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basking in the glory

After hours and hours of lounging on our couch yesterday, Melissa and I finally motivated to run around 3:30 p.m. We had one  last training run to hammer out. We couldn’t avoid it, it had to be done. We pumped ourselves up by taking stupid pictures and belting out some tunes.

Let me tell you something– 21 miles is a long ass run. It seemed as though we ran for 3 weeks straight. We started running during day light hours and by the time we finished it was dark. Because Boston is so small, we needed to run the entire Charles River and then weave in and out of the city streets to cover more miles. We had a bunch of interesting encounters along the way that kept our minds busy. (Some old perv asked if we were in a wet t-shirt contest because we were so sweaty. We kicked him in the balls and kept it moving.) We also ran through a parade which was cool for about 2 minutes. During the last mile, the sky opened up and dumped rain on us. It felt symbolic and made us laugh. We managed to stay positive despite aching knees and shoulders. Having big boobs is a disservice when running. Feels like cannon balls are hanging from my collar-bone.

Melissa and I were super proud of ourselves for tackling such a great distance. Finishing a run, be it 4 miles or 20, brings about a feeling of euphoria that cannot be matched. Unless you’re popping ecstasy pills.  Running is a self-esteem builder and a test of will. With that said, I’m happy that our long training runs are behind us. Only one run left before the big day. Sweet!

We celebrated with lots of beer, good company, and then an amazing lunch today at the Beehive. If you live in the area, please go there and gobble up the most amazing meal ever- the Mezze Platter.  You might just cream your pants. No joke.

Adios, loves.



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all good things.

It’s almost 2 p.m. I have 21 miles to run today but simply cannot motivate to move my ass off this couch. I ate a LOT of carbs last night and my stomach is saying a big fuck you. Hopefully nothing is compromised during this run, if you know what I mean. Post run, I shall partake in more carb loading in the form of beer.

In the past couple of months, my roommate and I decided to stop being hermits and began going out more.  Turns out,  being holed up in the house eating whoopee pies and honey mustard pretzels all night is a big fat waste of life.  We’ve been exploring our new neighborhood and meeting some cool people along the way. One pretty cool person in particular.  

A little while ago, some douche  dude from online dating was supposed to meet my girlfriends and I out at a local bar. I cancelled on him that morning because I simply couldn’t be bothered to deal with the hassle of small talk, getting dolled up, etc. Well I ended up meeting a random at the bar that night and we’ve been hanging out pretty regularly since. I had never met anyone at a bar before so it was definitely unexpected and not planned. Feels much more organic than online dating. So far things have been really fun and exciting.There’s quite an age difference (he’s a baby  younger…..rawr!) which may prove to be an issue but time will tell. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself or over-analyze things, which can be difficult.  It’s not like I’m looking for a husband, baby daddy  or anything along those lines… just enjoying it date by date. After all, in case you forgot, I have a very serious five-year plan for getting knocked up that I intend to stick to.

So that’s what’s going on over here in Boston.

What do you love/hate about beginning stages of dating. 


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