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Enough already

You know it’s time to stop blogging about relationships when your inbox is filled with concerned emails from close friends and family. I’m fine everyone, I promise!! I’m great, actually.

Let’s talk about something near and dear to our hearts: FOOD!

I’ve accepted and moved on from the fact that I don’t fit into any of my clothes. It’s been fun boozing face and eating whatever the hell I want but it’s time to reign it in a bit. Plans/diets don’t typically work out for me but I have come up with a plan of sorts to get the scale moving downward.

Healthy eating starts at home (not to say the nearest Dunkin Donuts won’t call my name. God love me a jelly stick.) so I stocked up at Trader Joe’s.

Tofu, veggie meatballs, tempeh, soup, bars, peanut butter (back away from the pumpkin butter mother f-er), bananas, bunch of vegetables, oatmeal, sauce, and soy creamer. I’ve been big into the kale lately. Chomp chomp.

I joined a 10 pound challenge  at my gym. There doesn’t seem to be a prize (what’s a challenge without a prize?!?) so I’ll probably last about 2 days.

My roommate and I are signing up for a 20 mile race for some added motivation. It’s only 8 weeks away so we need to get our butts in gear asap. The thought of running 20 miles makes me gag but desperate times call for desperate measures. We’ve all been there.

I also plan to have lots and lots of sex as a form of exercise. Just kidding, I’m nearly a virgin at this point. (Again, we’ve all been there. Right? RIGHT?)

I’ll start weighing in again on the blog this weekend to keep me accountable. Don’t judge.

So there you have it my loves. 


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As you all know by now, today is the first day of December. Now I’m not one to set goals because I never take them seriously but I’m having a change of heart this month. There are 2 things in particular that have been on my mind.

So what if cheese is wedged in the middle.

1. Eating fruit-– I discovered last year that I don’t really like fruit. Sure, grapes and pineapple are awesome but how often do I buy those? Not often. Pineapple is a bitch to carve and by the time you cut the skin and core off, there’s nothing left of the damn thing. And grapes. Those little bastards are expensive. I refuse, refuse (!!!!) to pay 10 bucks for a bag. That leaves me with apples and I’m a little bored with them. My challenge is to eat at least 1 serving of fruit per day. Seriously, this is a challenge. Today I’ve crushed this goal with pomegranate arils. No big deal.

2. Strength freaking Train- My nemesis. I am the cardio queen and a weight rarely touches my fingertips. My goal is to do weights (even for five minutes in my own home) 3 times per week. This included abdominal work. Why does this continue to be such a struggle for me? See ya later flab!

Anyways, fruit and strength training will be conquered in no time. Anyone with me on this??

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Beer + Baked Goods = VERY happy blogger.

Well, I’ve officially lost ten pounds since starting my weekly weigh-ins on the blog last October. If I was at a Weight Watchers meeting this morning I surely would have gotten a 10 pound pin or something…. maybe a key chain?  Now I know 10 pounds in 9 months isn’t a lot, but the cool thing about it is that I lost the weight from exercise only. I wish I could say that I’ve stopped bingeing and that my eating habits have gotten significantly better but the truth is they haven’t. At all. I can say that I’ve never felt so invested in exercising and most days I don’t even dread it anymore. Since I started weighing in on my blog, I’ve run in three half marathons and a 10 mile race. These events definitely encouraged me to workout pretty regularly but for the most part I was only running (with some booties camps mixed in here and there.) Signing up for the sprint triathlon is what has really helped jump-start my exercise routine and some weight loss. For the first time in my life I am mixing up my daily workouts and it’s actually fun because there are three different options to choose from on a daily basis. If I wake up and dread the idea of a run, I’ll hop on the bike. If the thought of biking and running make me want to delay getting out of bed, I’ll simply swim some laps. I DO need to be more consistent with Body Pump since it’s my only source of strength training but I’ll work on that soon.

Earlier in the week I made it my goal to hit the 10 pound mark but I’m shocked that last night’s Len and Lindsay Brew and Food Festival didn’t do me in. We had tickets for the Sox game but chose to hit a local bar instead. I started out with a Cherry Wheat beer. So SO good. That was followed by  a Black & Blue (Guinness and Blue Moon). Typically I love my Black & Blues but after the sweetness of the Cherry Wheat it didn’t taste as desirable. Back to the Cherry Wheat I went.

