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Not gonna lie..

The new Weight Watcher program has me really intrigued and I’m being very careful not to get sucked in. I may fall victim. I say “victim” because I’m one who pays the money and then never follows through with the program. I think WW is a wonderful program for those who actually stick with it.

So…. I started my new job on Monday. So far so good. The worst part about being the “new girl” is having to be dependent on others to figure things out. By tomorrow I should be good to go and independent again. The cool part about my schedule is that the hours are staggered. Today I work from 1-9:30 so I was able to sleep in late, go to the gym later than usual and play with the little rat. Not so bad. I also have 2 days per week that I work from 7-3:30, allowing me to scurry to my other job (as an outpatient therapist) and see my clients. The outfit thing has been okay this week though I am only working with one black pair of pants. In time my wardrobe shall grow. For now, the bottom half of me might smell. No big deal.

I can tell the rat misses me.

See, I’ve been spoiled over the last 2 years in graduate school and for several months post graduation. I’m eager to see how my fitness regime might suffer with my new 46 + hour week. I guess it just means even earlier morning (earlier than my standard 5:45 wake up call) and late nights.  I’ve always struggled with hitting the gym in the evenings but this will have to be a reality for me now. How do you motivate to hit the gym at night when there’s so many excuses not to?

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First day on the summer job

Happy weekend! I haven’t had to work a weekend in a long time but today was my first day working for Attune. We set up shop at the Mayors Baseball Tournament in South Boston and were expecting 400 people. Well, it wasn’t quite the turnout we were expecting but we did serve about 20-30 people! That counts right? Check out our venue.

That's my cereal pouring partner.

Big pimpin' in the Uncle Sam mobile.

Our uniform-- Uncle Sam t and a Sox cap.

We were outside for almost four hours today but it went by really quick. I like my little summer job.

Last night was a BLAST with the ladies. We just hung at my friend Katie’s house and gabbed, ate from another awesome spread and sipped on some vino. I could totally get used to this.

My friends are sexy

Our spreads are pretty hot, too.

Katie, Mikaela and I went to grad school together. It makes my heart happy to have met some quality people during my two years at BC.  There’s something really special about social workers. (I’m not biased at all.)

Confession– I was way too scared to weigh in this morning. Yesterday my packed lunch (salad) got tossed aside for several slices of  pizza and chocolate cakesters. I ate my weight in cheese last night so my weigh-in will be postponed until tomorrow morning. I didn’t get a workout in this morning either so that kinda sucked. Oh well.  I know I say this all the time but I’m REALLY going to try to keep my sugar tooth at bay for the next month. 4 more weeks till my triathlon and it’s time to get cracking. I’m also going to be doing some serious brick workouts. Considering I’ll only be working 4 hours a day (max), I’ve got some time on my hands.

What are your favorite activities to do on a day that’s SO hot??? (Besides the beach.)

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hey hoochie mamas

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted and I have no real reason why besides wanting a break from everything. It still doesn’t feel like school is over because I had some things hanging over my head till last night. I imagine the feeling will start kicking in next week.

So…… yesterday was my last day of boot camp. I was definitely ready for it to be over but now I’m nervous about keeping my exercise habits up. As you know, I have a really hard time motivating to work out on my own. I checked out a new gym to see if that would help but it felt too corporate. I hope to attend more classes at my “old” gym and get a couple days of running in. How do you motivate to work out everyday?

I’m running a half marathon Memorial Day weekend with my friend Alison. We went for a six mile run last weekend (hung over, thank you)and she’s definitely in much better shape than I am. I really need to prepare a little bit for this race, meaning I need to get some running days in.

Last weekend I celebrated being finished with school by going bowling and eating/drinking way too much. It was a weekend of gluttony that consisted of pina coladas, orange dreams (made with ice cream), beer, waffle fries topped with blue cheese and buffalo sauce (holy heaven) and pad thai. Let’s just say I felt like a blimp with limbs. It felt good to let loose and have a great time though.

I like the above picture because I look like a rabid gofer. I should be chomping on a log or something.

Today is the first week I’ve worked a regular 9-5 Monday -Friday job in two years. I gotta say, I’ve really gotten used to Fridays off so it’s slightly bittersweet. Good news is that I can wear jeans to work today.

