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Lit up.

It wasn’t until I lived in Boston that I picked my Christmas tree from a parking lot. Gotta say, it feels a little strange. At the same time it’s a very quick process. Len and I were at the Christmas tree “farm” for a total of 10 minutes. Done and Done.

It was love at first sight.

This will be our 4th Christmas together and every year we give each other an ornament. This tradition makes decorating the tree very nostalgic. Every year we attempt to take a family portrait and every year they come out terribly.

Circa 2007- We didn’t live together so we didn’t have a tree. This picture was taken at Boston’s tree lighting. I can’t believe I was only 26 there. Now I’m basically 30. Sigh… to be young again.:)

2008- Len surprised me with Eleanor several weeks after this photo was taken so she hadn’t joined us yet.

don't ask about my haircut. let's just say it was a hair salon mishap. Just call me mushroom head.


Trying to get the rat to cooperate.

2010- As usual, we took many photos but none of them were just right. Clearly we get dressed up for the occasion. Maybe next year I might even apply some chapstick.

I wish the photo below wasn’t so damn dark. Also that Eleanor didn’t look like an alien.

One day we’ll have a Christmas photo that’s not so ghetto but this works for now. Tis’ the season friends.

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