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Slowest week ever!

It feels like it should be next week already!

I can tell it’s going to be a processed food kind of day. After boot camp this morning I spotted my second and last Banana Bread Clif bar and knew I had to have it. It worked out perfectly with a cup of hot coffee.

Then I peered in the freezer to find a Lean Cuisine Spinach and Mushroom Pizza calling my name. I packed that bad boy for lunch with a spinach and strawberry salad–try to even things out a bit. Since starting the blog, I realized that I don’t eat much fruit. I always pack it but almost never eat it…. Hopefully todays apple will be gobbled right up.

What are your favorite processed foods? Mine are desserts and bagels. Can’t quite narrow it down to only one.

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night? They had to face a day of temptations (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) with the most amazing foods ever! I could feel the internal battle that each contestant faced as they decided to eat the calories or not. Food is some powerful shit.

Did I mention how awesome my heart rate monitor is? Too bad I only burned 400 calories at booty this morning. BOOOO!

Later Gators!

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lil’ late

Hey Blogfaces! Long time not talk…..

No therapy update today because I didn’t go. FREEDOM!!!!!! Back to the couch next week.

As you may or may not know,  Len and I are leaving on Friday for Nashville, TN. We are meeting my sister and her hubby there to run the Country Music HALF marathon. Unfortunately Len and I forgot to train so we’re pretty much screwed. There will be a whole lot of walking during that 13.1 miles. I’m pretty disappointed that we didn’t put any effort into preparing for this race but it’s too late to worry about it now. Luckily I have been active over the last month so I’m not COMPLETELY out of shape. Just….. mostly of out of shape. As of now, the forecast for Saturday says 78 and possibility of thunderstorms. If it gets any hotter than that someone’s going to die– and it will probably be me on the course. This hookers doesn’t do well in

I’m psyched to visit Nashville (Music City) since I’m a huge fan of country music. I want to explore everything so hopefully our legs won’t be too tired. The Country Music Marathon is extra cool because there’s a post race concert that night. My bro-in-law scored us back stage passes so we’ll be VIP bitches! Score. The singers are kinda lame (John Rich and Cowboy Troy) but it will still be fun! I get SO nervous around famous people so I’ll probably just stand there like a donkey.

Something weird happened at booty this morning. A random van pulled up and started promoting their product, Mix 1. (Keep in mind it was 6 in the morning and the trainers weren’t expecting it.)  I had never heard of the brand but grabbed three and ran for the hills : blueberry vanilla, mango, and mixed berry. The sugar content in them is pretty high so I probably won’t drink them but Len will. You guys know I have issues drinking my calories away.

Olive oil??? Weird.

Speaking of sugar, I forgot how amazing Banana bread Clif Bars are. They have little chocolate bits in them and really do taste like dessert…. stiff competition with Carrot Cake.

I just boiled cauliflower and it smells like a bag of ass in here. The wretched smell is so worth the bowl of excitement below.

mashed cauliflower mixed with 1/4 cup mozz, 4 soy nuggets and ketchup. be jealous.

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Now you can be traumatized, too.

I can’t stop thinking about my church experience this weekend. It really impacted me in a negative way and I want you all to suffer understand what keeps playing over and over in my head.  I watched many “speaking in tongues” youtube videos in an attempt to find the perfect something that matched the freakiness that was my Saturday.  This video came the closest to replicating it. Just imagine being surrounded by that sound.

Did you watch? To be fair, I couldn’t see anyone’s face so I’m not sure if they had that look of terror or not.

Moving on. Remember a few months back when Clif bar sent me tons and tons of bars? Well they’re long gone now so it was definitely time to restock.

Shaws has a sale going on and most Clif bars are 1 buck. Not sure why I felt the need to get two of each flavor. I’m excited to try the graham cracker Clif Z bar and the Luna Protein bars. Yum, yum.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about my work but never doing it. My friend Meg and I went out for a late lunch, then I joined Len for his even later lunch at a local bar. I sipped on a Cherry Wheat beer (which I’m still wild for) while Len had a pomegranate wheat beer. It had an interesting taste to it but mine was better.