Something weird happened. My period was over two weeks late this month. Since going off the pill in October, I’ve been pretty regular so it was strange to be so late. Knowing I wasn’t pregnant, I’m thinking the lateness was due to stress and an increase in exercise? Strange.

Well guys, I’ve missed you.

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Lay on my couch cause I’m a clinical therapist!

Two great things have happened in my life since I last wrote: I ran The Broad Street (10 mile) Run AND I finished grad school!!!!!!!! Which one do you think I’m most excited about?? That’s right, no more papers, no more tests, no more crappy classes, no more procrastinating. This means I have my weekends back! I can enjoy a Saturday and Sunday  without the heavy weight of homework on my shoulders. I can come home at five and actually be DONE with work. Ohhh, life is good.

The past two years have been challenging; I learned a lot about myself and the field of social work. I have grown leaps and bounds in my clinical skills and believe it or not, there are several classes that I will miss.  Keep in mind that I still have my internship three days a week until the last week in June. The good news is that I got hired per diem and my title is Clinical Therapist. ME!! I’m a clinical therapist!! Imagine??

Anyway, let’s talk about the race last Sunday. One word, HOT. It had to have been 600 degrees out there and people were literally passing out all over the place. The fire hydrants were spitting out water along the course. When I needed a good laugh I’d get wicked close to the hydrant and get nailed with the pressure of the water. For some reason that made me giggle each and every time.

I made the goal to run a 10 minute mile pace and I kept it up until mile 6. After that I slipped down to about 10:15. I walked through some of the water stops but not all. The 10 miles felt a lot harder than the half marathon the weekend before. Don’t ask how that happens but I was soooo thankful to not have to run those three extra miles. My finishing time was 1:42:37. I felt pleased with it seeing as it was hot, I ran alone and I didn’t train. Done and done.

Happy to have those 10 miles over with.

My sister and I--she rocked it as always

I’ve always said that the best part of running a race are the bagels served afterwards. Leave it to Philly to hand out giant pretzels. No complaints here.

Well, it’s a rainy day here in Boston which is perfect for being lazy guilt free.

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Smelly woes

Yooooo, what up home slices? Please excuse my absence but it’s my last week of classes and I’ve been a little busy. I will most likely have irregular attendance next week too because it’s finals week. This time next week graduate school will be a thing of the past and I will be one happy bitch!

Lucky for you guys, you haven’t missed much since the last time I posted. The only news is that I’ve been SO gassy. I mean, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Here are a few suspected culprits.

A true poop patty: English muffin topped with refried beans, corn, and mushrooms.

Three layer hummus and 18 pounds of veg??

Or could I attribute it to three new purchases found at Trader Joes?

Dried Fruit absolutely equals Fart City

Let’s chat about these new finds. My sister turned me on to the Wasabi Wow mix. This stuff feels like a dance party on my tongue but it can be addicting so measure out in advance. Next we have dried bananas. I haven’t tried them yet so review will come later. The rock fart star purchase of the week is Unsweetened, Unsulfured Pineapple rings. Pineapple is the only ingredient and 5 of them are 110 calories. You better believe I’ve been enjoying at least one serving since Monday.

As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, I made the mistake of packing roasted broccoli yesterday for lunch. This meant that I was the smelly girl on the bus; it was clear that the other passengers took note of the exploding stench of foot coming out of my lunch bag.

So it goes.

Anyway, I’m off the Pennsylvania today to spend the weekend at my sisters. We are running a 10 mile race on Sunday so I better be sure to stay away from the pineapple.

P.S. I got offered a per diem position where I intern so I’ll be working there until the week of July 4th. After that I am jobless and will be living in a card board box.

Don’t forget to enter my Gerbs Pumpkin Seed Giveawy!

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Thank you, bed head.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, “Dang girl, you lookin’ good!”  I’m rocking some serious bed head and some how it’s working for me. Who needs a brush, flat-iron or blow dryer when every morning we wake to the magical creation of hair that’s flattened in some places, bushy in others, maybe a few kinks for good measure. Natures miracle, if you ask me.

Good news! I just signed up for another month of boot camp. I’ve been thinking seriously about it for the last few days and decided to go for it. It’s such a hard decision because booty is over 20o bucks per month but it makes me feel really good. To me, confidence is priceless. That and I’m expecting a small tax return so in my twisted brain it all makes sense.

These are some of the perks listed on the Ultimate Boot camp website.

