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back to my kitchen

We arrived back to Boston a little bit ago and I think we’re all happy to be home. The ride back was quick and easy, well, for me anyway.  Len drives and I sleep. He wouldn’t have it any other way since I’m “dangerous behind the wheel.” This does have some truth to it.

I had such faith in myself that yesterday I’d eat healthy and stay away from all the goodies. Breakfast and lunch started off on the right foot.


Quality egg white and veggie omelette with dry toast

asparagus, stuffed pepper and roasted carrots/yams with honey mustard


But things quickly went downhill around mid-afternoon when I indulged in more date balls (damn you, balls), apple pie, and pecan pie. Ew. I went to bed stuffed and cranky then had nightmares.

Alas! Today is a new day.

The first thing I did when I got home was hit up Trader Joe’s. 103 dollars spent and my fridge still appears to be empty. I just don’t get it. Here are the goods.

3 potatoes, lime, pomegranate, 2 grapefruits, butternut squash (even though I’m so sick of it),  3 bell peppers, broccoli. bag of romaine, bag of spinach, bag of sweet potatoes, bag of white potatoes,  spaghetti squash, mushrooms, baby tomatoes, avocado, bag of onions

2 peanut butter chocolate chip Lara bars (new to me and to TJ’s), Mac and Cheese, organic milk, greek yogurt, salad dressing, bread, 2 cans corn, can white beans, black beans, refried beans, frozen corn, baby carrots, soy dogs, soy creamer, organic jelly, cage free eggs, beef for Lennster, the worlds best mozzarella cheese (no joke), fat free feta (the only cheese I could find without rennet), 2 kinds of hummus, pepper, crushed red pepper, whole wheat tortillas, and tempeh.  Not pictured are 4 kinds of dog treats. I guess that’s a lot for 103 bucks.

Tonight I’m just chilling at home with the family in an attempt to recover from all the shit I’ve eaten.

This picture is from Thanksgiving last year and sums it up perfectly.


Fooooooood comaaaaa


Any good movies on On Demand??


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