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Dude– please tell me you are loving life as much as me today. This weather has me all giddy and my heart feels full and happy knowing it’s covered up with a long sleeve shirt. Honestly, life is good.

My weekend has been the perfect combo of relaxing and fun. Friday night Lennster and I had date night. He took me to Legal Seafood for dinner and then we saw Inception. I walked into Legals with the intention of getting the veggie box but all I really wanted was fries (and ketchup. Mostly ketchup.) I’ve been putting effort into listening to my hunger cues and eating whatever I want when I am actually hungry, so a side of fries it was. I ordered the veggie box as well, which I highly recommend. It’s made with brown rice, stir fried veggies, cashews, tofu and peanut sauce. They suggest it with scallops or shrimp but I don’t eat either so I passed. I wasn’t physically hungry after my fries so I took my meal to go. It ended up serving as my breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning. Nothin’ wrong with that folks.

Have you seen Inception? Man on man, did my head hurt after leaving that 2.5 hour movie. It was definitely good but be prepared to pay attention and use your brains. I found myself straining my mind to understand what the hell was going on. It did keep my attention for most of the movie so that says a lot.

Saturday morning I woke at 5:15 to prepare for a 12 mile run. (My friends are training for a half marathon and I’m just going along for the ride.) Waking up at least an hour early before run time is important for me so I can drink my coffee, go to the bathroom and eat. The morning was perfectly crisp and the run went smoothly. During the run I fueled with Gatorade and shot blocks. The best part about running such a long distance is basking in the glory of accomplishment all day. No matter how many times I run 12 miles, I will always feel proud.

Yesterday I spend the day with my friend and old roommate Lindsay. We shopped around and caught up. Hanging out with girlfriends is super good for my soul. I need more of it. Today I went for a swim (forgot my goggles which I don’t recommend) and now we’re just chillin’, watching the Pats, cooking (recipes tomorrow but you should know they involve beets, squash and lots of beans) and dinner tonight with my girlfriend. Hope everyone is wonderful!

P.S. Thanks Mama for sending me this shirt!! So thoughtful of you and I love it. xoxo

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wine headache

Ugh…. too. much. wine. Last night was SO fun. Alison came over at 5:30 and we enjoyed a nice spread of veggies, cheese, hummus, crackers and grapes. We tried Mary’s Crackers for the first time. I bought both pepper and onion flavor but definitely like the onion flavor best. The cheese was light Brie and light cheddar. Cutting the fat definitely compromises the taste but I think it’s worth it. No spread is complete without my absolute favorite jalapeno and cilantro hummus. Alison loved it too. We also busted out a new horseradish hummus which was also good, but not fabulous.  Alison is in the process of getting her PsyD so we often chit chat about therapy, theories, and analyzing everything! We love it and can’t help ourselves. The time eating, talking and drinking flew by and suddenly it was time to get walking. We had a little over 1 mile to walk to the show. Luckily the weather was really nice so it worked out fine. We packed some wine in water bottles for the walk which amused us soooo much! We laughed and laughed and laughed. Once on campus (the show was at my school, Boston College) a man and his family approached us looking for directions by saying, “Hey party girls…” Little did he know we’re almost thirty and far from party girls. It made us feel young again. We got to the show twenty minutes late and it was PACKED! Luckily it hadn’t started. Once we scored some seats we decided it would be a good decision to hit the bathrooms. By the time we came back the show had started and we were told to wait till the first speaker was done. In the meantime, we made our own version of the show which we thought was HYSTERICAL. We’re five, it’s fine.  Vagina Monologues is an incredible powerful show full of important information and humour. It truly is a must see.

I woke up early this morning with a pounding headache and hours later it’s still kicking around. Price to pay, I guess. Breakfast consisted of a more spread. I know it’s a strange breakfast but it’s what I wanted.

I then added some crackers. Can't forget the coffee.

And a piece of chocolate. I bought this bar a few days ago because I was intrigued by the idea of chocolate and chillies. Really delightful. I also ate a piece last night before bread.

The only thing on my agenda today is a 6 mile run. Len and I didn’t go yesterday because he went skiing and somehow I avoided going alone. I felt guilty about not working out so  I attempted to do some yoga in my living room last night. Between my inability to understand the moves and Eleanor getting all up in my business, it wasn’t exactly the workout I was hoping for. However, I felt mentally refreshed after and that’s what I needed. I got some other activity in yesterday by cleaning and walking to school and back. Every bit counts right?

"I want to try the downward dog too!"

I feel like I’ve made some progress with disordered eating this week and I’m proud of myself for that. This week I’ve focused on NOT counting anything, listening to my body for when it’s hungry, eating what my body wants and not feeling guilt about it. Everyday is another opportunity to move in the right direction. What are you proud of?

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Thanks for all the wonderful and supportive comments yesterday regarding therapy. I’m so happy you’ve been so receptive to it. Although I had the  day off yesterday I wasn’t terribly productive. I really didn’t make a dent in my paper so I’ll pay for it  with long hours tonight. Oh well, there are worse things. The snowy weather yesterday made for a nice relaxing time with my little rat. We played around a lot, took some snowy walks and did a lot of lounging. Clearly she didn’t mind. Did you all watch American Idol last night?  Not sure it was possible to squeeze any more commercials into the two hours. Total waste of time. And I’m not finding Ellen that funny so far. She best step up her game here.

