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Not a booze bag.

Well Hellooooooooo! Happy belated Saint Patty’s day. How’s everyone feeling? I decided to lay low this weekend to detox a bit from the past years binge¬† all the crap I’ve been consuming. While everyone was out drinking, I was eating loads of veggies and drinking fruit smoothies. Yeah, it was definitely as boring as it sounds. The good news is that I feel great today!



Smoothies included nothing but frozen fruit and water. Surprisingly, they weren’t too bad.

Veggie dishes included boiled cabbage and carrots (with vinegar and mustard).

I am 25% Irish, after all.


Roasted veggies with different herbs…

and lots of kale chips. I outdid myself with the kale chips this weekend. Ugh, can’t imagine popping another one of those crispy bastards into the old trap. In my short-lived cleanse, a couple delicious discoveries were made…. scallions (yum!) and tahini sauce (holy hell). For some reason, I’ve always opted out of tahini sauce which was a biiiiiiig mistake. As bizarre as it sounds, I can definitely see this being a trigger food for me. It’s creamy and amazing (that sounds dirty).

In the many hours of downtime this weekend, I read over some old journals. Turns out I’m just as screwed up as I was 10-15 years ago. ūüôā ¬†Red box and I bonded a bit as it’s packed with quality flicks right now.¬†Like Crazy (second time seeing it) was really good. It does an incredible job portraying a realistic relationship and connection. Many people can probably relate in some way. ¬†I love Felicity Jones; she’s adorable.

The Greene¬†¬†was also good. Young Adult…not so much. It was¬†¬†disappointing and was turned off halfway through.

So there you have it folks…. getting wild and crazy like usual.

Tell me your fun stories from this weekend so I can live vicariously through you.

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Nothing wrong with weird.

Check out our latest resident….


Remember six months ago when our apartment was infested with raccoons? Well, now we have rats. Settle down, they don’t roam free in the house. They reside in the walls and in the ceiling, but we do hear them scratching around all the time. Pretty sure they’re trying to chew their way out of the shower drain. I’d slide right off the toilet if that ever happened. My landlord is working hard to get a grip on the problem. Sadly, we often hear them getting trapped and squealing to their death. At first I cried, now I plug my ears and yell to drown out the noise. Terrible.

So I’m supposed to be out on a date right now but I cancelled for a couple of reasons. ¬†I went out with this cat last week and had a great time. He was cool, smart, and funny but a spitting image of Len. Everything down to his damn ear lobes. No joke. I felt like I was tripping on acid. We rescheduled for Sunday but I’ll probably cancel again.

Check out this sign.

I’m proud to be absolutely ridiculous.


Who’s watching Idol tonight???


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Spoke to soon.

I shouldn’t have bragged about my cleanse .¬†I was defeated 2 days after my post. Oops! I lost the battle to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a whoopee pie. I shit you not. I swear, those blasted whoopee pies own me. The good news? I broke my caffeine habit and only plan to drink it on weekends. I’m not going to be rigid about this rule. If I’m dying for a cup of joe during the week, fine. I just don’t want to be a slave to the coffee pot again. I noticed that without caffeine, I feel less anxious and paranoid.

This weekend has been very relaxing. Saturday morning, my roommate and I set out for a long run. We intended to run 16 miles but my Garmin died so we only ended up covering about 13 miles. I was ready for it to be over so it worked out well. The marathon is about 2 months away so we have plenty of time to climb in miles.

Then we hit up the farmers market. ¬†There’s no hippier¬†happier place than a Farmers Market. Babies and dogs running around, free samples, sunshine, music, sexy people. My kind of place. ¬†I purchased some beautiful fruits and veggies. Almost too beautiful to eat but not quite…

I want to hug this little guy.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get better, I discovered something magical…


Up until 5 minutes ago, I thought these were simply the sweetest of all tomatoes. To my surprise, they are cherries. Peel back that soft shell and find a true delight.

Husk cherry = Modern day Skittle. No joke.

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New baby alert/Detox.

Hey lovelies! My sister popped this weekend and I am now an aunt to a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately I couldn’t be with her and haven’t met the baby but I will soon. Zachary is the first grandchild so my parents are super stoked. My mom has been hoarding buying baby clothes for years now just waiting for one of us to get knocked up. Surprisingly, it wasn’t me. Say hello to the little nugget.


I don’t have any funny new date stories for you. The first two dates were enough to scare me away for a bit. I do have a date planned for Friday night though. Nothing crazy because I’m currently doing a 21 day detox. Today marks the 8th day of Clean. ¬†If you’ve been reading for a while now, you know all about my food issues. My friend, Ali, suggested I try this cleanse several months back as she had success with it. At that time, Len and I had just broken up so I wasn’t willing to give up booze and sweets. We all need coping skills, right?¬†Bring on the whoopee pies and wine bitches.

The last several months have been off-balance for me in terms of eating and moderation. I’ve been eating like shit during the week and going away on most weekends to celebrate various occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a damn good time but my body and mind started to suffer.

I needed to get a grip, asap. The scale continued to climb until it reached 148 last Sunday. What the hell? Something had to give.

So far the cleanse has been awesome. Caffeine free, sugar-free (other than fruits), gluten-free, alcohol free, dairy free. You get the idea. I no longer need my morning cups of coffee (though detoxing from caffeine sucked goat balls), I feels less anxious, have dropped 3 pounds and have clearer skin! We’ll see what the next 2 weeks bring. I had to laugh at myself ¬†this morning when I discovered green smoothie outlining my lips. No wonder I’m single!

Happy Monday!

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