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peace out 2010

It feels like Saturday but lucky for us it’s not! That means a three-day weekend baby. Well, I volunteered to work tomorrow for 4-5 hours because we get time and a half. My bank account needs all the help it can get. Plus I like my job so that makes it easier to work on a Saturday.

So it’s almost 2011. I don’t know how I feel about this. My birthday is also in 20 days and I’ll be 30. Lennster is throwing a party for me so I’m really looking forward to it. Hey Len, let’s get on the baby train already. I’m not getting any younger.

I went to one store (Urban Outfitter) last night in search of a wedding dress and actually found one. Totally shocked because I never have luck like that. Typically I frantically run from store to store in a desperate attempt for something, anything that looks halfway decent.  The only problem is the length of the dress….. meaning it’s a little short. Now I’m not one to show off my tree trunks legs but I’m getting a little help from tights. Here she is. The dress doesn’t look plastic in real life, it’s really pretty. I also bought a necklace but am not sure if it matches. Thoughts?








Is that okay or should I get one that’s shorter and brighter? Fashion is not my specialty but I couldn’t trust the lady at Urban to help. She tried to sell me shoes made with pony hair. Her credibility went down the tubes quickly.

I’m STOKED for my haircut. I’m going to tell the lady to cut it off till it’s healthy. I might end up with a bowl cut, you never can tell.

Who are you planning on making out with tonight?

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head of hay?

Confession: I haven’t gotten my hair cut professionally since November 2008. Since that time I’ve cut it once myself. My hair is an utter disaster and feels like a hay bail. This will change on Friday when I finally sack up and spend 55 dollars at the hair  salon. See, I also have a wedding on Friday (New Years Eve) so the timing couldn’t be better. Now I just need a dress, shoes and jewels. If all else fails I’ll wear this dress again though I’d rather not.








I’m feeling rather bloated after the holiday so fitting into a dress is the absolute last thing I want to do. Oh well, I’ll just drink wine and forget all about it.


Here’s todays lunch.

Salad with half an avocado, olives and reduced fat blue cheese.

This yogurt is the absolute best though it's high in sugar.

And my packed dinner to eat at work. The burrito is so damn good. I picked it up at Shaws.

And my sad attempt at eating fruit

Off to work. I miss the rat already.


What are you doing for New Years Eve?

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Cat walk

If I have to look at another stuffed shell I’m going to freak my freak. Luckily my shell stash has dwindled and my fridge is filled with mostly healthy foods. I can’t speak for the stocking though. That’s a whole different story.

So Christmas has come and gone. Can you believe it? I was lucky this year. My man Santa was good to me and got me everything on my list plus more. Lucky girl.

I asked for a gift card to put towards a new camera. Len took it a step further and bought me the whole dang thing.

That would be a Nikon. I’m still learning how to work it by shooting everything in sight. My favorite subject is getting pretty annoyed by the whole thing.


When Eleanor simply refused to participate in the photo shoot, I looked elsewhere.



Not too shabby.


What was your favorite holiday gift?

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It ain’t pretty in this neck of the woods.

I ate it all plus some. My pants are tight. Send help.

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spill it moms.

Who do I think I am pulling a disappearing act like this on Goodies Galore? A bore my friends, a total bore. Sometimes I feel like it’s better to not post than to pull shit out of my ass just because. Ya know? I need to spice my life up a little bit these days. Maybe I should open a bottle of wine this morning and see how that works out. Probably not.

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? I got a little excited about it last night and allowed Ellie to open one (of the two) stocking presents. Why wait when you don’t have to? I’m struggling to fill Lens stocking this year because he’s not into the typical things like gum and candy. Well, I did buy him a bag of twizzlers to stuff in there but accidently ate them last weekend. Oops.  What do you like to give/get in your stocking?

This past Monday marked the 2nd year of getting Eleanor Rat. I think she might need a new sweater for Christmas because the pink one bums her out.  I think she looks beautiful but what do I know.

Speaking of mothers– do moms know when their kids are ugly? This sound really mean but lets face it, some babies are heinous little aliens. Are moms in the know or do they always think their kids are beautiful?  Be real moms, tell us the truth. Would you want to know if everyone else thought your baby looked like a heinous little alien?

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wine and other things


My blog is fading fast and I sure hope I can get it together enough to keep it going. This weekend was full of holiday parties, three to be exact. I had an absolute blast at one in particular. I really need to drink wine more often.

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Haven’t laughed so hard in a long ass time. Felt good.

I did okay eating wise, not great. Have you guys tried baked brie? It’s basically cheese and jam pie. Delish.

