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Little Black Dress or Holiday Uniform?

I once had a black dress that I wore to at least 7 weddings. (This should embarrass me but it doesn’t.) Despite wine stains and a broken strap that was held together by a paperclip, I continued to rock that little bitch. Friends would often comment,   “Oh, you’re wearing that dress again?”  or “Let me guess, you’re wearing the black dress”.  Eventually I took the hint and tossed it, never to be seen again.

Well guess what hookers, there’s a new black dress in town. I’ve owned it for two weeks and so far it’s made an appearance to 3 holiday gathering and believe me, there’s more to come.  (Again, this should embarrass me but it doesn’t.)

First Outing: Ladies night.

What up Kath!

My girl Marisa
















My roommate and I hosted a small gathering at our place with some fabulous ladies then headed to a local bar. I got dolled up with the intention of getting some ass  finding a suitable mate.  No mate was found but there was some baton twirling. Winning!

My roommate has many talents

Don’t ask.

Second Outing: Holiday Party. 

My friends Meg and Joe hosted this shindig the very night after our girls night. The dress already had toothpaste stains on it but that didn’t stop me.  I may not change my outfit but at least I brush my teeth. Once a slob, always a slob.











I found a suitable mate that night named  Cookie Tray. He never disappoints. TRUST ME.


Someone once told me that you can wear the same dress as many times as you want so long as you change your hairstyle. Done and Done.

Third Outing: New Years Eve.

My friends and I went to a Martin Sexton show in Vermont for New Years Eve. The uniform came along, toothpaste stains and all. This time I changed up my tights and my hair. Go me.








4 more parties and a black dress will be up for grabs. Let me know if you’re interested and maybe I’ll throw in the tights.

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head of hay?

Confession: I haven’t gotten my hair cut professionally since November 2008. Since that time I’ve cut it once myself. My hair is an utter disaster and feels like a hay bail. This will change on Friday when I finally sack up and spend 55 dollars at the hair  salon. See, I also have a wedding on Friday (New Years Eve) so the timing couldn’t be better. Now I just need a dress, shoes and jewels. If all else fails I’ll wear this dress again though I’d rather not.








I’m feeling rather bloated after the holiday so fitting into a dress is the absolute last thing I want to do. Oh well, I’ll just drink wine and forget all about it.


Here’s todays lunch.

Salad with half an avocado, olives and reduced fat blue cheese.

This yogurt is the absolute best though it's high in sugar.

And my packed dinner to eat at work. The burrito is so damn good. I picked it up at Shaws.

And my sad attempt at eating fruit

Off to work. I miss the rat already.


What are you doing for New Years Eve?

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I promise to stop bitching about work clothes after this post

Last night’s dinner was something special– veggie fajita HEAB style. I made her mustard stir fry but added crushed red pepper for some heat, left out the bacon and used oil instead of butter. Paired it with 2 whole wheat tortillas, greek yogurt, chopped lettuce and refried beans. If that doesn’t get things moving along I’m not sure what will.

I woke up at 5:30 to prepare for a 10 mile run. (Read: eat, drink coffee, and poop.) It was 27 degrees and my hands were FROZEN for the first four miles but after that things got a little better. I need to pick up some winter running attire to make things more comfortable. I don’t have any races in the near future but my running partner and I decided to keep our weekend long runs going. We’ve been running 8-13 miles every Saturday or Sunday since July. We’re toying with a February marathon but haven’t committed just yet because 1) It’s kind of big deal to train for a marathon (nevermind the fact that it’s in the midst of winter) 2) there are only 400 runners which means there will be limited energy to feed off of 3) it’s on the Cape and will be freezing.  The positives are that 1) we’ll stay active during the cold months 2) the accomplishment of another marathon 3) that’s all I can think of.


Here’s my bitch and them I’m done. Seriously.

I’ve gone shopping for work clothes on two separate occasions: my first shopping trip was fairly successful and the second wasn’t so bad either. Well, tomorrow is my first day of work and I seem to have nothing to wear. To be fair, I returned much of what I bought, including all but one pair of pants. I just had a tantrum episode in the closet with said pants and many, many shirts and sweaters. Everything looks like ass. The one collared shirt that I bought and happen to really like, opens at the boobs making it inappropriate to wear!! See God, this is why big boobed ladies should be excused from such awful creations. Is that too much to ask? Let it go Lindsay, let it go.

What’s your go-to Winter workout?

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Italian overload

My friends didn’t want their pictures posted on the internet (prudes) so it’s only me, the food and good old Buddy.

We had a wonderful night of catching up and talking dirty. Yeah, you read that right. We talk dirty. It’s called Girl Talk.

Kristie made a killer veggie lasagna. The cheese was oozing from the top. Come to mama!

I started with wine, salad, lasagna and a piece of bread.

When that was done, I went back for a second round of everything but the salad. Go figure. I wasn’t even hungry for the second serving but my pregnant friend was doing it. You know it’s bad when you follow suit to a pregnant woman.

I basically ate starch all day yesterday. It started with the mashed potatoes, lunch was corn and butternut squash, snacks included tortilla chips and a luna bar and dinner was lasagna. I’m running an internal dry cleaning business. Let it go Lindsay, let it go.

So I wore my new dress last night in hopes of getting Christina’s approval since she’s a head honcho at my new job. She took one look and said, “No way, it’s too cute and too short.” F! Sidenote– it’s really not short.  I better change my attitude about those blasted collared shirts and quick.



I paired it with boots but today (yes I'm wearing it again today) I'm wearing flats.


P.S. Thanks for the fashion advice in my comments section. You girls know what you’re talking about.

Were you ever called a prude? I totally was. Girlfriend doesn’t put out for just anybody.



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Fashion help.

If I see one more cardigan I might just pass out.


Hi, I'm Mr. Rogers. Nice to meet you.



Remember when I went on a shopping spree a for my new job? Yeah, well basically I returned all of it. Work clothes just aren’t for me. The items I actually kept are the items that I most likely won’t be wearing to work. Damn. I knew at some point I’d have to face the lines and the dreaded dressing room lighting. Today was that day.

I left with 4 cardigans, a pretty decent collared/flannel shirt, a dress, a way too short skirt (to be worn with heavy tights of course and certainly not for work), a sort sleeve shirt, a belt, and some jewelry. Not too terrible but the problem is that I have no pants and nothing to go under my cardigans. In al seriousness, what should go under those cardigans besides collared shirts? I need something work appropriate. Need help. Thanks.


Banana Republic Cardigan and Old Navy collared shirt.

How cute is this outfit?? I'll be wearing it on Thanksgiving.












I fell in love with the store Francesca’s Collection in Cambridge Side Galleria.I would link it for you but for some reason WordPress won’t let me. Google it and find a store near you. It’s ADORABLE and cheap! Check out the adorable dress I picked up there. It looks vintage in real life.


I think I might be able to get away with it at work. We shall see.

I have dinner plans tonight with my old supervisor who works at my new job. I’m going to wear the dress to (hopefully) win her approval.

Who’s making what for Thanksgiving?


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