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Do I have a recipe for you!

Cran-Apple Walnut Stuffed Pumpkins

The sweetest little thing I ever did see




What you’ll need:

2 pumpkins*

2 cups cooked quinoa

half sweet onion

2 peppers ( I used baby orange, red and green but whatever works)

2 tart apples

couple handfuls dried cranberries

chopped walnuts

1 tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

*There ends up being enough stuffing for 3 pumpkins.

1. Place chopped onions in olive oil and let caramelize

2. In the mean time, add 2 cups quinoa to 4 cups water or veggie broth. Let cook.

3. Cup tops off pumpkins and clean out the guts. Make sure to roast the seeds!

4. Chop peppers and apples. Place them in big mixing bowl.

5. Toss walnuts and dried cranberries into mixing bowl.

6. While your waiting for onions and quinoa to finish, place pumpkins in a 375 degree heated oven.

7. Add cooked onions and quinoa to the mixing bowl.

8. Add salt and pepper

9. Take pumpkins out of oven and stuff the crap out of them.

10. Bake in oven for roughly 45 minutes depending on pumpkin size.

11. ENJOY!


Both Len and I LOVED this recipe. It was so fun to eat the pumpkin right from the pumpkin itself! Goat cheese would make an excellent addition.


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