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Not a booze bag.

Well Hellooooooooo! Happy belated Saint Patty’s day. How’s everyone feeling? I decided to lay low this weekend to detox a bit from the past years binge¬† all the crap I’ve been consuming. While everyone was out drinking, I was eating loads of veggies and drinking fruit smoothies. Yeah, it was definitely as boring as it sounds. The good news is that I feel great today!



Smoothies included nothing but frozen fruit and water. Surprisingly, they weren’t too bad.

Veggie dishes included boiled cabbage and carrots (with vinegar and mustard).

I am 25% Irish, after all.


Roasted veggies with different herbs…

and lots of kale chips. I outdid myself with the kale chips this weekend. Ugh, can’t imagine popping another one of those crispy bastards into the old trap. In my short-lived cleanse, a couple delicious discoveries were made…. scallions (yum!) and tahini sauce (holy hell). For some reason, I’ve always opted out of tahini sauce which was a biiiiiiig mistake. As bizarre as it sounds, I can definitely see this being a trigger food for me. It’s creamy and amazing (that sounds dirty).

In the many hours of downtime this weekend, I read over some old journals. Turns out I’m just as screwed up as I was 10-15 years ago. ūüôā ¬†Red box and I bonded a bit as it’s packed with quality flicks right now.¬†Like Crazy (second time seeing it) was really good. It does an incredible job portraying a realistic relationship and connection. Many people can probably relate in some way. ¬†I love Felicity Jones; she’s adorable.

The Greene¬†¬†was also good. Young Adult…not so much. It was¬†¬†disappointing and was turned off halfway through.

So there you have it folks…. getting wild and crazy like usual.

Tell me your fun stories from this weekend so I can live vicariously through you.

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Yo! Long time no talk. Happy belated ‚̧ Day.¬†A long time friend/sixth grade boyfriend/first kiss flew in from Colorado for the week so he and I went to dinner last night. We hadn’t seen one another for 18 years so it was fun catching up. We went to my all time favorite place, The Beehive. ¬†I ordered old faithful, the Mezze Platter. No surprise there. I should own stock in that damn restaurant and dish.

I took today off from work and saw Big Miracle, matinée style. (Stolen pic below.)

I want a whale.

Make fun if you must but the blue hairs (old ladies) and I had a great time. ¬†Such a beautiful story, good for any age. ¬†Prior to the movies, a fabulous breakfast was had at Sorella’s¬†in Jamaica plain. This place is a hidden gem: tasty, unique, and reasonably priced. The menu is very long and overwhelming however.

6 page menu, front and back.

I’m going through a no-meat and dairy phase so today was all about the tofu scram.

Holy crap!

Tofu, avocado, black beans, spinach, pesto, mushrooms, arugula, sprouts, and more. Goat cheese was omitted. Hash browns and toast on the side. Wipe the drool off the keyboard people. It was definitely as good as it looks.

Some other updates

1. I’m still fat and can’t fit into my pants. Ask my clients, they’ll tell you. ūüôā The good news is that a few colleagues and I started a three-month¬†Biggest Loser Challenge. So far it’s motivated me a teeny tiny bit. I’ve been in a serious life rut the past month or so and my exercise habits have suffered. I think I’m going to take a break from running and put energy into other things like yoga, swimming, and sex. I kid.

2. Online dating has come to a screeching halt. I never went on second dates with the two guys I last blogged about. We made plans but then one of us would cancel so the spark quickly dwindled. ¬†I’m gonna hop back on the horse (no pun intended) next week. I need to find myself a baby daddy one way or another. Anyone know¬†of a reputable sperm bank? My roommate and I may or may not have looked into that last week. Oh, brother. ¬†ūüôā I just started writing for¬†¬†as the Boston Online Dating Examiner so I need to get some good material. With that said, if anyone has any funny online dating stories to share, please comment below.

Check out my new bed spread courtesy of Urban Outfitters!

