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Spinning with the oldies

Since running hasn’t been very appealing, I’ve been spinning a bit more lately. I’m not positive but it seems as though the teachers are not spin certified. My instructor offers no instruction about positioning, speed, form, etc. We spend the entire hour focusing on her playlist, going around the room giving a thumbs up or down for each song, guessing the year of release and singer, etc. Don’t get my wrong, the lady (Jan) is hilarious…today she played the air trumpet and who doesn’t love that. But come on, help a sister out.  It also seems as though I’m the youngest in the class. Today Jan asked me my birth year, when I said 1981 I heard legit gasps from across the room. I’m 31 people, settle down. Side note- Does anyone else get a sore vageen from spin???

Moving on. Last weekend I spent a little QT with a special little man…

I held him every chance I had

My sisters kid is freaking adorable. He definitely does NOT help with the baby fever situation. People are telling me to freeze my eggs. Again, I’m 31. Are we really at that point? Perhaps I’ll ask my spin class what they think. If anyone wants to extract my eggs pro bono let me know. Until then, those suckers are staying put.

Some other highlights included indulgent food and drink.

Italians know how to eat

Get ready for this.

Whoopee pie ice cream??? Come oooooonnnnnn. Does my family know me or what?

I loved hanging with my sister.  We always have a blast acting like a bunch of donkeys.

Okay loves, I’m off to work.

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New baby alert/Detox.

Hey lovelies! My sister popped this weekend and I am now an aunt to a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately I couldn’t be with her and haven’t met the baby but I will soon. Zachary is the first grandchild so my parents are super stoked. My mom has been hoarding buying baby clothes for years now just waiting for one of us to get knocked up. Surprisingly, it wasn’t me. Say hello to the little nugget.


I don’t have any funny new date stories for you. The first two dates were enough to scare me away for a bit. I do have a date planned for Friday night though. Nothing crazy because I’m currently doing a 21 day detox. Today marks the 8th day of Clean.  If you’ve been reading for a while now, you know all about my food issues. My friend, Ali, suggested I try this cleanse several months back as she had success with it. At that time, Len and I had just broken up so I wasn’t willing to give up booze and sweets. We all need coping skills, right? Bring on the whoopee pies and wine bitches.

The last several months have been off-balance for me in terms of eating and moderation. I’ve been eating like shit during the week and going away on most weekends to celebrate various occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a damn good time but my body and mind started to suffer.

I needed to get a grip, asap. The scale continued to climb until it reached 148 last Sunday. What the hell? Something had to give.

So far the cleanse has been awesome. Caffeine free, sugar-free (other than fruits), gluten-free, alcohol free, dairy free. You get the idea. I no longer need my morning cups of coffee (though detoxing from caffeine sucked goat balls), I feels less anxious, have dropped 3 pounds and have clearer skin! We’ll see what the next 2 weeks bring. I had to laugh at myself  this morning when I discovered green smoothie outlining my lips. No wonder I’m single!

Happy Monday!

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day after

We woke this morning to Christmas snow (as Len likes to call it) and my little old family was clearly very excited.

We said SCREW YOU BLACK FRIDAY and bailed due to freezing rain and the anticipation of very annoying people. I’m so glad we did. I did, however, order Lens Christmas present online. Too bad the black friday deal was totally bogus and not much of a deal at all. Now I have a whole month to keep his present a secret… very, very tough task. If he didn’t love Christmas so much I would have already told him.

I woke this morning feeling like a mama hippo with swollen limbs. Last night I enjoyed chocolate cream pie, apple pie, chocolates, candy, and more than my fair share of balls….. date balls that is. Pervs.

Now this is what I call a tasty ball



We ended up sleeping at a hotel last night because Lens allergies (to the cat) got pretty bad. It’s nice to have our own space and a king sized bed. Happy Thanksgiving to meeeeeeeee. Plus, we don’t have to deal with Ellie and Sadie constantly up to no good. They look innocent but much like those stuffed peppers, they’re deceiving.


















They rule the roost.

Well friends, I’m off. Got some work lounging to do. Gotta work on this bloat.

P.S. When will my fingers stop looking like stuffed sausages?


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I know I’m a little late on this but thank you so much for your great feedback on my blog. I’m taking it all in.

Back to the juicy details— Girlfriend went shopping yesterday.

