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Little Black Dress or Holiday Uniform?

I once had a black dress that I wore to at least 7 weddings. (This should embarrass me but it doesn’t.) Despite wine stains and a broken strap that was held together by a paperclip, I continued to rock that little bitch. Friends would often comment,   “Oh, you’re wearing that dress again?”  or “Let me guess, you’re wearing the black dress”.  Eventually I took the hint and tossed it, never to be seen again.

Well guess what hookers, there’s a new black dress in town. I’ve owned it for two weeks and so far it’s made an appearance to 3 holiday gathering and believe me, there’s more to come.  (Again, this should embarrass me but it doesn’t.)

First Outing: Ladies night.

What up Kath!

My girl Marisa
















My roommate and I hosted a small gathering at our place with some fabulous ladies then headed to a local bar. I got dolled up with the intention of getting some ass  finding a suitable mate.  No mate was found but there was some baton twirling. Winning!

My roommate has many talents

Don’t ask.

Second Outing: Holiday Party. 

My friends Meg and Joe hosted this shindig the very night after our girls night. The dress already had toothpaste stains on it but that didn’t stop me.  I may not change my outfit but at least I brush my teeth. Once a slob, always a slob.











I found a suitable mate that night named  Cookie Tray. He never disappoints. TRUST ME.


Someone once told me that you can wear the same dress as many times as you want so long as you change your hairstyle. Done and Done.

Third Outing: New Years Eve.

My friends and I went to a Martin Sexton show in Vermont for New Years Eve. The uniform came along, toothpaste stains and all. This time I changed up my tights and my hair. Go me.








4 more parties and a black dress will be up for grabs. Let me know if you’re interested and maybe I’ll throw in the tights.

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Sayofuckingnara 2011.

2011 has come and gone but it will never be forgotten.

Last year at this time, I would never have pictured my life as it is today. Here I sit, living the single life with a friend of mine, in a small apartment, without Eleanor by my side. My life changed pretty drastically in the year 2011. I risked a lot, I lost a lot, I cried a lot.  But with that loss came growth, new experiences, and deeper connections (I’m talking to you Melis) that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  And as I continue to adjust to this new life, I thank god for good friends, family, and wine. Can’t forget the wine.

So cheers to a New Year filled with change, support, whoopee pies, laughter, and love.

You thought I was kidding about the wine.

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