I must admit, it’s SO nice not taking pictures of my every single bit of food I eat. It’s like a renewed sense of freedom. The weird thing is that I never really minded taking pictures until I stopped doing it.

Gotta run, this week is going to be CRAZZYYYYY!

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It’s all about Self-Care.

We’re back in Boston for the morning then headed to Newport, RI. I think New England is amazed at our beautiful weather. I guess I didn’t realize how much I appreciate and miss the sunshine. Today is supposed to be in the 40’s which is heavenly. My absolute perfect temperature is in the 60’s. I hate the heat so once it starts creeping into the 80’s this chick gets cranky.

On the way to Burke mountain yesterday I snacked on oat bran in a peanut butter jar. Apparently I’ve been doing the jar things all wrong because I never got why it was so good. I did it up right yesterday and enjoyed bits of PB with every bite. Yum.

We hit the mountain at 9:30 only to find that there wasn’t any snow for snowshoeing. The boys went on their way and left the girls to fend for themselves. We did that by finding the nearest salon and booking a massage. I was supposed to get a massage next weekend but we legit had all day to kill so I had to take one for the team. (Sorry Allison!) I went with the 60 minute classic massage and asked her to only work on my shoulders and back because that’s where I hold my stress. She wasn’t having that and worked on everything, Then she asked if I wanted my stomach done. Ummm, would she massage my fat rolls? No thanks, I replied graciously. I quickly visualized getting my belly massaged with my boobs no longer covered by the sheet. I thought it would be funny to say, “Can you massage my boobs?” Don’t worry, that never came out but it did make me crack up inside. I wonder if anyone asks that.

For the first 20 minutes I had a hard time relaxing. As she massaged each part of my body, I couldn’t help but think about what flaws she was noticing. I felt self-conscious and had a hard time quieting my mind. I kept telling myself that she works on every shape and size and that I’ll never even see her again.  At the end of the hour I was SO relaxed. She said my lower back is a total mess. Not quite sure what that means or what I should do about it but I’m glad she worked out the kinks. Look at how beautiful this place was. If Len and I ever get married, I want to do it around there.

Stepping Stone Spa

Beautiful porch

Panoramic Mountain Views

They could make their massage rooms more Zen.

I have no shame. This is when she knocked.

We met the boys back at the lodge around 1:30. Burke had the whole outside set up: picnic tables, grills, music. We ate and drank for the next 4 hours before calling it a night. I packed hummus (don’t buy this kind, it’s not good), tomatoes, carrots, and dark chocolate. We also snacked on those cheese cracker things. I drank 3 Harpoon IPA’s. Earlier in the afternoon I ate a white chocolate macadamia nut Clif Bar. Everyone was right, that flavor is the bomb.

Cedars Tomato and Basil hummus = ass


Too cool for school

Len noticed some lady back right into our car as she was leaving the mountain. Luckily she got out instead of taking off and they exchanged insurance information. Oops! Glad it wasn’t our fault. What seemed like 10 hours later, we arrived home to Boston and ordered pad thai for dinner, no fish sauce for me please. It was so good. Can’t wait to have it for dinner!

I’m a huge fan of self-care and believe it’s necessary for our mental health. What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

P.S. I weighed in this morning.

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Winner and Friday Fun.

Thank you all so much for entering the Clif Bar Giveaway. You guys came up with some amazing flavors to create. Who knows, maybe the people at Clif will take them into consideration. And the winners are….

#54– Danielle, you won the Carrot Cake pack.

#100– Ali, you won the variety pack.

Congratulations. Please send me an email at with your information. I’ll send them out to you next week.

I just ate some oat bran with PB but forgot to take a picture because I was too excited about the giveaway. Len picked #54 because that’s how old his mom just turned and #100 because ” I like 100.” Okay, whatever.

We’re are about to tackle our run and then head up to Vermont. We have dinner plans with his family tonight and then tomorrow we are going to the mountain. The boys are going to ski and the girls are going to snow shoe.  Our friend is pregnant so there’s no skiing in her future which works out great for me since I don’t know how to ski. So sad that I lived in VT for seven years and NEVER went skiing.

