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Nothing wrong with weird.

Check out our latest resident….


Remember six months ago when our apartment was infested with raccoons? Well, now we have rats. Settle down, they don’t roam free in the house. They reside in the walls and in the ceiling, but we do hear them scratching around all the time. Pretty sure they’re trying to chew their way out of the shower drain. I’d slide right off the toilet if that ever happened. My landlord is working hard to get a grip on the problem. Sadly, we often hear them getting trapped and squealing to their death. At first I cried, now I plug my ears and yell to drown out the noise. Terrible.

So I’m supposed to be out on a date right now but I cancelled for a couple of reasons.  I went out with this cat last week and had a great time. He was cool, smart, and funny but a spitting image of Len. Everything down to his damn ear lobes. No joke. I felt like I was tripping on acid. We rescheduled for Sunday but I’ll probably cancel again.

Check out this sign.

I’m proud to be absolutely ridiculous.


Who’s watching Idol tonight???


January 25, 2012 - Posted by | Detox, Friends, rodents

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  1. Wow, that is wild, regarding both the rodents and your date………… are handling each with good sense…….too:)

    I can’t imagine how weird it is to see a familiar face on a new guy…………..

    Yes, AI will most likely be watched!

    Have a good evening young lady!

    p.s. I had to sleep in my bedroom a few yrs back, with a mouse scratching in the ceiling…… option other than to wait, my cat took care of it, too…………left it intact, phew! I happily tossed it outside onto the lawn! Eeeeek……..

    Comment by Amy | January 25, 2012 | Reply

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