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My blog is fading fast and I sure hope I can get it together enough to keep it going. This weekend was full of holiday parties, three to be exact. I had an absolute blast at one in particular. I really need to drink wine more often.

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Haven’t laughed so hard in a long ass time. Felt good.

I did okay eating wise, not great. Have you guys tried baked brie? It’s basically cheese and jam pie. Delish.

Although today was just a standard work day, I feasted on cookies. Both my jobs had trays of cookies just waiting to be housed. I know I’m responsible for my own choices and have the capability to pass on the goodies but I also think people should cut this shit out already and keep their baked goods to themselves. Notice how the food pushers never eat the food they bring in. Bunch of ass napkins.

Now I’m waiting on Pad Thai. Hello  stretch mark, come on in and join the party.

What can always make you laugh? For me it’s when people fall/trip/slip.


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The funny thing about having a blog is that you can see the search terms that lead people to your blog. Once in a while I get some really good ones on here. For example, someone searched “how to keep my boob crack moisturized” and actually came up with something linking to Goodies Galore.  I’m not sure if I should be honored or embarrassed to be connected to that search term. I don’t actually moisturize my boob crack (?) but maybe I should start. Now my butt crack is a different story.

Every single day “bouncing boobs” comes up at least twice. Today it was phrased “bouncing boobs galore.” You’d think I posted soft core videos up or something. Maybe next week…

I was searching through my camera last night and found something a little troubling.

It appears that someone has been sneaking into the bedroom at night and taking pictures of rat and I while we’re asleep.  Peeping Tom Lenny.

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Social Workers RULE!

Sorry I’ve been missing in action. I had my Social Work licensing test on Friday so I was cramming my butt off the past couple of days. I have a horrible habit of procrastinating. In some areas of my life I work well under stress, other areas… not so much. The good news is that I passed!!!  Yay to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!

In other news– this is my last weekend being unemployed since I start my new job this week. I am looking forward to using my brain, getting paid, and having structured days. Of course I will miss spending so much time with my pup. I hate the thought of leaving her home all day alone.

Len thinks she’s happy to sleep all day with her tongue out but I believe she gets bored….

I’m thinking about having a dog walker come but that can get pretty expensive. We’ve tried the doggie daycare thing and it didn’t work so well. Ellie is too much of a scrapper.

What do you do with your dog while working a 40 hour week?

As some of you know, I weigh myself most Saturday mornings and keep track of it on my blog. I started weighing in one year ago this weekend and I am down 10.1 from last year. Pretty cool.

Any exciting plans this weekend?

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Beer + Baked Goods = VERY happy blogger.

Well, I’ve officially lost ten pounds since starting my weekly weigh-ins on the blog last October. If I was at a Weight Watchers meeting this morning I surely would have gotten a 10 pound pin or something…. maybe a key chain?  Now I know 10 pounds in 9 months isn’t a lot, but the cool thing about it is that I lost the weight from exercise only. I wish I could say that I’ve stopped bingeing and that my eating habits have gotten significantly better but the truth is they haven’t. At all. I can say that I’ve never felt so invested in exercising and most days I don’t even dread it anymore. Since I started weighing in on my blog, I’ve run in three half marathons and a 10 mile race. These events definitely encouraged me to workout pretty regularly but for the most part I was only running (with some booties camps mixed in here and there.) Signing up for the sprint triathlon is what has really helped jump-start my exercise routine and some weight loss. For the first time in my life I am mixing up my daily workouts and it’s actually fun because there are three different options to choose from on a daily basis. If I wake up and dread the idea of a run, I’ll hop on the bike. If the thought of biking and running make me want to delay getting out of bed, I’ll simply swim some laps. I DO need to be more consistent with Body Pump since it’s my only source of strength training but I’ll work on that soon.

Earlier in the week I made it my goal to hit the 10 pound mark but I’m shocked that last night’s Len and Lindsay Brew and Food Festival didn’t do me in. We had tickets for the Sox game but chose to hit a local bar instead. I started out with a Cherry Wheat beer. So SO good. That was followed by  a Black & Blue (Guinness and Blue Moon). Typically I love my Black & Blues but after the sweetness of the Cherry Wheat it didn’t taste as desirable. Back to the Cherry Wheat I went.

It was pouring on our walk home so we sought shelter at a bakery. How convenient. Athens sells everything from cookies, and cakes to gelato and pudding. As usual, it took  me 76 minutes to decide and I’m pretty sure to worker wanted to shove an eclair up my ass and send me packing. I went with the Jamaica, a dark chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and cherry things. At the checkout there was a tray of free goodies and we were told to help ourselves. Oh F! This was like a binge made in heaven. Clearly I couldn’t pass up that little bastard tray even if I tried. I took one of each and we went on our merry way.