Yesterday after work we headed to Sunset Bar and Grill but like an ass, I forgot my camera. I had two Black and Blues, which are a mix of Blue Moon and Guinness. So good. There were 10 of us and we ordered a bunch of apps for the table– two plates of Veggie Nachos and two Mediterranean Artichoke Dips. Let’s just say that NOTHING was healthy but everything was good. The mediterranean artichoke dip was layered like nachos but had artichoke dip, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and feta, all on top a ton of pita chips.  A heart attack waiting to happen. The party ended early and I was home in time to watch Idol. I swear, if Didi gets voted off I am SO done with that show. Probably not but I will definitely be disappointed.

I hate to travel snackless but our fridge and cabinets are looking pretty sad these days. I will definitely be bringing Clif bars but that’s about it. We have no fruit, veggies, nuts, etc. Eating healthy when I visit Lens family is always a struggle because they are a meat (deer to be exact) and potatoes kind of family. For holidays, lens mom goes out of her way to make sure there is a vegetarian option. While these options are delish, they are certainly never healthy. Butter is a staple in that house. His mom said that if I ever go vegan she’ll kill me. Hopefully I will make the best decisions with the choices that I have. I’m pretty sure there will be a Subway veggie delight in my future.

What are your favorite snacks to take on the road?

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Take it to the locker room, please.

Yesterday was an insane day! I wish I could get into details but it’s just not an option due to confidentiality at work. Phew. It is NEVER a dull day there, which I actually really like. Working with children takes a toll on your heart and is a very humbling experience. I want to adopt everybody.

Last nights eats included TUNA! I’ve mentioned this before but tuna creeps me out. A couple times I’ve found fish scales in the tuna can. This isn’t a joke. Apparently cold  Mac and Cheese is a great way to disguise tuna because it worked for me. Yum!! Though I didn’t add ketchup last night, it would have been a great addition.

Dessert included my very last Attune bar. I forgot to take a picture though! Shoot. It was mint chocolate and it reminded me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I only had one.

This morning I got up early for the gym. Upon walking out the door and feeling the pretty mild temps, I decided on a 3 mile run outside. I have officially chosen a favorite route. Although three miles is a short distance, this route makes it feel even shorter. I LOVE it. It feels really good to finally have worked out before work. As some of you know, I used to be really good about getting up in the morning and just banging out a workout. The last four months have been really difficult for some reason and I’ve slacked like I’ve never slacked before.

On my run I thought about  the blogging community and how funny it is that we have no clue what one another’s voice sounds like. We all have dedicated blogs that we visit daily and comment on, yet there’s a huge piece that we miss out on. The flip side is that so many bloggers (myself included) feel like their most open and vulnerable self on here–which makes it so easy to connect. It’s just such an interesting community, one that draws so many people in.

Side note– At the gym last week I saw a man standing in front of the PUBLIC mirror squeezing the black heads out of his nose and his EAR. I mean, I understand the yearning to pop a quality zip but really? In front of everyone? Then he had to nerve to hop on the machine without so much a hand sanitizer. Freaking gross, dude. Thanks for passing on your clogged pores.  Now that you all want to barf, here’s todays menu.

I’m excited for that Cedar Lane burrito. Len picked it up and I’ve never seen it or tried that brand. The stats are better than Amy’s brand so we’ll see. The salad has veggies, avocado and olives. The Lara is for my afternoon snack. Not sure what’s for breakfast just yet. I always struggle with that one.

The people at my internship always go out together after work on the first Thursday of the month but I can never go because I have class. Since it’s Spring Break and I don’t have class, I can finally make it. I hate missing out because I think it’s such a great bonding time.

Remember that the Clif giveaway ends tomorrow at 10 so get your entries in now!

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wordpress help/therapy/ ramblings.