Results-driven workouts with a major calorie burn (500-700 calories) —I’ve been wearing my heart rate monitor and it reads anywhere between 520 calories to 650. That’s freaking kick ass.

Tone and tighten with a wide variety of full-body muscle conditioning exercise –I didn’t take any measurements prior to starting so I’m unsure about any changes. Maybe after month two I’ll see a difference. I feel better though.

Motivating Trainers will push you to the next level –Part of the reason why I signed up is because the same trainers that taught us this month are teaching next class. I really enjoyed both of them. I’ve had some not so fabulous trainers at times but John and Craig are the shit.

Stay accountable with the non-intimidating group environment –When people hear boot camp they think hardcore, scream in your face workout. This is not at all the case. The trainers push us in a manner that’s helpful not hurtful.

Pretty cool, right? Gotta run and finish up some last-minute edits before class. Three more weeks of  graduate school and I am done FOREVER!!

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Not just for Thanksgiving.

Saturday = best day of the week! Love, love, love it!!! Spring has been kind to us so far and it seems like this weekend will be no different. I don’t have any plans this weekend other than a run today and tomorrow, taxes and school work.  Last night Len and I had date night planned so he made dinner and we watched Up in The Air. I fell asleep within half hour so I’m not sure how it was. I do know that dinner was inspired by Thursday nights Marriage Ref. Green bean casserole anyone? There were no eyeballs or mysterious meat in it but good nonetheless.  Len was in charge of picking up the ingredients and putting it together. Typically I don’t let him make dinner because I like control in the kitchen but I decided to let it go and enjoy a meal by my man. Those french fried onions are SO good but you can literally taste the lard on them. With that description you’d think they taste terrible but not so much. We had a sweet potato on the side topped with REAL maple syrup.

Before dinner I had an apple chip appetizer brought home by Lenny. They were so good and I ate the whole 2.5 servings bag. Oops!! There was no way I could have put that bag down.

Despite my sugary, salty and fatty dinner, I still managed to drop half a pound. I know it’s not much but if we think back to last weekend, I didn’t exactly have the cleanest week of eating so I’ll take it.

Yesterdays lunch consisted of a wrap I’ve been making for the last two days– 100 calories Lavish bread, laughing cow, lots of arugula and beautiful avocado. So good. String cheese and cauliflower with hummus were eaten at lunch.

Now that's gorgeous

Pile on the peppery arugula

I ended up replacing the popcorn and apple for a lemon cookie. So worth it. Lemon is such an underrated flavor.

The past two mornings also consisted of smoothies– almond mill, frozen berries, spinach and either strawberry or vanilla protein powder. I bragged about how good they are at work but everyone promised to take my word for it. I can understand since they don’t look very appetizing. No pictures though, sorry!

I caught up on an interesting Oprah yesterday about sex habits of couples. One couple hadn’t had sex in 2.5 years and the other couple only had sex when the woman bartered for it. “You pick up the house and I’ll have sex with you” type of thing. She also hated the idea of kissing, though this only started once she had kids. Obviously, they had their deeper issues going on but we won’t bother with those right now.

Are you happy with your sex life? Unfortunately I’ve never been someone who desired lots of sex so I definitely need to step it up in that area. I admire those people who need it and really have a craving for it on a regular basis.

Enjoy your day and have some sex!

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Weights and I don’t jive.

Dudes, your comments from yesterdays post regarding passing gas were really funny. I will be sure to read those again next time I have a bad day. Thanks for being so open–majority of you do in fact fart in front of your partner. I’m sorry, but farts will NEVER get old. As a matter of fact, a little nine-year old totally ripped one yesterday in group when it was complete silence. I had to do everything possible NOT to laugh and I definitely didn’t pull it off. I must have been making a weird face in the process because one of the kids said, “It was you!!” as he pointed at me. I wanted to scream, ” No no! It was him!” and point at the real culprit but that wouldn’t be right.  Ahh, good times.

Last night I went out to dinner at Miracle of Science in Cambridge with a friend I used to work with. We made a date forever ago and I totally forgot till she sent me a text. I rushed out the door and forgot my camera which totally sucked because the place was so unique. They don’t even have menus! I ordered two veggie kabobs with tortillas, mint slaw and bean salad. Two beers were enjoyed.  I also had two mini scones from Starbucks and a chocolate egg. Yum, yum.