Here’s the deal– I despise, DESPISE collared shirts. It’s fair to say that work clothes make me cringe. I’d rather walk around naked than wear some starchy pin stripes. Well, that’s probably not true. Still, you get the idea.

Somehow I’m managed to grunge down my wardrobe at every job I’ve had. One place even let me wear jeans every day! Now that was a Christmas miracle. Since I’m starting a new job this week (it actually got postponed till next week) I had to give my closet a makeover. My friend said, ” You must have the basic black pants and a cardigan, right?” Since I’m almost 30 you’d think she was right but sadly I don’t.

With credit card in hand, I was off. My intention was to find a professional style that didn’t compromise comfort. And NO collared shirts. (Bless the people who can pull them off. I look like a football player in them.)


Gap Outlet and Marshalls. Not crazy about any of these except the bottom right. it's sheer and looks AWESOME with skinnys.

My personal fave-- not for work of course. See that red mark on my chest? Sports bra burn. Ouch.

Those skinny jeans on bottom right (black and gray) were 13 bucks each!!!!!! The boots on the top left were 45 bucks from Gap Outlet.


Tj. Maxx and Urban Outfitter.


That white on the bottom right is sheer and will be worn with a cami– on sale at Urban.  LOVE that green tank with the things (whats that called?) around the front but it was definitely overpriced.

So yeah, I went a little nuts yesterday.

How do you develop your professional style?


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Although it’s always hard to leave Vermont, I was happy to come home to my family in Boston. I’m pretty sure they both missed me.

Can’t you just see it on their faces? Yeah, me either. Oh well.

The rest of my weekend was really chill. We saw Life or Something Like it which I HIGHLY recommend. It did not help my baby fever whatsoever; in fact, it made it even worse. The actors had such great chemistry on film and I just love a movie that can make me both cry and laugh. I actually haven’t met a movie that hasn’t made me cry. (Cue: Cool Runnings.) I’m a baby like that.

Every time I visit Vermont, it is imperative to eat at Magnolia Bistro. I’ve written about this restaurant many times on my blog and for a damn good reason. The food is local, organic, healthy (most), and creative. The atmosphere is green, warm and comfy. I ALWAYS get the same exact thing when I go there– Huevos Con Diablo.

It’s polenta topped with black beans and two runny eggs. I left out the sour cream and added dry toast to the mix. They serve it with homemade jam and lots of different hot sauce.

Ali got the cheddar and black bean tofu scram, served with home fries and toast.

I had eaten like a fat pig the night before so we procrastinated breakfast since I was still full. We took care of some errands and went to the gym– but it was after one by the time we were actually sitting to eat. At that point I was ready to eat Ali’s head. I looked cool, calm, and collected in the picture but inside I was screaming FEED ME YOU MO’ FO’S!!!

Ali threatened to eat the table.

I kept my stomach busy by taking pictures of their incredible bathroom. They have quotes painted on the walls, inside and out of the stalls. Side note– snapping pictures in the bathroom doesn’t go over well with customers. You’d think I was trying to catch them taking a dump or something. Pahlease people.

These were some of my favorites.


Compost and landfill

Be the change you wish to see in the world












No one can make you feel inferior without your consent











At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.


So sweet, right?


Okay friends, I’m off!

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Jacqui is enabling my baby fever

When you don’t hear from me for days it means I’m in a lousy mood and no one needs to be bothered by my Debbie downer attitude. I’ve been a ball of stress and pessimism as of late, not sure what my deal is. Well, I know what my deal is but it’s not worth getting into.

My day turned around when I came home to a wonderful surprise in my mailbox from Jacqui.

Yep that’s right– What to Expect When You’re Expecting. No people, I’m not preggy, I swear. To prove it,  Len and I shared a bottle of champagne.

I was secretly toasting to a future bun in the oven. He was secretly toasting to blacking out and forgetting the book ever existed.

Jacqui sent me the book after reading about my baby fever–so sweet. Len said, “Well we’ll have to give it to someone who needs it.” Um, not quite. This sucker will be waiting patiently on the shelf for ME, damn it. I took a picture of it on my phone and sent it to my sister with a text that said, “Guess what?!!?!” I couldn’t wait for her to flip out and  sat there giddy waiting for her response. It wasn’t long before she fell into my trap with…. “?????????? No.”  He he.

Thanks Jacqui, I had a lot of fun freaking out my loved ones tonight and can’t wait to put that book to use.

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