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Marathons are no joke.

Dudes, my feet are so mangled from running it’s not even funny. The sight of these suckers could make a grown man chuck. (Trust me, you do not want an inserted picture here.) With that said, my roommate and I are running a marathon in 3 weeks.

I do not anticipate this kind of happiness.

We originally signed up for the Green Mountain Marathon on October 16th but decided we want to run the Bay State Marathon instead.  This decision was made for 3 reasons.

1) Convenience. The Bay State Marathon requires little planning and travel compared to driving to Vermont for the weekend.

2) Amount of runners. I am someone who feeds off the energy of other runners and spectators during races. I need it for fuel. The Green Mountain Marathon is tiny which means few runners and hardly any fans.

3) Hills. Vermont is not flat, Massachusetts is. Enough said.

While Melissa and I have been training, we haven’t been training enough. We essentially get 3-4 short (4 mile) runs in during the week and one long run on the weekend. I have missed at least 2 long runs secondary to being away. This past weekend we ran 18 flat miles. They were do-able, but it was hard to imagine having to run about 8.2 miles. I might kill someone.

Len and I ran a marathon back in 2008 so I know the kind of physical and mental distress marathons can cause. Around mile 17, I wanted to rip off my legs and beat the spectators with them. Although the physical pain was terrible, it was my mind that really got the best of me. I want to prepare my head this time around. Any tips?

No matter what happens, Melissa and I will finish and then bask in the glory of our hard work. I really only sign up for races for the free food anyways.

If anyone wants my bib number for the Green Mountain Marathon email me. I’m happy to hand it off.

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I’m sorry I haven’t blogged, I’ve been too busy having fun.

While my vacation is long gone, the amazing memories remain. Two weekends ago I went to Vermont to attend my best friends wedding. I’d been looking forward to the wedding because essentially, it was a college reunion. It was a chance for all of us girls to gather from different parts of the US to celebrate. Holy crap, it did not disappoint. Fun bride + open bar + a bunch of college girlfriends without dates + beautiful location = Ridiculousness. Things got wild.

The night started off innocently enough… until our “shuttle” decided to drive into the dirt.

The bus got stuck in the ground after dropping us all off. Priceless.

The only natural thing to do while the bride and groom took pictures was to drink  have your own photo shoot.



We eventually made our way into the barn to drink, eat,  and get hammered  our grove on.

I love when everyone dances around the bride and she picks and choses people to come into the circle. We had some special moments.

So what if I spilled a glass of red wine down some guys back in the process. The good news is that neither of us noticed.

There’s nothing better than spending a night with your favorite people. Sheer happiness.

I may or may not have gotten into a fight with Dave Grippo from the Grippo Funk Band.  Apparently requesting Lil’ Wayne isn’t appreciated.  Oops!

It was definitely a night to remember.

Congrats to Biff and Mike. I couldn’t think of a better pair. Love you guys.
















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