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The funny thing about having a blog is that you can see the search terms that lead people to your blog. Once in a while I get some really good ones on here. For example, someone searched “how to keep my boob crack moisturized” and actually came up with something linking to Goodies Galore.  I’m not sure if I should be honored or embarrassed to be connected to that search term. I don’t actually moisturize my boob crack (?) but maybe I should start. Now my butt crack is a different story.

Every single day “bouncing boobs” comes up at least twice. Today it was phrased “bouncing boobs galore.” You’d think I posted soft core videos up or something. Maybe next week…

I was searching through my camera last night and found something a little troubling.

It appears that someone has been sneaking into the bedroom at night and taking pictures of rat and I while we’re asleep.  Peeping Tom Lenny.

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Night out

I’m catching up on last nights Country Music Awards and boy oh boy is Carrie Underwood beautiful. Hot dog!

I went to Lunafest last night and it was even better than I expected. Lunafest, a film festival supporting women,  was held at Liberty Hotel which is a restored Boston jail. The architecture is pretty dang cool and you can see where the old jail cells were. If anyone is looking for a swanky place for a cocktail, the Liberty Hotel is definitely your place. It’s a wonderful place for a date or a girls night out. Just remember to dress a little sassy and stock up your wallet because drinks ain’t cheap.

Lucky for my guest Meg and I, we got the royal treatment and were able to eat and drink for free. (Wine and dessert were included in the ticket price.) As soon as we walked in a man greeted us with a tray of wine. Why thank you, don’t mind if I do. We made our way to our seats only to find a 3 pack of Luna Bars. SCORE!! Love a free gift.

I know what I'll be having for snack today.

There were 8 short films totaling about 90 minutes. They films were all different and touching in their own ways. They captured important issues such as suicide, Alzheimer’s, and HIV/Aids along with lighthearted topics like knitting.

Post movie we were invited to the 4th floor for desserts and wine. I picked three different mini desserts which were outstanding– key lime, coconut chocolate and chocolate pie. I saw two people with whoopee pies. Let’s just say they’re lucky they didn’t get jumped.










Check to see if Lunafest will be in your city. Totally worth it.  Thank you Luna for a great night out and supporting women’s isues.

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