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In case you were wondering

Dogs don’t like wearing human winter hats.










But dog winter sweaters? Now that’s a different story.


November 13, 2010 Posted by | dogs | 6 Comments

Pampered with Paige in the house

My sister and her husband are here to visit for the weekend. Wahooooooo! They came this exact same weekend last year and we had loads of fun. We got a little crazy at Whole Foods, explored Boston, blogged side by side,  and ate tons of Mexican food and even more pizza.

I suspect this weekend will be very similar except this time we’ll have a reason to carb load. Tomorrow Lisa and I are running the Fattman Chilly Half marathon. We don’t run together because she hauls ass and will finish at least 30 minutes before me. Luckily I’ll have my friend running buddy Melissa keeping me company.

Lisa came with gifts

I LOVE big earrings. See, Lisa is petite which means she has tender ear lobes. I am not petite and my ear lobes are quite strong. This means that all heavy earrings get passed down to me. In 20 years when I have sagging lobes I may regret the decision to wear boulders on my ears. For now, I am quite pleased.

Me and my big fat lobes are off for the day. Happy Saturday!!!!!!!

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