Although today was just a standard work day, I feasted on cookies. Both my jobs had trays of cookies just waiting to be housed. I know I’m responsible for my own choices and have the capability to pass on the goodies but I also think people should cut this shit out already and keep their baked goods to themselves. Notice how the food pushers never eat the food they bring in. Bunch of ass napkins.

Now I’m waiting on Pad Thai. Hello  stretch mark, come on in and join the party.

What can always make you laugh? For me it’s when people fall/trip/slip.


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Tis the season to be hairy…

And boy am I ever!  I think Len’s getting a little worried.

I have to apologize for being MIA this week. My thoughts and time have been consumed with the pressures of my new job. (Good pressure but pressure nonetheless.) I hope to get back on track with blogging now that I’m slightly more adjusted.

Nothing very exciting to report from this week. Still up to the same old tricks.

Could you just die looking at this? Yeah, now imagine eating it. That beautiful creation was a brownie, topped with a layer of peppermint (think York Patty), coated in hard chocolate and topped with crushed peppermint. Ridic. Lennster brought it home for me and I didn’t share. I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

There were also some chocolate covered pretzels involved.  Sweets will always have my heart.

We bought those pretzels today at a gift/bake sale hosted by Angel Memorial Animal Hospital. They also offered  Photos with Santa for 20 bucks– all proceeds go to the hospital.  Clearly we couldn’t pass that up.

Ellie was like, What the f-word is this thing?

Payback for chewing my favorite shoes.

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When all else fails….



Grab the sugar.

I spent this week eyeing a lonely grapefruit sitting in the fridge but simply couldn’t make myself eat it. With the goal to eat at least one piece of fruit in mind, I knew it must be done. The grapefruit would be mine.

Insert honey.

And if you’re really daring, pounce on some walnuts.

Don’t be afraid to stash some on the side, you know, just in case of an emergency.

When you’ve eaten each nutty-sweet-bitter segment, attack the juice.

Who says fruit has to be boring.

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Hi folks. Thanks for the feedback regarding workout motivation. The main tip was to change into workout clothes before leaving work. This is a possibility but most of the time I have to run back to the rat for pee/poop/exercise time. Maybe I can change anyways? I’m going to need all the motivation I can get. I gotta say, it’s incredibly nice to be working full-time again. Things will look even better when the bucks come rolling in.

Len bought me a couple of roses on my first day of work. He’s sweet like that.

Let’s talk food. Sunday morning I made vegan tangy corn chowder in the slow cooker. I’m not posting the recipe because it tastes almost as bad as it looks. Regardless, I’ve been eating it everyday for lunch and am about 5 bites away from turning into a corn cob. Side note- Isn’t it weird that corn nuggets come out the other end fully intact? Does this means it’s useless to our body since it doesn’t break down? Craziness.

I’ve been pairing this soup with a salad topped with pom arils and awesome balsamic dressing from Trader Joe’s. I have a constant battle with dressings: Do I get fat free with all the sugars or get the real deal with it’s high fat/calorie content. I got the real deal this time. What’s your dressing of choice?

No I didn't eat that whole container of up-chuck in one day.


My breakfasts have been a little strange since I’m taking them for the road. Yesterdays was a piece of toast with refried beans and hummus. I’ve also been packing a bag of homemade trail mix which equals out to way too many calories to be considered a snack. Now, if I didn’t gobble the whole thing down that would be one thing but look at who you’re dealing with here.


honey nut chex, raisins, walnuts, toasted pumpkin seeds.

Who even buys honey nut chex anyway?

And I’m off! Have a wonderful day friends.



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Not gonna lie..

The new Weight Watcher program has me really intrigued and I’m being very careful not to get sucked in. I may fall victim. I say “victim” because I’m one who pays the money and then never follows through with the program. I think WW is a wonderful program for those who actually stick with it.

So…. I started my new job on Monday. So far so good. The worst part about being the “new girl” is having to be dependent on others to figure things out. By tomorrow I should be good to go and independent again. The cool part about my schedule is that the hours are staggered. Today I work from 1-9:30 so I was able to sleep in late, go to the gym later than usual and play with the little rat. Not so bad. I also have 2 days per week that I work from 7-3:30, allowing me to scurry to my other job (as an outpatient therapist) and see my clients. The outfit thing has been okay this week though I am only working with one black pair of pants. In time my wardrobe shall grow. For now, the bottom half of me might smell. No big deal.

I can tell the rat misses me.

See, I’ve been spoiled over the last 2 years in graduate school and for several months post graduation. I’m eager to see how my fitness regime might suffer with my new 46 + hour week. I guess it just means even earlier morning (earlier than my standard 5:45 wake up call) and late nights.  I’ve always struggled with hitting the gym in the evenings but this will have to be a reality for me now. How do you motivate to hit the gym at night when there’s so many excuses not to?

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