Yesterday was filled with some seriously yummy meals. I was hungry three hours after eating that salad so I had a can of split pea soup. I really like it, although at first sight I got a little nervous. It helped knowing it was vegan so the ingredients weren’t anything crazy contributing to its nasty appearance. With the soup I munched on Glennys ranch soy crisps. So good.


Now we're talking.

I had planned for baked tofu and roasted turnips but then I discovered that what I was peeling wasn’t in fact a turnip at all. What in god’s name is that thing? The tail reminded me of a rat and it had veins in there. But really, can someone please identify this thing? I turned to the good old sweet potato instead. While everything was roasting away in the over, I snacked on two pretty good size pieces of Cabet pepper jack cheese. Oh how I love thee.


We rounded out the meal with boiled asparagus for some smelly pee. While Len wasn’t a fan of the tofu, I LOVED it and now have leftovers for today. Wahoooo!! I baked it in a marinade that Liv helped me create- 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp agave, 1 tsp each cumin and cayenne, sprinkle of cinnamon, salt and pepper. When everything was plated, I lightly poured agave on everything, including the spears. Quality. The agave gave everything a wonderful flavor of sweetness and really highlighted the sweet potatoes.

Yesterday I was really mindful of hunger cues and worked hard not to count points, calories, etc. My goal is still to eat intuitively and yesterday felt like a success. Another high point of yesterday was that my coffee finally arrived. My friend Ali will keel over when she sees all the waste I will be creating from the empty cups. Sorry Al, these cups are my vice. I love them because they are easy and I am lazy.

French toast, rainforest nut, donut shop and decaf vanilla.

Who’s ready for the weekend?!!  Is anyone out there on Twitter? You can follow me @ lpskins.

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Aren’t Saturdays the BEST! I love how they fit so snug between the last day of work and the last day of the weekend. Saturdays should be free of worries. Today we are having brunch with Len’s family at Stephi’s on Tremont. We’ve gone there before for brunch; remember that time I had one too many bloody Marys? There will not be any morning boozing for me today as I picked up some hours at work. I’m fine with that.  Let’s rewind to yesterday.

After class I attended my first (and last) therapy session. She basically recommended weekly psychotherapy from an eating disorder specialist but unfortunately could not offer that herself. What I have found in my search for the “perfect” counselor is that although people say they cover eating disorders, many of them don’t have a clue about how to best treat that population. I will definitely put my feelers out. We talked a lot about how much time I have put into thinking about food/weight/body image/bingeing/etc and thought about what I could have done with all that energy. I’ve thought about that many times before. Because I’ve struggled with this for so long (14 years) it has become part of my identity. As crazy as it sounds, the behaviors I have around disordered eating are engrained and will take tons of work to “rewire”. In social work, we always say there must be an instillation of hope when problem solving. I do have hope that I can fight this and win. By the way, my weigh in was down a little.

Dinner. We (Len’s family and I) met up with Len after work for some cocktails before dinner. I had two glasses of really good Cabernet. Too bad I didn’t get the name of the bottle. We then sat down to dinner and to my surprise, the only vegetarian item was spinach and artichoke dip. What the hell is that about? There is no excuse for restaurants to not have at least one veggie entrée listed. We left and went to another restaurant down the street. It was the same story there too, but she did offer a veggie burger that wasn’t listed on the menu. Done and done. Fries? Why of course! After dinner, I headed home while everyone else stayed home. Lame-o! (I’m fine with it.)


Fried were great

Fries make me happy!

Tipsy Tim. Hehe

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Okay, these are all of them…

Career- Graduate with MSW, Take first Licensing exam, Get a job

Financial- Stop spending mindlessly, Lessen/discontinue credit card, Start saving for when I have to pay student loans

Mental Wellness- Start counseling, Be nicer to myself, Practice patience, Read more. Focus on mental/physical health rather than weight loss.

Exercise- Run half marathon in April, Run half in the Fall, Focus more on strength training, Give yoga a fair shot

Eating– Give up diets, Learn to eat intuitively, Decrease Binges, Take power away from food

Relationships- Communicate openly and less defensive, date nights, more sex (sorry mom), Be more social with Len and friends.

Family and Friends– Make time to see all the important people in my life; foster those relationships.

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Lunch and girly question

I cooked up a storm this morning to have a healthy lunch. I made “pad thai” with shirataki noodles, tofu, and asparagus. For the sauce I used a peanut saute sauce and one tablespoon peanut butter. To be quite honest, it doesn’t look that appealing but we shall see. On the side I have a banana. I HOPE to not eat this and save it for snack later. I am really trying to be mindful of my hunger cues today and not eat just becuase. How cool would that be to actually eat when the body needs it?

Side note–when should I expect my period? Its been over a month since I stopped taking it but wonder if it will come normally at first. Any clues?

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