Hey lovelies! So….. WordPress is saying that I’ve met my quota with pictures and won’t let me upload any more. Hmmm….any wordpress users experience this before? Not sure where to go from here. They are advising that I delete some records but I really don’t want to erase old posts.

So Mimi and I had a session this morning and I told her all about my struggles following the three category rule. I said, “I can’t just have one cookie, one chip, and one piece of chocolate. That definitely leads to a binge.” She said “Yes.” Huh? She reminded me that the point of this is to not have to battle bingeing on those particular day of the week. To not feel restricted. When I’m at my internship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday I should not be having an internal battle with the bins/binge. I should eat from any three categories I chose without guilt, without fighting, without shame. I should make sure to have a dinner that isn’t binge foods. The other days of the week I can do whatever I want. She reminded me that we are working with long-term goals in mind. I am struggling to accept that I can binge three days a week. I’ve been given permission. Mimi tells me that I don’t need permission to eat these foods and that I have choices to make. I am the only who puts the restrictions on myself and labels certain food as bad or good. The experiment will continue and I’m going to stop fighting it. She’s a professional. This is her job. I’m rolling with it.   The other piece of my homework is to think about the feelings that sort of sit with me on a daily basis. Not the feelings immediately before or after a binge, but the feelings that are more constant, be in loneliness, boredom, etc.

Ellie and I just took a nice long walk and she got to play with her bulldog boyfriend, George. They are so cute together. It took is 45 minutes to walk 1.15 miles. Jeez. The two of them just wouldn’t stop licking all up on each other. I finally got a good run in and recorded my fasted mile to date. Sweet! The weather is absolutely perfect outside so it made it much easier to workout.  For brunch, I ate two pieces of that polenta Quiche. Tasted better cold.


Don’t forget to enter my Clif bar giveaway. Two winners will be picked Friday morning at 10 eastern time.

Did I mention it’s Spring Break? This broad ain’t strippin’ down in a tinie bikini anytime soon.

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Cookie Monster Strikes Again.

Seriously, how do I not weigh 712 pounds and need a crane to lift me up? I’m sure you can tell by the title that I ate so many cookies today. Cookies of all kinds. I think my vision is getting blurry from diabetes. I’m not kidding. That’s a side effect, right. Mimi better come up with a plan of action. I definitely didn’t follow the plan this week. Wait till you see my dinner.

Exhibit A- Sweet polenta with maple syrup and coconut flakes.

Exhibit B- Savory polenta with parm cheese and ketchup.

Really, Lindsay. Really?

It did NOT feel like a Monday today which was a total plus. Work flew by and I got complimented by the Assistant Director at my internship. Double plus. At first I thought I was getting in trouble for something when she said, “Lindsay, can I talk to you?” I felt like I was 14 again getting called to the principles office. I had flash backs of sitting in In School Suspension. Oh yes I did. Luckily I’m 29 now and things are different. I love the work I’m doing as it is SO fascinating. I love learning and seeing mental illness manifest first hand. Psychosis is incredible.

So I’m brainstorming new ways to vamp up my workouts. Typically I only do cardio. No strength training, no abs, nada, zip, zilch, zero. I need a new plan that excites me. I’m contemplating doing boot camp again but the truth is, it’s a one month fix and I don’t even love it that much. And it’s SO expensive. Any ideas??? I do belong to a gym with awesome classes but I cannot motivate. And yes, I am running a half marathon on April 24th. No, we really haven’t been training. Sigh.

I would love to be toned, rather than 80% body fat. How do all you motivated people do it?

A while back, Annelies from Attune Bar sent me three bars to review. I’ve been holding onto them because for some reason I though I should wait until I actually ate healthy before trying them. She advised me that it’s okay to eat them on days I eat junk because the probiotics help with digestion. Each bar has 5 times the live active cultures in yogurt. They also contain 30% of calcium needs which is something I know I don’t get enough of. Tonight I tried the Dark Chocolate. These may be the answer to my healthy chocolate prayers. Each bar is made with 68% cocoa, has 80 calories and three grams of fiber. I was expecting an after taste or something but it tasted just like regular wonderful dark chocolate. Yum!! As if free healthy chocolate bars weren’t enough, Annelies could not be any nicer. Thank for the goodies!!

