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the goods.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages and sweet comments. So far 30 has been wonderful. My family and friends hooked me up with kick-ass gifts ($, gift cards, jewelry) and cards that could make a grown man cry.

My sister sent me 100 bucks to Urban Outfitter and my mom sent me 100 bucks to Trader Joe’s. Pops sent me good old fashion green in check form. Does my family know me or what?

Thanks to Kate for the gorgeous flowers. What a wonderful surprise.

And Ali, the tribute on your blog touched my heart. Thank you.

This week has been pretty delicious to boot. As a thank you to Len for my party, I cooked him some steak tips. This is a big deal because 1) I never really eat meat and 2) I never ever cook meat. Go me! I picked up some marinated steak tips at Whole Foods and broiled them to perfection. Mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus coming right up.


With my indulgent eating comes the need for exercise. Every Saturday two of my girlfriends and I embark on a long run, usually 8 or more miles. We’ve been doing this since last July and have managed to continue through most of this winter. Last weekend it was 14 degrees for our run 8 miles with lots of snow and ice. Today’s not looking much better and we have 12 miles to schlep. The wind is the real bitch but we’ll survive. We intend to sign up for a 20 mile race in March but haven’t done so yet.  Maybe today.

Okay loves, time to get in my snow suit running pants.

What motivates you to work out in the Winter? For me its all about a workout partner.


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