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Better with age

Over the last 16 months, I’ve slowly lost 12 pounds by exercise alone. This loss (clearly it was extremely slow and gradual) had nothing to do with changing my eating habits. Unfortunately I still stuff my gullet with whoopee pies and frosting covered sticky buns. Despite my old habit of binging, I do feel much healthier and happier than I did when I first started this blog in October, 2009-the same month I began posting my weekly weigh-ins, and the same week I started this slow weight loss journey.

Today I am 30. 30! I’m not someone that’s afraid of this number. No way, Jose. I welcome it with open arms and expect life to get better from this point forward.

My teen years were fun but difficult and riddled with insecurity. Those years were full of parties, friends and sneaking out, navigating the pressures of middle school and high school, experimentation sexually and in other ways, struggles to get along with my family, many nights and weekends grounded, some run-ins with the cops (what can I say, I was a bad dumb ass.), and the start of my eating disorder. Those years were so exciting but also full of insecurity and at times, pain.

My twenties took me to different parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, England, and all over the US. I established close friendships to people who are now a necessary piece of my happiness and my heart. I had my heart-broken but learned to forgive and move forward. My family fell apart and with support from one another we rallied to pick up the pieces. I moved to a new city where I found love and began to build my own family. I started running and have since participated in one marathon and a bunch of half marathons. I struggled to find inner peace through majority of my 20’s but that was then.

In this new decade I plan to strive towards happiness and inner peace each and every day. For me, happiness is not a natural state, it is something that needs to be fostered. Each month this year, I plan to include something new to my life that brings about goodness. Some months, I might exclude something that doesn’t nurture my best interest. On occasion, I might get all wild and do both. For the start of my 30th year of life, I’ve decided to include monthly dinner dates with an old friend who I don’t seen nearly enough, and exclude donuts. I DON’T NEED DONUTS nor do I want the instant gratification that they bring. I do need love and the gift of friendship. I know this much is true.

So cheers to a new year in calendar and in birth.

Who wants to join me on my journey for happiness and inner peace. What would you like to include/exclude in your life?


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