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day after

We woke this morning to Christmas snow (as Len likes to call it) and my little old family was clearly very excited.

We said SCREW YOU BLACK FRIDAY and bailed due to freezing rain and the anticipation of very annoying people. I’m so glad we did. I did, however, order Lens Christmas present online. Too bad the black friday deal was totally bogus and not much of a deal at all. Now I have a whole month to keep his present a secret… very, very tough task. If he didn’t love Christmas so much I would have already told him.

I woke this morning feeling like a mama hippo with swollen limbs. Last night I enjoyed chocolate cream pie, apple pie, chocolates, candy, and more than my fair share of balls….. date balls that is. Pervs.

Now this is what I call a tasty ball



We ended up sleeping at a hotel last night because Lens allergies (to the cat) got pretty bad. It’s nice to have our own space and a king sized bed. Happy Thanksgiving to meeeeeeeee. Plus, we don’t have to deal with Ellie and Sadie constantly up to no good. They look innocent but much like those stuffed peppers, they’re deceiving.


















They rule the roost.

Well friends, I’m off. Got some work lounging to do. Gotta work on this bloat.

P.S. When will my fingers stop looking like stuffed sausages?


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I know I’m a little late on this but thank you so much for your great feedback on my blog. I’m taking it all in.

Back to the juicy details— Girlfriend went shopping yesterday.

Here’s the deal– I despise, DESPISE collared shirts. It’s fair to say that work clothes make me cringe. I’d rather walk around naked than wear some starchy pin stripes. Well, that’s probably not true. Still, you get the idea.

Somehow I’m managed to grunge down my wardrobe at every job I’ve had. One place even let me wear jeans every day! Now that was a Christmas miracle. Since I’m starting a new job this week (it actually got postponed till next week) I had to give my closet a makeover. My friend said, ” You must have the basic black pants and a cardigan, right?” Since I’m almost 30 you’d think she was right but sadly I don’t.

With credit card in hand, I was off. My intention was to find a professional style that didn’t compromise comfort. And NO collared shirts. (Bless the people who can pull them off. I look like a football player in them.)


Gap Outlet and Marshalls. Not crazy about any of these except the bottom right. it's sheer and looks AWESOME with skinnys.

My personal fave-- not for work of course. See that red mark on my chest? Sports bra burn. Ouch.

Those skinny jeans on bottom right (black and gray) were 13 bucks each!!!!!! The boots on the top left were 45 bucks from Gap Outlet.


Tj. Maxx and Urban Outfitter.


That white on the bottom right is sheer and will be worn with a cami– on sale at Urban.  LOVE that green tank with the things (whats that called?) around the front but it was definitely overpriced.

So yeah, I went a little nuts yesterday.

How do you develop your professional style?


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