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Tis the season to be hairy…

And boy am I ever!  I think Len’s getting a little worried.

I have to apologize for being MIA this week. My thoughts and time have been consumed with the pressures of my new job. (Good pressure but pressure nonetheless.) I hope to get back on track with blogging now that I’m slightly more adjusted.

Nothing very exciting to report from this week. Still up to the same old tricks.

Could you just die looking at this? Yeah, now imagine eating it. That beautiful creation was a brownie, topped with a layer of peppermint (think York Patty), coated in hard chocolate and topped with crushed peppermint. Ridic. Lennster brought it home for me and I didn’t share. I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

There were also some chocolate covered pretzels involved.  Sweets will always have my heart.

We bought those pretzels today at a gift/bake sale hosted by Angel Memorial Animal Hospital. They also offered  Photos with Santa for 20 bucks– all proceeds go to the hospital.  Clearly we couldn’t pass that up.

Ellie was like, What the f-word is this thing?

Payback for chewing my favorite shoes.

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Lit up.

It wasn’t until I lived in Boston that I picked my Christmas tree from a parking lot. Gotta say, it feels a little strange. At the same time it’s a very quick process. Len and I were at the Christmas tree “farm” for a total of 10 minutes. Done and Done.

It was love at first sight.

This will be our 4th Christmas together and every year we give each other an ornament. This tradition makes decorating the tree very nostalgic. Every year we attempt to take a family portrait and every year they come out terribly.

Circa 2007- We didn’t live together so we didn’t have a tree. This picture was taken at Boston’s tree lighting. I can’t believe I was only 26 there. Now I’m basically 30. Sigh… to be young again.:)

2008- Len surprised me with Eleanor several weeks after this photo was taken so she hadn’t joined us yet.

don't ask about my haircut. let's just say it was a hair salon mishap. Just call me mushroom head.


Trying to get the rat to cooperate.

2010- As usual, we took many photos but none of them were just right. Clearly we get dressed up for the occasion. Maybe next year I might even apply some chapstick.

I wish the photo below wasn’t so damn dark. Also that Eleanor didn’t look like an alien.

One day we’ll have a Christmas photo that’s not so ghetto but this works for now. Tis’ the season friends.

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Have you heard of the new swine flu party fad? What’s that all about?  Crazy. Anyway, Len and I finally arrived home-it was a slow, slow drive due to the snow. Luckily he doesn’t mind driving in it otherwise we’d be trapped at his mom’s house. Oy. I am too anxious to handle the snow. We left the house without eating breakfast and around 12 I noticed a bag of dark chocolate covered almonds and cranberries in the back seat. They were a gift that I somehow forgot about. So not like me. I snacked on a handful of those to hold me over till lunch. Then I threw the bag out in fear of eating the whole thing. I was praying that Len wouldn’t ask for more.

So. Damn. Good.

About an hour later we stopped at Subway where I got that tuna salad I wanted earlier. I’ve mentioned this before but I hardly ever eat fish because I think they are such a gross looking animal and I cannot help but think of the fish as a whole when I’m eating it. About half way through the salad, I felt like I was licking the walls of an aquarium because it tasted like salt water. Ew. I did eat most of the veggies though.

I was desperate to return my Patagonia jacket so after we got home and unpacked, we headed back out. I was torn between getting the original in a smaller  (mens) size or getting the womens brown jacket with no pocket. I kept trying one on after the other and ended up walking out with the original. Unfortunately I feel like a big fat marshmallow in it so I’m going back tomorrow for the brown one. Those jackets are not cheap so I want to absolutely love it.  After Patagonia, I went to Trader Joes where I spent 100 bucks on nothing. If I was anorexic I would be rich. I swear, all my money goes to food. I found awesome 45 calorie low carb whole wheat tortillas. I had two of those for dinner with refried beans, avocado, black olives and spinach. I also had three gummy bears and two of Lens Portobello mushroom raviolis (also from TJ’s.-so good.) I bought spinach, bananas and almond milk for tomorrows green monster. Boo yeah.

I am contemplating joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. I want to bribe myself somehow. Like, if I follow the program for two weeks, I can go buy myself new sneakers. Maybe after a month I can get a massage. Not sure where all this money would come from but we can deal with that later. All I know is that there’s a carrot cake whoopee pie in my cabinet and it just called my name.  Not sure how long I can fight it’s cat calls. We’ll see.

I swear there are tortillas under the bushes.