Thanks Dad and Rob for the gift card

Double sided

What guy wouldn’t want to crawl under beautiful creation…

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This post lacks humor.


Morning!! How was everyone’s weekend? Earlier last week I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my schedule so I decided to slow things down a bit this weekend. Turns out I had too much down time which made for a somewhat boring weekend. Live and learn.

Friday night I went to a friend’s house for some food, bev, and girl time. The theme of the night was Succulent Wild Women, after the Sark book. We didn’t get very wild but had fun sharing wild stories and laughing. Thanks for hosting, Mikaela.

Spreads never get old.

Never know what will happen when you put a bunch of women together.

My roommate and I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on Saturday night. The movie was well written and very, very sad. Bring an entire roll of toilet paper with you because you and your neighbor will need it.  I almost broke out in full-blown sobs at one point.

Sunday was uneventful. Melissa and I sat around all morning procrastinating our long run. The race is in 5 weeks so mileage is climbing. We were supposed to run 14 but only ran 12.5 because I screwed up my Garmin. Totally fine with it. Check out my pre and post meals.YUM.

Pre- Toast with PB and banana. Several cups of coffee. Obviously.

Post- Quinoa, broccoli, mushrooms, sauce, soy meatballs, broken-up string cheese


Most importantly– Ellie and I have been enjoying our time together this weekend. We explored the Arnold Arboretum.











She romped through the fields and enjoyed being wild and free.  (I, unfortunately, did not get any romping in.)

Cutest butt in the world.

Felt more like VT than Boston.













We played ball at the park and dug up the baseball field. Sorry little league.








And fit in lots of snuggling and sleeping.

Rat chilling with Melissa


For some reason, she insists on squeezing into the small bed even though there’s a bigger one right next to her.

Poor thing.

Her way or the highway... takes after someone I know.

I’m off to drop her off then head to work.

Any good stories to share? I could use a laugh.



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sex and shits– what else do we think about?

If you want to give yourself the shits, eat a bag of these.

Just a little heads up.

Good morning blog world and happy Monday. I hit up a spin class this morning which was needed after a weekend of eating and drinking. Now I am feeling quite refreshed. As is my asshole. Okay, I’ll stop. ¬†My spin instructor blows goat so every time I go to his class I dream up ways to make him suffer. This mornings destruction involved Chile Spiced Mango’s. You do the math.

Despite the rain, my weekend was the perfect balance of fun and relaxation. Saturday I saw Bridesmaids with my friend Katie. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop your jelly stick and get your booty to the theater. You.Will.DIE laughing. Trust me. Saturday night my roommate and I made an awesome dinner. I’ve had my eye on Mama Pea’s Black Bean BBQ Pita Pizza¬†for some time now. Holy shoot, were they good.

BBQ sauce and pineapple? Yes, please.

I will definitely be making these babies again.

Melissa and I had big plans to explore the neighborhood bars Saturday night. We started off the evening with a Banana Bread Beer.

It tasted just like Banana Bread but I’m not sure I’d get it again. Can someone create a Whoopee Pie beer?

After another beer we headed out to face the hood. Sadly all we found were old men with missing teeth and a few random douchebags across the bar. Oh well, we managed to have fun anyway.

At some point we got into a debate about the ethics of casual sex. I am pro-casual sex so long as you’re safe about it (Hello, Dental Dam!). Melissa has a different point of view but I’ll save that for a guest post. ūüôā

Yesterday I went on a date (saw Bridesmaids again, just as funny the second time around) but more on that later!

What’s your opinion on casual sex?


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Don’t be coming round these parts.

Happy Halloween ghosts and goblins! I’ll be happy when there are no more bags of candy corn pumpkins on the shelf. Those¬†bad boys are heavenly. Eat five and there go your teeth.

I watched Dear John last night. Oh my gosh, what a tear-jerker! ¬†As Marina said, “From ten minutes in untill the next day, my eyes were swollen prunes.” ¬†I bought the soundtrack from iTunes right after watching. Some great songs include: The Moon by the Swell Season and Paperweight by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk.

