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devil woman

I ate like a fat ass yesterday. Almost everything that went into my mouth was processed. Then this morning I backed out of my run because it was sprinkling. I refuse to let it be that kind of day so I made sure to pack lots of veggies for lunch and snack. Isn’t it crazy how food can impact mood so much?

Confession– I was a total moody bitch this weekend. So much so that I had to apologize individually to both Lenny and my sister. Whenever I was feeling irritable, frustrated or angry I would act on it and talk meanly. Yesterday I felt disappointed in who I was becoming. Who is this crazy person.

I need to find better coping skills and ways to manage stress. How do you not fly off the handle when you’re stressed/angry/sad/etc?

I’m sorry to you sister


And I’m sorry to you Lennster

I promise to be nicer.

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some birds have good taste

Lisa and I were sitting outside a cafe on Sunday and suddenly I became the crazy bird lady. Someone left their cupcake wrapper on the table and a bird with a sweet tooth came along. He was pecking away at the crumbs and the leftover sprinkles. I was tempted to fight him for them.

But soon I was overpowered.


Don't mess with sugar fed birds.

I had fun watching them enjoy their dessert until one took a shit on the table. Talk about a high metabolism.


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