Thursdays are my long days so I packed some random foods to snack on throughout the day. I didn’t do my homework that’s due tonight which is a big bummer but how am I supposed to get things done when there are only 5 more weeks of school??? It’s an impossible task! Here are some of the goodies in my lunch bag.

veggies with hummus, pineapple, string cheese and nuts (which I should portion out

wrap with laughing cow, mustard and lettuce for lunch, pb&j on bagel thin for dinner, pineapple chobani.

Today completed the third week of boot camp so we only have one more week left. I’m totally bummed about it and want to do it again but it’s SO expensive.  We have a really small group so it’s been fun getting to know everyone. The weather this morning was absolutely perfect! Sunny and breezy.

Off to face the day!

I need some workout tips– How do you balance out cardio and strength training? I feel like strength training is so boring but I really need to start doing it on my own.

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hi again.

And the winner is……

#15– Lynn

Congrats! Please send me your contact information to

Thanks everyone for entering. Isn’t it so annoying to never win things?

Today was an easy breezy day, love those. Now if only I’d start working on some home work. Does anyone else find this to be an impossible task? So. Damn. Hard. Thanks for the Mimi feedback. I’ll definitely talk to her so we can figure out why I’m resisting and also if there are any other strategies worth discussing. I stuck with the meals that I mentioned earlier, but I also indulged in two packs of cookies and 3 truffles. I’ve seen worse but I wish I did better.

We’re heading up to Maine this weekend for some snowboard/ski action. I’ve only been on a board four times before so it should be pretty humorous. My friend Allison and I are taking lessons and I know we’ll be cracking up the entire time. I find getting off the ski lift to be the hardest part. How do people not topple over?  Kills me! Unfortunately we must leave the little lady behind. Boo. Total attachment issues here.

Dinner hasn’t happened yet but it will soon. I’m thinking a little spread action.

Booty camp… yes or no?

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Take it to the locker room, please.

Yesterday was an insane day! I wish I could get into details but it’s just not an option due to confidentiality at work. Phew. It is NEVER a dull day there, which I actually really like. Working with children takes a toll on your heart and is a very humbling experience. I want to adopt everybody.

Last nights eats included TUNA! I’ve mentioned this before but tuna creeps me out. A couple times I’ve found fish scales in the tuna can. This isn’t a joke. Apparently cold  Mac and Cheese is a great way to disguise tuna because it worked for me. Yum!! Though I didn’t add ketchup last night, it would have been a great addition.

Dessert included my very last Attune bar. I forgot to take a picture though! Shoot. It was mint chocolate and it reminded me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I only had one.

This morning I got up early for the gym. Upon walking out the door and feeling the pretty mild temps, I decided on a 3 mile run outside. I have officially chosen a favorite route. Although three miles is a short distance, this route makes it feel even shorter. I LOVE it. It feels really good to finally have worked out before work. As some of you know, I used to be really good about getting up in the morning and just banging out a workout. The last four months have been really difficult for some reason and I’ve slacked like I’ve never slacked before.

On my run I thought about  the blogging community and how funny it is that we have no clue what one another’s voice sounds like. We all have dedicated blogs that we visit daily and comment on, yet there’s a huge piece that we miss out on. The flip side is that so many bloggers (myself included) feel like their most open and vulnerable self on here–which makes it so easy to connect. It’s just such an interesting community, one that draws so many people in.

Side note– At the gym last week I saw a man standing in front of the PUBLIC mirror squeezing the black heads out of his nose and his EAR. I mean, I understand the yearning to pop a quality zip but really? In front of everyone? Then he had to nerve to hop on the machine without so much a hand sanitizer. Freaking gross, dude. Thanks for passing on your clogged pores.  Now that you all want to barf, here’s todays menu.

I’m excited for that Cedar Lane burrito. Len picked it up and I’ve never seen it or tried that brand. The stats are better than Amy’s brand so we’ll see. The salad has veggies, avocado and olives. The Lara is for my afternoon snack. Not sure what’s for breakfast just yet. I always struggle with that one.

The people at my internship always go out together after work on the first Thursday of the month but I can never go because I have class. Since it’s Spring Break and I don’t have class, I can finally make it. I hate missing out because I think it’s such a great bonding time.

Remember that the Clif giveaway ends tomorrow at 10 so get your entries in now!

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