It was pouring on our walk home so we sought shelter at a bakery. How convenient. Athens sells everything from cookies, and cakes to gelato and pudding. As usual, it took  me 76 minutes to decide and I’m pretty sure to worker wanted to shove an eclair up my ass and send me packing. I went with the Jamaica, a dark chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and cherry things. At the checkout there was a tray of free goodies and we were told to help ourselves. Oh F! This was like a binge made in heaven. Clearly I couldn’t pass up that little bastard tray even if I tried. I took one of each and we went on our merry way.

Some puffy thing stuffed with chocolate, raisons and nuts. A scone. A chocolate croissant. Right to my ass ladies.

My Jamaica and Len's poop log.

This is was three beers and a sweet tooth looks like:

chocolate teeth! Ellie wants some too.

Oh the gluttony.

Going to bed feeling like a bloated slug is never fun but I’d say it was worth it.

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I make grocery stores rich!

Is it me or does it seem like I’m constantly at the grocery store? I swear I am at Trader Joes or Shaws every other day. I can only imagine how much money I spend…. maybe I should keep track of that. My friend uses an envelope system– putting a certain amount of money into an envelope for the entire month and once it’s empty, it’s empty. No more, no less. Majority of my money goes towards food. Hello fat ass. Save a buck or two, why don’t ya. 🙂

Speaking of grocery shopping, I hit up TJ’s again for a 55 dollar trip, Here’s my shop.

Lots of veggies, frozen pineapple, almond butter, cottage cheese, tofu, edamame, hummus, soy nuggs, soy creamer, Ezekiel bread, avocados, and dog treats.

I had a free fitness consultation today at my new gym (Hi Sam!!) and was inspired to treat my body a little better nutrition wise. I told Sam that I wasn’t interested in learning a strength training routine since I have a system in place and am using Body Pump as my strength training. Instead, we spent the hour talking about food wellness. Sam is totally fit, which automatically gave her “gym cred”, and is starting up her own fitness and nutrition business. I would definitely use her in the future.

Holy Crap, when did Zack Efron grow up? He is HOT!  And how exciting is it that Eat Pray Love was made into a movie and is coming out in August!!???!!!   I LOVE watching Julia Roberts and this role will be great for her. I’m afraid the movie might make me do something impulsive, like book a trip to Italy on my credit card.

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Tri- Training

I just completed my second week of triathlon training, with six weeks to go before the big day. As I’ve said before, I am most scared about the swim. Since it’s in August, I’m assuming I wouldn’t wear a wet suit, correct?  My goal for any race is never about time, it’s about the training process and finishing. The bike and swim will be difficult but at least I can take a break if needed. The swim on the other hand– stopping means treading water and if I really need to stop and hold onto something, I’ll be disqualified. Ideally I should practice swimming in open water but I’m totally freaked out by the idea and probably won’t get around to it. This means that race day will be my first open water swim. Oy vey.

Anyways, back to the training. Though I printed out a plan, I haven’t followed it at all. I’ve sorta been waking up and doing whatever the hell I feel like for a work out. My activity has included swimming, running, biking and body pump. The problem with varying my workout everyday while training is that I feel like I’m just okay at everything. With half marathons, you run. Run, run and more running. With a tri, we must do it all so it’s hard to gauge improvements. The bonus is that I feel less bored, sometimes even excited to work out, and I’m finally getting some balance in my routine. This body pump class is the missing link to my regime. Love it.

Yesterday I went to body pump and then rode 15.5 miles along the Charles River I saw a PIG getting walked!!!?!! Unfortunately I couldn’t pet him (her?) because the owner said it might bite me. ouch! My legs felt tired after the ride but it was my butt and vageen that hurt the most. Bike seats are not easy on our ladies parts, are they?

Well, I’m off to work. Have a great Monday!!