Some puffy thing stuffed with chocolate, raisons and nuts. A scone. A chocolate croissant. Right to my ass ladies.

My Jamaica and Len's poop log.

This is was three beers and a sweet tooth looks like:

chocolate teeth! Ellie wants some too.

Oh the gluttony.

Going to bed feeling like a bloated slug is never fun but I’d say it was worth it.

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Veg Desperation

My fridge is pretty empty and there are no fresh vegetables to be found but I was feeling desperate to eat them. My body was actually craving them so after searching my freezer I came up with this…

A huge plate of corn, edamame and broccoli. The broccoli was actually one of those Green Giant single servings in cheese so I blended that all together. Despite the chemical cheese, it still needed some flavor so I added some beloved ketchup to the mix. “ketchup is full of sugar Lindsay. You shouldn’t eat it. ” Thats what my dad would always tell me and I can’t help but hear his voice in my ear every time I reach for the ketchup bottle.Ketchup does have a lot of sugar in it and ya know what? That’s exactly why I love it so much. It tastes like freaking heaven in a handbag. Back in the day, I would eat ketchup sandwiches with just bread and ketchup. Don’t you dare me to start eating them again because I will. Oh yes, I will.

My old work called and asked me to cover some hours over the next three weeks which I’m super stoked about. My goal is to get in 8 hours per week which will happen mostly on the weekends. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time since we have two small vacations coming up (Maine and Nashville) requiring money that I don’t have. No big plans for the weekend besides work and dinner with two of my lovely girlfriends tomorrow. You’ve seen them on the blog before. Can’t wait to catch up with them. Isn’t it crazy how much time can pass between visits? Hate that.

Today when I was zoning out in class I made my bucket list. It includes: a service trip to a third world country, learning to speak another language, learning how to play guitar, have babies, travel Africa. I feel in a rush to make the service trip happen. I applied to the Peace Corps in 04  and only got accepted into positions that weren’t of interest to me. I applied to other organizations but have never followed through. I regret that. What’s on your list?

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Veggies are SO 2009

Once again, I had a day without a single vegetable. And fruit for that matter. Not true, I was eating a banana right before my hands dipped into the bins of sin. I ate half then chucked it for some cookies. Dinner consisted of more mini wheats plus two pieces of cheesy bread (+ lots of extra cheese slices.) Twas fattening and good. Tomorrow is a new day my friends, and for that I am thankful.

I REALY want to attend the Bloggin’10 conference this March but am totally broke. Any bloggers out there up for cramming into a hotel room to make it cheap for everyone? Though we haven’t officially “met”, I’d be totally fine with cramming in the same bed like sardines. Spooning blogger style, baby! I’m serious.

P.S. In my group therapy kids group today, three of them (under the age of 10 mind you) were bilingual spanish/english speaking. I desperately want to learn espanol. I must.

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Merry Christmas and blogger awards.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all having a very special and fun, family filled day.We had a great time here at the Perrone/Milligan household and are hitting the road soon for Vermont.I am definitely going to be missing my family today but Len’s family does a great job of helping me feel included.

Len and I just finished opening all our presents and I’m feeling pretty damn lucky. Len followed my Christmas list but also thought outside the box.He’s good like that. Me? Not so much! Here’s an overview of the goods.

He got me a bull dog ornament. I forgot so I'll have to double up next year!

These are all my stocking stuffers: socks, toothpaste kit, hair things, and ORGANIC POMEGRANATE ORANGE AND CREAM BARK!!

This earring and bracelet set was bought from an independent crafts person. He loves to support artists.

Running pants and the cutest hoodie, The logo on the back is fabulous.

My two favorite gifts--Enell sports bra (big boobs= huge, hideous bra that could double as a shopping bag.) I LOVE this Patagonia jacket but it's a little too big so we'll exchange on Monday. Good job babe!!!

I bought Len lots of clothes and ski pants. My favorite gift to him was this calender of our first year with Ellie. He loved it too.

This picture is priceless because it's an accidental action shot of her grabbing her special Christmas treat right out of my hand. She looks psycho.

She was pooped after all the present unwrapping.

Moving on. Anna passed the beautiful blogger award to me so I have to list seven random things about myself. Then I must name seven lucky and beautiful ladies to do the same. Thanks Anna!

1. After college I lived and worked in Sydney Australia for over four months. I worked at an ice cream shop and gained 15 pounds.