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Hit the road Jack

Hello my friends! I cannot believe its Monday and Christmas has come and gone. Oh well, January is a fun-filled month with lots to look forward to.  This weekend is obviously New Years, the following weekend we are headed to Burlington for birthday party friday night and a housewarming party saturday night. The weekend after that we’re headed to Long Island for my friends 30th birthday party then home for my moms 60th. The day after that is my 29th birthday though I feel like I should be turning 30. The weekend after that I have dinner plans and the weekend after that Lens family will be in town. Whew, February will be here in no time.

Well, I don’t have my scale here but I got on Lens moms scale and it said 155. I’m not surprised that I gained some pounds considering I’ve been eating so much crap. I haven’t had any breakfast yet but I’m planning on a salad from subway with tuna fish. Strange choice for me but that’s what I’m in the mood for. It supposed to be a winter weather advisory today so I’m eager to get on the road and get home. Our cars at the shop getting its 25,000 mile tune up and an oil change. After that we’ll stop in New Hampshire to see Lens dad and have yet another Christmas. Is everyone settled back at home now? Have a great day everyone! Sorry for the lack of pictures.

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Live from Vermont

This is the view from Lens brothers front yard. Pretty damn beautiful if you ask me. Len and I had another relaxing day visiting friends and family. I don’t have pictures of my eats today but they included a veggie sub, a carrot cake whoopee pie, peanut butter fudge, trail mix, chocolates, and cheese and crackers. Yep, healthy and balanced. I cannot wait to get home tomorrow and have the ability to cook up what I want and make my own food. I tried to pawn off all our take home sweets but Len put a stop to that pretty quickly. It’s currently ice storming so hopefully things get better for our ride home in the morning. I hope to get in some exercise but not if I’ll be slipping and sliding everywhere. No way, no how. Here are some random desserts from lens sister-in-law yesterday.

Look at this tray! I keep telling lens sister-in-law to open an online bakery. She could make bank.

She made this too. A mint chocolate cake. You better believe I had a slice of that sucker.

I am still trying to knit that scarf for Lens sister but I don’t think I’ll finish it by the morning. I started off with 15 stitches per row and somehow I am currently at 30 stitches per row. Hey, I never said I was a good knitter. I’ve been wearing this outfit below for two days now and tomorrow will make three. Vacations are meant for slugging out. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and for those of you back to the grind tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about you.

Wearing my new hoodie and one of my favorite scarfs. Scarfs rock my world.

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Been forever and a day.

Hello?! I’ve been missing you guys and I apologize that I’ve been MIA. I left my camera at our friends house last night so I don’t have a recap from yesterdays events but I’ll post them later. We had a great day with more of Len’s family and got lots of homemade presents to take home: trail mix, fudge, cookies and (wait for it) carrot cake WHOOPEE PIES! Lens family knows me too well. His sister-in-law is an incredible baker so she hooked it up and made tons of desserts for after the meal. I’ll post pics later and explain everything. We left the family around 5 then went to our friends house down the road. There were four couples there (including us) and they all had babies or were pregnant. There was lots of baby talk and I learned all about breast pumps, stretchy nipples, and the quirks of parenthood. I can’t wait to have kids but I don’t want to get pregnant until I have a healthy body. My boobs are going to be size H when I’m pregnant–not looking forward to that. It’s amazing how our bodies can create little beings and then create their food. I can’t wait to have leaky nipples. I know, I’m strange.

On our way home I saw a Bobcat on the side of the highway! Can you believe that? I almost crapped my pants. This is not that actual bobcat I saw-I stole this pic from google. What strange animals have you seen?

Sorry for the lack of weigh in this weekend but I don’t have a scale. Weigh ins will resume next weekend.

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Can’t believe Christmas has come and gone.

It’s pretty late here on Christmas. Lens and his family are putting a new TV stand together but I am more than ready for bed. How was everyone’s day? Ours was great. We made it to VT by about 2, had some appetizers, opened gifts, watched Baby Mama, had dinner, dessert, and did tons of lounging. Len has a huge family and they open each present one by one. It takes a long time but it’s very fun. Len and I made out very well. We got a coffee set, bowl and soup set, knife set, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, and a Columbia shirt/fleece. Very nice. Dinner was eggplant parm, potatoes, corn, asparagus, beets, and a roll. Dessert was many, many, many things. I didn’t take any pictures of the desserts but there were brownies, lemon cake, coconut balls and peppermint bark. We have another Christmas tomorrow with more of Len’s family which means more food and presents. Oy.