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Boring post

It’s raining here in Boston so it smells like worms outside. Isn’t that such a bizarre thing? Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.

Moving on. I made something last night that could prove to be the end of me– Evan’s Coconut Oil Chocolate. I followed his directions then added some unsweetened coconut flakes. Instead of coconut oil I used coconut butter.  Oh my, it tasted like fudge. Len thought it was too rich but not me, oh not me. I took a picture of all the ingredients and barely shot the chocolate. I think I was too excited to eat it. Who do I think I am making my own chocolate????? That means is accessible at all times. Oy vey.

Len and I never ran yesterday, nor did we work out at all. I might drag myself to a power yoga class at my gym tonight. I love the teacher but the class doesn’t start till 7:50 which is pretty late for me. We shall see.

I packed some wonderful food for today in hopes that it keeps me away from the bins of hell. Breakfast will be Pineapple Chobani, the only flavor I love. I want to add something to it but don’t know what. Maybe some raw oats?  Lunch is yesterdays lunch from Zaftigs. I threw is some chopped up broccoli to bulk it up a little. In my bag of goods is also a Mojo bar and some gum for my 3 o’clock snack attack.

Sorry, nothing too exciting going on this morning. Off to face the day!!

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Good food always helps.

Once again, thanks to your sweet comments I know I’m not alone in my sorrows. Thanks guys!

Today has been a much better day. I started the morning off with oat bran mixed with almond butter, pears, cinnamon, and peanut butter. This was my first time experimenting with pears but they cooked up nicely.  I just stuck everything in the microwave together with the pears at the bottom of the bowl. There was also some coffee with soy milk.

Before lunch with Sarah, I did a little bit of homework and a lot of blog reading. Sarah picked me up around 2:15 for a late lunch at Zaftigs. This place is famous for their all day breakfast but we figured going at an off time would help with the wait.  I was starving by the time I got there so I dug right into to the bagel chips and dill sauce they provided. They tasted great. Every time I go to Zaftigs I get the same exact thing, Israeli Couscous Salad and it never disappoints.  The ingredients include: grilled chicken, mixed field greens, sun-dried cranberries, fennel, radicchio, walnuts, orange-mint vinaigrette. I substituted the chicken with a portabella mushroom.

Look at that masterpiece!! I cannot even begin to explain the flavors. I think we should have a Boston Bloggers Meet-up there. Any takers?

I made myself leave leftovers for tomorrows lunch. I can’t wait for work tomorrow. I guess that’s the trick to a better Monday.

After lunch, I went to Whole Foods for some retail therapy. Sundays aren’t the best days for therapy apparently because it was freaking packed and I have no patience. I escaped without dropping too much money. I did not escape however, without chocolate. Something about expensive chocolate makes you really want to savor it. I must admit, I think Cadbury Caramel Eggs are just as good. A junkie is a junkie, I guess.

Caramel Milk Chocolate. Mama Mia!

What to do for dinner? I went back and forth between a few things until I saw Tina’s post for Polenta Breakfast Pizza. I knew I must have it. I altered her recipe since I’m not a sausage eater and Len hates onions. My polenta Quiche (is more like it) ingredients include broccoli, roasted potatoes, olives, and one jalapeno. I also cut out two of the four eggs and replaced them with three whites. I had never made polenta before which is crazy since it’s so easy. I doubled the batch so you’ll be seeing a lot more of it.  I wonder if it has any nutrients.

Len ate two slices of it but I don’t think he was totally psyched. It was bland and could have used more cheese or spice. You better believe I doused that sucker with ketchup and hot sauce.

Mmmm, I think I want to make this with polenta, BBQ sauce, pineapples and some veggies. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who didn’t watch the hockey game? The one minute I watched was when the US tied the game. At least I got that going for me.

Thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway. I can’t believe we have to wait till Friday to find out who wins. Keep the entires coming.

Tomorrow is MARCH!!!! What??????

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