2. I have gone sky diving twice- once in Vermont and once in New York.

3. I am terrified of sea animals, blood and missing limbs.

4.  I worked for my friends parents company in high school called Wacky Wax. We were entertainers at Bat/Barmitzvahs around NYC where we made wax sculptures of peoples hands. We had to lube everyone up with lotion, dip their whole hand in a vat of wax three times, then peel it off their nasty, sweaty, oily hands.

5. I worked at a rice necklace station where we had to write peoples names on a piece of rice then put in inside a necklace. The hardest name was Stephanie.

6. I hiked a glacier in New Zealand.

7. I traveled up the coast of Oz for two weeks in a run down van that had a spray painted lady on the top. We slept and ate in there, and showeredonce.

The next beautiful blogger award goes to…








It was hard to just pick seven so if you’ve already been elected, let me know. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I will be blogging daily over the weekend but not as frequently. Cheers!

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It’s official, Christmas is HERE!

Is it weird that I constantly think I see fellow blogger friends in public (specifically KimKristie and Anna)? I think it’s totally odd considering I’ve never met them nor do they live in Boston. In a way though, we do have a sense of who the people behind the blogs are.

Len and I did something very adventurous today…. went to Target on the Sunday before Christmas. Honestly, the place was a complete mad house. There was not a single parking spot so we had to park illegally. I  know, we’re total bad asses. We then came home to wrap the presents. To make the process less annoying, we walked Eleanor to the liquor store where we bought a bottle of wine and a six-pack of Magic Hat #9. We then went into our separate rooms, drink in hand, music blasting, and completed the job. Everything is now under the tree which makes me very eager for Christmas day to come. Despite Lens boring Christmas list, I managed to get one thing that I’m super excited for him to open. I can’t tell you guys just yet in case he’s reading.

Dinner was kind of bore but we had veggies to use up so I made us a pepper, mushroom and olive omelette. We paired it with soy bacon but it tasted like chemicals. I ate it anyway. Gotta love wine, eggs, and chemicals. Okay friends, off to watch The Family Stone. LOVE this movie.

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Dress warm today!

First, I finally got around to creating an actual blog roll–you can find my favorite sites under my Obsessions page. If I have forgotten about you, it wasn’t intentional and I apologize. Blog rolls are pretty cool for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a way to support one another in the blogging community. I have found all my favorite blogs through other peoples blog. (Except two.) It’s a way to spread the word around. And two, it shows love to the people behind the blog. I cannot tell you how excited I get when I click on someone’s blog and see goodies galore on someone’s page. It’s such a great treat.

Moving on to another reason why I love my boyfriend. Len had an event last night and arrived home at about 11:30. He hadn’t had dinner so naturally he made a pit stop at McDonald’s on the way home. He walked in with some sort of burger, fries (which he never eats and that annoys me) and a (what seemed to be) 40 oz milkshake. Proudly he said, “Even though I wanted Strawberry, I got chocolate so you would have some with me.” And this my friends, is why I am going to be a bed-ridden fat lady with bed sores. I happily passed on the shake, strictly for the no-sugar challenge.

I can’t quite figure out what breakfast is going to be. I definitely need to add more protein to my day because I was starving last night before bed and looking back, I really didn’t have much for protein. I think I’ll stick to a banana with peanut butter– sorry no picture.

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Trouble lurks in the fridge and in the cabinet.

Good morning. Last night I got a booty text around 12 telling me I didn’t have to babysit today..yipeeeeee. Anytime my phone goes off past 11 I get suspicious about who it might be. Today HAS to be productive or these paper due on Thursday and Friday will never get completed. Who am I these days? Seriously, all this reading/writing/breathing blogs has turned me into a slacking machine. A machine I tell you. What works for you to get focused?

I took a last-minute trip to Trader Joes last night to get two items. An hour later, I left with 65 bucks worth of groceries and THREE jars of pumpkin butter. It’s come down to hoarding the butter. The PB stash was dwindling at TJ’s so I completely freaked out and needed to take action. I should be good for about two weeks months. You guys have seen the damage I am capable of when the pumpkin B is involved. Not a pretty scene.

The bf also made a pit stop at Shaws before coming home for the night. I love when he goes to the store since he thinks outside of the box. (Well, my box anyway.) He arrived home with a 60 pound tub of hummus, a smaller version of a different flavor hummus, BAGELS (bastard), COOKIES (bastard, again) and some other non-threatening items. It was the bagels that set me on the pumpkin butter spree. And I would be lying if I said that I didn’t eat 4 cookies right before bed at 150 calories each. You heard me. I microwaved two to start-(they tasted a little like popcorn bc I burnt them) then I went back for two more. He’s refusing to take them to work (and why should he, the man deserves a dessert stash at home) but what the hell am I supposed to do??

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