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Is it really Monday again? It feels like this weekend went by both fast and slow. We squeezed a lot in and it felt good to be busy yet relaxed. Yesterdays trip to Newport was perfect since temps hit about 60. People were walking around in shorts and it seemed that everyone was smiling. As soon as we arrived, we hit up a local restaurant for some grub. Five dollar Bloody Marys? Yes please, and keep em’ coming. Lunch was a big salad with dried cranberries, chunks of blue cheese, pecans, apple slices and a grilled vegetable burger. It hit the spot. What’s up with the apples these days? They’re all mealy and kinda dull.

My all time favorite drink

Veg burg was like rubber

After some coffee, we went for a 3 mile walk  along the ocean. We soaked up the sun and gawked over the amazing mansions. I wanted to explore one so badly but can’t bring myself to pay 20 bucks for that privilege.  Newport’s a beautiful little town and worth visiting.

On our way home we stopped at a cute little coffee shop for a snack. I spotted a beautiful toasted marshmallow bar but my heart really wanted a smoothie. I ignored my craving and went with the bar. I was mad at myself before I even got out the door. Len advised me that I should get what I really wanted and that the marshmallow bar would not go to waste. Two minutes later, there I stood with a treat in each hand.

Sooooo good

Whipped Cream? I thought you'd never ask.

The smoothie got pounded in the car and the bar came out to play after dinner. Slurp and chomp.

Last night’s dinner was Saturday nights leftovers– Vegetarian Pad Thai. Though it seems that all I did yesterday was eat, I somehow managed to get some chores done: laundry, bank and grocery shopping. Done and done. You should know that Chobani is on sale at Shaws for 1 dollar. Yep, true story.

My bed won again this morning in the fight against my alarm. I might go to yoga tonight instead of my planned run. I cannot believe that our half marathon is in 6 weeks and I’m still slacking. We haven’t ran more than 6 miles….. oops! It will all work out in the end. Off to face the day.

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Cookie Monster Strikes Again.

Seriously, how do I not weigh 712 pounds and need a crane to lift me up? I’m sure you can tell by the title that I ate so many cookies today. Cookies of all kinds. I think my vision is getting blurry from diabetes. I’m not kidding. That’s a side effect, right. Mimi better come up with a plan of action. I definitely didn’t follow the plan this week. Wait till you see my dinner.

Exhibit A- Sweet polenta with maple syrup and coconut flakes.

Exhibit B- Savory polenta with parm cheese and ketchup.

Really, Lindsay. Really?

It did NOT feel like a Monday today which was a total plus. Work flew by and I got complimented by the Assistant Director at my internship. Double plus. At first I thought I was getting in trouble for something when she said, “Lindsay, can I talk to you?” I felt like I was 14 again getting called to the principles office. I had flash backs of sitting in In School Suspension. Oh yes I did. Luckily I’m 29 now and things are different. I love the work I’m doing as it is SO fascinating. I love learning and seeing mental illness manifest first hand. Psychosis is incredible.

So I’m brainstorming new ways to vamp up my workouts. Typically I only do cardio. No strength training, no abs, nada, zip, zilch, zero. I need a new plan that excites me. I’m contemplating doing boot camp again but the truth is, it’s a one month fix and I don’t even love it that much. And it’s SO expensive. Any ideas??? I do belong to a gym with awesome classes but I cannot motivate. And yes, I am running a half marathon on April 24th. No, we really haven’t been training. Sigh.

I would love to be toned, rather than 80% body fat. How do all you motivated people do it?

A while back, Annelies from Attune Bar sent me three bars to review. I’ve been holding onto them because for some reason I though I should wait until I actually ate healthy before trying them. She advised me that it’s okay to eat them on days I eat junk because the probiotics help with digestion. Each bar has 5 times the live active cultures in yogurt. They also contain 30% of calcium needs which is something I know I don’t get enough of. Tonight I tried the Dark Chocolate. These may be the answer to my healthy chocolate prayers. Each bar is made with 68% cocoa, has 80 calories and three grams of fiber. I was expecting an after taste or something but it tasted just like regular wonderful dark chocolate. Yum!! As if free healthy chocolate bars weren’t enough, Annelies could not be any nicer. Thank for the goodies!!

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Good food always helps.

Once again, thanks to your sweet comments I know I’m not alone in my sorrows. Thanks guys!

Today has been a much better day. I started the morning off with oat bran mixed with almond butter, pears, cinnamon, and peanut butter. This was my first time experimenting with pears but they cooked up nicely.  I just stuck everything in the microwave together with the pears at the bottom of the bowl. There was also some coffee with soy milk.

