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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I’m crazy excited for the opportunity to start fresh and make 2011 the best year of my life. I have a feeling that it will be 🙂

Yesterday didn’t go as planned with the hair cut and the wedding dress situation. I called the salon to confirm my appointment and it’s a good thing I did because they didn’t have me in the books. Bastards! I chalked it up as a loss and figured I’d just wait until the day of my birthday party in two weeks to get it cut. Gotta look hot on my special night, right? Unless of course I end up with a bowl cut or a mullet of sorts. THEN I was getting ready for the wedding, looking all sexy in my new dress when I felt a huge rip on the seam in the back.  Truth be told, I might have torn it due to my monstrous boobs. Nevertheless, the rip would only get bigger so I made the executive decision to get my 70 bucks back and wear the old ‘go-to’ dress. I certainly wasn’t psyched about the situation but I wasn’t trying to impress anyone there. I’ve only met the bride and groom once for gods sake!

It was fun while it lasted. (all of five minutes.) Cheap thing.

It was black tie optional so Len sported his vest.

Embarrassingly enough, we missed the church ceremony so we hung out at a restaurant drinking wine and eating quesadillas until the reception started. Fine by me.


When ran into the bride and groom as we entered the reception. Totally hot couple.

At the wedding we met some cool peeps, ate some delish food/desserts, drank a lot of wine (and maybe a couple of red bulls and vodkas), and called it  a night at 11:15. Made it home just in time to crawl in bed with my family and watch the ball drop. P.S. When did Dick Clark get so old??!!


Cheers to a year of laughs, love and health.

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