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Merry Christmas and blogger awards.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all having a very special and fun, family filled day.We had a great time here at the Perrone/Milligan household and are hitting the road soon for Vermont.I am definitely going to be missing my family today but Len’s family does a great job of helping me feel included.

Len and I just finished opening all our presents and I’m feeling pretty damn lucky. Len followed my Christmas list but also thought outside the box.He’s good like that. Me? Not so much! Here’s an overview of the goods.

He got me a bull dog ornament. I forgot so I'll have to double up next year!

These are all my stocking stuffers: socks, toothpaste kit, hair things, and ORGANIC POMEGRANATE ORANGE AND CREAM BARK!!

This earring and bracelet set was bought from an independent crafts person. He loves to support artists.

Running pants and the cutest hoodie, The logo on the back is fabulous.

My two favorite gifts--Enell sports bra (big boobs= huge, hideous bra that could double as a shopping bag.) I LOVE this Patagonia jacket but it's a little too big so we'll exchange on Monday. Good job babe!!!

I bought Len lots of clothes and ski pants. My favorite gift to him was this calender of our first year with Ellie. He loved it too.

This picture is priceless because it's an accidental action shot of her grabbing her special Christmas treat right out of my hand. She looks psycho.

She was pooped after all the present unwrapping.

Moving on. Anna passed the beautiful blogger award to me so I have to list seven random things about myself. Then I must name seven lucky and beautiful ladies to do the same. Thanks Anna!

1. After college I lived and worked in Sydney Australia for over four months. I worked at an ice cream shop and gained 15 pounds.

2. I have gone sky diving twice- once in Vermont and once in New York.

3. I am terrified of sea animals, blood and missing limbs.

4.  I worked for my friends parents company in high school called Wacky Wax. We were entertainers at Bat/Barmitzvahs around NYC where we made wax sculptures of peoples hands. We had to lube everyone up with lotion, dip their whole hand in a vat of wax three times, then peel it off their nasty, sweaty, oily hands.

5. I worked at a rice necklace station where we had to write peoples names on a piece of rice then put in inside a necklace. The hardest name was Stephanie.

6. I hiked a glacier in New Zealand.

7. I traveled up the coast of Oz for two weeks in a run down van that had a spray painted lady on the top. We slept and ate in there, and showeredonce.

The next beautiful blogger award goes to…








It was hard to just pick seven so if you’ve already been elected, let me know. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I will be blogging daily over the weekend but not as frequently. Cheers!

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Can’t believe it’s finally here!

Lots of sweets today but no pictures to prove it. So today at work we had a cooking class with the kids and we made rice crispy treats. Obviously I had to test out our hard work. A colleague thought it was a good idea to bring munchkins it. Bitch. I had three of these. I packed up some presents today and loaded them with chocolate. Had three kisses. Later I ate two fat-free black and white cookies. I am sugared out. Well, not really but I should be.

Len is on his way home so our Christmas Eve celebrations shall start soon. I am hoping to trade our traditional Chinese food with a local restaurant called Pizza King. I am in the mood for a greek salad so I’ll have to hint for that. We open one present tonight and that’s about all.

Tomorrow morning we’ll wake up, open stockings, then go to Starbucks. Believe it or not, our Starbs is open on Christmas. It’s a shame. After our coffee we’ll come back and open all our presents. I hope Len likes my gifts, even though they’re incredibly snoozeriffic. I wonder what I’m getting….. I could snoop right now but I won”t.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Santa Clause is coming TO TOWN. Lalalala

Lunch is leftovers but since I skipped breakfast I packed lots of “extras” such as carrots and hummus and a grapefruit. I also have a veggie burger that isn’t pictured and a bag of craisons to add in the mix if need be. I didn’t know this till yesterday but today is a half day at work-meaning I should be out by three! Awesome. I have a few last-minute stocking stuffers to buy but that’s it. In my mind I had planned to make Len’s sister a scarf but don’t know how to start the knitting process. Aimee started my scarf last night so I have one day to knit my ass off. You think I can do it? I’ve done it before but it certainly wasn’t a beauty.

I’ve mentioned this before, but every year Len and I get one another an ornament. (I forgot this year so I hope he did too, oops!) My favorite ornament to date was the one I got him last year. I am so very proud of it in a sick and twisted way. So his family used to have a cat named Bud-it was old and hideous. (I know, I told you I’m evil.) The cat was literally like 102 but it passed last year. Well I found a cat ornament that looked just like Bud, bought it and wrote R.I.P BUD.  It serves as a joke and a memorial.

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