Before lunch with Sarah, I did a little bit of homework and a lot of blog reading. Sarah picked me up around 2:15 for a late lunch at Zaftigs. This place is famous for their all day breakfast but we figured going at an off time would help with the wait.  I was starving by the time I got there so I dug right into to the bagel chips and dill sauce they provided. They tasted great. Every time I go to Zaftigs I get the same exact thing, Israeli Couscous Salad and it never disappoints.  The ingredients include: grilled chicken, mixed field greens, sun-dried cranberries, fennel, radicchio, walnuts, orange-mint vinaigrette. I substituted the chicken with a portabella mushroom.

Look at that masterpiece!! I cannot even begin to explain the flavors. I think we should have a Boston Bloggers Meet-up there. Any takers?

I made myself leave leftovers for tomorrows lunch. I can’t wait for work tomorrow. I guess that’s the trick to a better Monday.

After lunch, I went to Whole Foods for some retail therapy. Sundays aren’t the best days for therapy apparently because it was freaking packed and I have no patience. I escaped without dropping too much money. I did not escape however, without chocolate. Something about expensive chocolate makes you really want to savor it. I must admit, I think Cadbury Caramel Eggs are just as good. A junkie is a junkie, I guess.

Caramel Milk Chocolate. Mama Mia!

What to do for dinner? I went back and forth between a few things until I saw Tina’s post for Polenta Breakfast Pizza. I knew I must have it. I altered her recipe since I’m not a sausage eater and Len hates onions. My polenta Quiche (is more like it) ingredients include broccoli, roasted potatoes, olives, and one jalapeno. I also cut out two of the four eggs and replaced them with three whites. I had never made polenta before which is crazy since it’s so easy. I doubled the batch so you’ll be seeing a lot more of it.  I wonder if it has any nutrients.

Len ate two slices of it but I don’t think he was totally psyched. It was bland and could have used more cheese or spice. You better believe I doused that sucker with ketchup and hot sauce.

Mmmm, I think I want to make this with polenta, BBQ sauce, pineapples and some veggies. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who didn’t watch the hockey game? The one minute I watched was when the US tied the game. At least I got that going for me.

Thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway. I can’t believe we have to wait till Friday to find out who wins. Keep the entires coming.

Tomorrow is MARCH!!!! What??????

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Still full

Friday has finally arrived! Amen to that, my friends. Recap from a great day yesterday–Though I was only at my internship for three hours, a lot of work got done. Honestly, I’m 29 and this is the first job I’ve ever had that keeps me busy from walking in the door till leaving at 5. It’s truly incredible and rewarding. After “work” I went to a quick meeting at school then headed into my real work–meaning work I get paid for.  Before clocking in, lunch was needed.

Salad with the usual refried beans/hummus/hot sauce concoction,

trail mix for myself and meg, cheese for me

Tomorrow will be the last day I’m needed to fill in so I wanted to get in as many hours as possible.I worked until 9 and got a solid 7.5 hours in. Awesome! The money earned is going towards my ski weekend in March and maybe towards a haircut. (If my ends get any dryer they’ll break right off.) The place I work treats us really well and makes sure we get fed. My friend Meg headed over to Dunkin Donuts for coffee around 2 and came back with some goodies. Obviously I don’t pass up goodies. See below.

Coffee with half chocolate glazed stick. Best.Donut.Ever.

Half Boston Cream Pie.

Followed by the other half. All this time, I've told myself that I didn't like Boston Cream Pie. Boy was I wrong.

Around 8:30 we ordered take our from a local restaurant, Meyers and Change. I ordered vegetarian udon noodles with boy choy and tofu. I had NO idea what to expect. Hello heaven! My dish was rich, oily, spicy and fabulous. They surprised us with lemon cookies and lemon mouse. I ate it all.

Unfortunately I also ate a slice of chocolate bread. Needless to say, I still feel full. Luckily, I came home to my first delivery from Boston Organic. Holy moly! For 39 dollars I received so much stuff. I am so excited about this service.

1 pound Fiji apples

1 avocado

2 pounds bananas

1 pound beets


1 pound carrots

1.5 pounds onions

3 oranges

3 pears

2 pounds potatoes

3 Radishes

1.5 pounds turnips

1 kale

1 red leaf lettuce

Now what the hell do I do with all this? I need advice on how to cook Kale, turnips and beets. Help! With all these veggies, I’m sure to make some healthy choices in the coming week. Right?

Len and I haven’t stayed true to our training plan this week but I’m going for a run shortly and we plan to run 5 miles tomorrow. Afterwards I’m heading to class then to work again. Gotta make some money while I can!

Are you guys excited for the Superbowl?? Am I the only one who doesn’t care about it? Have a great day, bloggies.