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Week of Review in Therapy

In therapy last week, we made two goals to focus on:

1. keeping a  food diary

2. Resist the sweets I usually cave into and play close attention to how I feel after saying NO.

I’m happy to say that I have not had any sweets since LAST Monday; seven days without cookies, candy, cakes, etc. I noticed that I’ve been compensating with cheese and bread. Saturday night I ate WAY too much cheese. I did this well after I was full, because it was there and I wanted sweets. Sunday night was the only time I was literally pissed that I couldn’t eat sweets. I wanted to bust into those damn mini eggs so bad and it annoyed me that I couldn’t. I reminded myself that I feel 7 thousand times better since last Monday and that I know exactly how the mini eggs taste. I’ve had them many times. That reasoning seemed to work for a little  but I did scope out something else to hold my attention: a hummus, cheese and ketchup sandwich.

This was after dinner. Again, after I was full and didn’t need anything more to eat. I was filling an emotional void.

This is a journey.

Although I’m feeling good about my accomplishment, I know that if I picked up a single piece of chocolate it would be binge city. Mimi says that eventually we will work on feeling safe eating everything in moderation, but for now I should keep doing what I’m doing.

Len and I skipped boot camp yesterday and today. I feel so guilty about it but not guilty enough to get out there in the rain. I hit the gym up today for a few miles so I feel better.  Eats so far today include:

breakfast:toast with pb

egg, veggie and cheese omelette with strawberries and bread

I have all day off so I hope to actually get things accomplished. Boredom= eating.

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wordpress help/therapy/ ramblings.

Hey lovelies! So….. WordPress is saying that I’ve met my quota with pictures and won’t let me upload any more. Hmmm….any wordpress users experience this before? Not sure where to go from here. They are advising that I delete some records but I really don’t want to erase old posts.

So Mimi and I had a session this morning and I told her all about my struggles following the three category rule. I said, “I can’t just have one cookie, one chip, and one piece of chocolate. That definitely leads to a binge.” She said “Yes.” Huh? She reminded me that the point of this is to not have to battle bingeing on those particular day of the week. To not feel restricted. When I’m at my internship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday I should not be having an internal battle with the bins/binge. I should eat from any three categories I chose without guilt, without fighting, without shame. I should make sure to have a dinner that isn’t binge foods. The other days of the week I can do whatever I want. She reminded me that we are working with long-term goals in mind. I am struggling to accept that I can binge three days a week. I’ve been given permission. Mimi tells me that I don’t need permission to eat these foods and that I have choices to make. I am the only who puts the restrictions on myself and labels certain food as bad or good. The experiment will continue and I’m going to stop fighting it. She’s a professional. This is her job. I’m rolling with it.   The other piece of my homework is to think about the feelings that sort of sit with me on a daily basis. Not the feelings immediately before or after a binge, but the feelings that are more constant, be in loneliness, boredom, etc.

Ellie and I just took a nice long walk and she got to play with her bulldog boyfriend, George. They are so cute together. It took is 45 minutes to walk 1.15 miles. Jeez. The two of them just wouldn’t stop licking all up on each other. I finally got a good run in and recorded my fasted mile to date. Sweet! The weather is absolutely perfect outside so it made it much easier to workout.  For brunch, I ate two pieces of that polenta Quiche. Tasted better cold.


Don’t forget to enter my Clif bar giveaway. Two winners will be picked Friday morning at 10 eastern time.

Did I mention it’s Spring Break? This broad ain’t strippin’ down in a tinie bikini anytime soon.

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Okay, these are all of them…

Career- Graduate with MSW, Take first Licensing exam, Get a job

Financial- Stop spending mindlessly, Lessen/discontinue credit card, Start saving for when I have to pay student loans

Mental Wellness- Start counseling, Be nicer to myself, Practice patience, Read more. Focus on mental/physical health rather than weight loss.

Exercise- Run half marathon in April, Run half in the Fall, Focus more on strength training, Give yoga a fair shot

Eating– Give up diets, Learn to eat intuitively, Decrease Binges, Take power away from food

Relationships- Communicate openly and less defensive, date nights, more sex (sorry mom), Be more social with Len and friends.

Family and Friends– Make time to see all the important people in my life; foster those relationships.

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