get your tickets here.

P.S. The Liberty Hotel was once a jail. So cool!

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schools of thought

Happy Monday morning to you all! It seems that parts of New England got a snow fall last night but there’s nothing but rain here in Boston. I managed to run 3 miles this morning in the cold, wet, windy weather. ¬† I woke up feeling pissed that I can’t be naturally skinny and angry at the world that I had to workout. Then I thought about my friend who just messed up his foot and won’t be able to walk for 6 weeks. Life aint so bad after all.

We had a family emergency of sorts so we spent the weekend at Lens parents house in Vermont visiting with them. Nothing too exciting to report other than my gluttonous activities. See below for proof.


Chocolate covered honeycomb. This contributed to the 15 pounds I gained while living in Australia. Incredible.



Chocolate eclairs. Nuff said.



Pumpkin donut from Dunkin Donuts. I'm not normally a food pusher but hurry the hell up and get one of these. Thank the lord they are seasonal.


Along with the artery clogging goodies shown above, I also managed to consume cookies, pie and more candy this weekend. All of which contributed to the humongous zit that has set up camp on my face. Awesome.

I was thinking about addiction this morning on my run– alcohol, nicotine, food. With drugs/alcohol addiction, recovery is about abstinence from the substance of choice– sure, there will be relapses along the way and that is expected. Recovery from food addiction isn’t so straight forward is it. There are many schools of thought. Some say, don’t restrict because it will backfire, others say don’t go near whatever it is that makes you spiral out of control. (For me it is obviously sugar.)

Clearly we don’t need booze to survive like we do food, so food addiction can be more complicated. But lets face it, we don’t need to be eating¬†donuts, eclairs and candy bars to survive. What are your thoughts on food addiction and recovery?


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