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Stumps as teeth

Hey lady loves!! Soooooo… some good news, some bad news. Bad news first. I ate my face off today. I ate my regular breakfast and lunch, then continued to eat endless amounts of processed shit. This includes cereal bars, 100 calorie packs, cookies, and other things of that nature. My teeth have crumbled into stumps sticking out of my gums; they need a good brushing. I don’t know why I binged but I think it had something to do with feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes when I have too much to do, I eat. This allows me to think about something other than my endless to-do list. Not the best coping skill.

Now the good news. Erin and I met at 5:45 this morning for a run. We ran about three miles but I was still proud. I got back to the house around 7 and crawled into bed with Len and Ellie for another 45 minutes of shut-eye. I don’t need a lot of time in the morning because 5 out of seven days I don’t brush my hair or wear makeup. I like to have extra time to allow for blogging and taking the dog on a nice walk. It certainly doesn’t always work out that way, hence no blog this morning. Here’s the food run down.

Eclairs. I ate two last night. One from bed.

Breakfast-- Light english muffin with half banana and peanut butter

Apple and TJ's trail mix

Dinner for tonight is leftovers from last nights dinner. Whole wheat pasta with zucchini. squash, shrooms, oil and parm.

Tomorrow morning Lennster and I will kick off our training. Today was a scheduled day off so Len was more than thrilled to hear that news. I LOVE having a partner to run with. Although we don’t talk nearly as much as Erin and I do, it still feels good to have someone else be accountable to. P.S. My butt is stretching again. Ouch.

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FRIDAY is sooo cool.

Happy Friday!!!

Hi friends, yesterday was a LONG but great day. I’m feeling very accomplished at my internship and really enjoy the team that I work with. I’m working closely with one clinician in particular and we’re totally in sync. She’s a hard worker and pushes me but at the same time is so funny and relaxed. Yesterday we officially got closer when she said (as she’s about to take a bite of her lunch) “I’m going to be farting later. There’s broccoli in this.” My response, “I love you.” I love when people are real, raw and honest. That’s her.

I received a compliment yesterday that made me feel good. The mother of my client asked if I’d be the clients long-term outpatient counselor. I replied that I’m only an intern and don’t have that option yet. She replied,  “I sound extremely experienced and that she knows I’ll be a wonderful clinician.” This was music to my ears considering this is the first year I’ve ever worked with children and adolescents in a clinical setting. I’ve got everyone fooled. Mwhahahahah.

Great news– we are officially registered for the Country Music Half Marathon. Not going to lie, I’m definitely bumming that we’re not doing the full but it just wasn’t in the cards. I’ve been counting down the days before training starts so Len is well aware. Monday is the official day and there’s no turning back now.

I was really moved by a reader comment this past Tuesday. Christina wrote,

Hey Linds, you are not a heifer for eating a cupcake and a few fries! There are always going to be good days and bad,
but letting yourself get too down about the bad always leads to more bad than good...for me at least. 
If I'm not being too forward, I say you need to find a way to re-dedicate yourself to working out. I've read your blog 
since the beginning, and can definitely see a change in your overall attitude (on here, at least) when you're working out 
versus not. Take a read back at some of your posts and I think you'll notice the difference too. Maybe that will help get
 you back on track! Love your blog!!!

I took her advice and scrolled through my old posts. She's right. I do have a different (better) attitude when I'm
working out. This is not surprising as working out is my natural prozac. The half marathon training will give me a 
renewed desire to work out. (Sorry about the change in font--not sure how to fix this.)

I have to get some reading in before class then head to my first counseling session!! I'll be back later to let you 
know how it goes. Wish me luck.

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G’ day, mate!

Good morning! Skipped the gym again this morning but lets rewind to yesterdays eats. For lunch I made a random Lindsay concoction involving refried beans, edamame, hummus, Franks hot sauce (I’ve never loved a Frank more), carrot sticks and a piece of Ezekiel bread. I think I poured on hot sauce with every bite. And the hummus? Forget about it. Anyone who lives near a Trader Joes must buy the cilantro and jalapeno flavor.

I made it pretty for you guys. (Yes, that's pretty.)

A few hours later I snacked on a Larabar and two dates. Have you guys tried the Cashew Cookie kind? Don’t, it tastes like ass crack. Take my word on it . The dates were delish though. Dinner was vegetable stir fry with brown rice, tofu and teriyaki honey sauce. I almost burned down the kitchen trying to mutate the onions but no big deal. It was a satisfying meal that even the boyfriend enjoyed (minus the onions). You should know in advance that I packed leftovers for lunch. (Obvi.) With dinner I chugged down a Trout River brewski. After viewing the picture below, I felt as though I was wearing a bear suit. That fleece is so furry. ROAR!  Several years ago I went camping and my friend asked me if I was bring a knife for when I came across any bears. (Naturally I was not carrying a weapon of any kind.) I told him no, but that I did have a full bear suit to wear so I’d blend right in. HE BELIEVED ME!! What a donkey.

Does anyone else see this???

So good. I should have used chop sticks.

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Playing Catch Up

BFF's since 2nd grade. NKOTB brought us together. Team Joey!

My mother really needs to get with the times and get the internet. It feels SO weird being without access for so long but that’s why God made Starbucks, right? I just met up with an old and dear friend of mine for coffee talk. Ash and I have some very funny memories from back in the day and although we don’t see each other nearly enough, we can always start back from where we left off. She had to catch a flight so now I’m taking advantage of the internet connection. This post is basically going to play catch up on all the wonderful food I’ve enjoyed since Friday.  (Sorry the pics are all scattered.)

The rest of the weekend includes lunch at our favorite dinner. My sister, myself and my brother all worked there at some point in high school. I can’t believe we’re allowed back. Then shopping is in our future and possibly the movies tonight. I still haven’t seen The Blind Side or Precious.

Tomorrow I am meeting my pops for lunch then back up to Boston for dinner with the bf. I really need another hobby besides eating. Also, I am still struggling with whether to run the half or full marathon in Nashville. At this point it’s only three months away so if there’s any chance of doing the full, we should be running like NOW. Len is thinking it over again until tomorrow. Is it unrealistic to train for a full in three months? We trained for five months for our last marathon.  Thoughts?

Vegetarian Pad Thai. HEAVEN!!!!!!

Birthday cupcakes- I had chocolate (obviously)

Salad for brunch with feta, olives, and hummus

Post party Sunday morning. Everything bagel with lite veg cream cheese and tomato. Bagels = Orgasm. Don't deny it.

Last night a bunch of us took my mom out for her 60th. We went to an Italian joint called Guilford Bistro. It used to be an old donut shop and I can remember sitting at the counter with my dad getting a jelly donut. Maybe he’s to blame for my donut addiction?? Anyway, now it’s this charming restaurant with fire places and delish eats. I wasn’t in the mood for pasta and felt a total need for scallops. Scallops are the only seafood I can eat in peace– meaning, I don’t know what they looked like when they were alive so I can eat them without my mind going to that place. I ordered a salad to start and an appetizer for my entrée (go me!)– mozzarella, avocado, tomato and scallops topped with balsamic reduction. I also ate two pieces of bread with olive oil. Thanks for coming Kath!! xox

No wine for me.

Soooo good.

I ate all but two scallops

Mar enjoying her bday dessert.

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So sorry for the slack-fest today on Goodies Galore. I’m having a difficult time  maintaining consistent blogging on the days that I intern, which are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I don’t have computer access there so its close to impossible to get on. On the rare occasion I can pull it off but not typically. From now on, it’s most likely that I will post in the morning but not again till after work. On Tuesdays, Fridays and weekends it’s fair game.

My healthy eating went down the shitter today come 11 o’clock. The morning started off with a bowl of maple and brown sugar mini wheats. It’s probably a mental thing, but that sugary breakfast set me up for terrible eating. I had a nice lunch packed but opted for two slices of veggie pizza instead. THEN, I hit the bins up hard-core. They were overflowing with fresh stock. I’m talking endless amounts of options here. Oy. I had fig newtons, chips ahoy, brownie bites, mac and cheese crackers (yep, they look just like the noodle), nutra grain bars, candy, and more. EW. I think my arteries are officially clogged and cracking. Seriously though, I felt pain in my heart around 1 o’clock.

I did not do WMM this morning, nor did I get up for spin class. My early workout routine has officially been broken and I want it back. I have faith that I will find it again. Tomorrow morning shall start with a six o’clock workout. How do people motivate in the dark and snowy winter?Sooner or later this half marathon training must begin. I still wish we were doing the whole thing.


Does anyone know if you can return items purchased online to the actual store? I have returns from Banana Republic and Gap.

Anyone up for a blogger meet-up here in Boston? `

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Okay, these are all of them…

Career- Graduate with MSW, Take first Licensing exam, Get a job

Financial- Stop spending mindlessly, Lessen/discontinue credit card, Start saving for when I have to pay student loans

Mental Wellness- Start counseling, Be nicer to myself, Practice patience, Read more. Focus on mental/physical health rather than weight loss.

Exercise- Run half marathon in April, Run half in the Fall, Focus more on strength training, Give yoga a fair shot

Eating– Give up diets, Learn to eat intuitively, Decrease Binges, Take power away from food

Relationships- Communicate openly and less defensive, date nights, more sex (sorry mom), Be more social with Len and friends.

Family and Friends– Make time to see all the important people in my life; foster those relationships.

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