That’s how I spent my Saturday night– alone and crying. Kills me how cool I am. At least there weren’t candy corn involved.


Ellie and I celebrated her birthday by playing outside and eating a special doggie “cake”.¬†¬†I made a little video that you can watch but it’s not that exciting. Just as I suspected, she got the shits. Great. Sorry little rat.



Thanks for being such a good friend Meg.

My sweet friend Meg brought me some homemade corn chowder last night. She was missing her family so she made her grandmothers chowder to feel closer to them. How cute? ¬†I heard my doorbell ring and got nervous there’d be little princesses and pirates looking for candy. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. People call me the Grinch for not having candy but honestly, I cannot be trusted with a single bag. Last year I tried to buy the most bland candy possible but Len wouldn’t have that so he then went out and bought the good stuff. I bet you can guess how that played out.


Off to meet a friend for lunch and then the veggie festival!

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Although it’s always hard to leave Vermont, I was happy to come home to my family in Boston. I’m pretty sure they both missed me.

Can’t you just see it on their faces? Yeah, me either. Oh well.

The rest of my weekend was really chill. We saw Life or Something Like it which I HIGHLY recommend. It did not help my baby fever whatsoever; in fact, it made it even worse. The actors had such great chemistry on film and I just love a movie that can make me both cry and laugh. I actually haven’t met a movie that hasn’t made me cry. (Cue: Cool Runnings.) I’m a baby like that.

Every time I visit Vermont, it is imperative to eat at Magnolia Bistro. I’ve written about this restaurant many times on my blog and for a damn good reason. The food is local, organic, healthy (most), and creative. The atmosphere is green, warm and comfy. I ALWAYS get the same exact thing when I go there– Huevos Con Diablo.

It’s polenta topped with black beans and two runny eggs. I left out the sour cream and added dry toast to the mix. They serve it with homemade jam and lots of different hot sauce.

Ali got the cheddar and black bean tofu scram, served with home fries and toast.

I had eaten like a fat pig the night before so we procrastinated breakfast since I was still full. We took care of some errands and went to the gym– but it was after one by the time we were actually sitting to eat. At that point I was ready to eat Ali’s head. I looked cool, calm, and collected in the picture but inside I was screaming FEED ME YOU MO’ FO’S!!!

Ali threatened to eat the table.

I kept my stomach busy by taking pictures of their incredible bathroom. They have quotes painted on the walls, inside and out of the stalls. Side note– snapping pictures in the bathroom doesn’t go over well with customers. You’d think I was trying to catch them taking a dump or something. Pahlease people.

These were some of my favorites.


Compost and landfill

Be the change you wish to see in the world












No one can make you feel inferior without your consent











At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.


So sweet, right?


Okay friends, I’m off!

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Dude– please tell me you are loving life as much as me today. This weather has me all giddy and my heart feels full and happy knowing it’s covered up with a long sleeve shirt. Honestly, life is good.

My weekend has been the perfect combo of relaxing and fun. Friday night Lennster and I had date night. He took me to Legal Seafood¬†for dinner and then we saw Inception. I walked into Legals with the intention of getting the veggie box but all I really wanted was fries (and ketchup. Mostly ketchup.) I’ve been putting effort into listening to my hunger cues and eating whatever I want when I am actually hungry, so a side of fries it was. I ordered the veggie box as well, which I highly recommend.¬†It’s made with brown rice, stir fried veggies, cashews, tofu and peanut sauce. They suggest it with scallops or shrimp but I don’t eat either so I passed. I wasn’t physically hungry after my fries so I took my meal to go. It ended up serving as my breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning. Nothin’ wrong with that folks.

Have you seen Inception? Man on man, did my head hurt after leaving that 2.5 hour movie. It was definitely good but be prepared to pay attention and use your brains. I found myself straining my mind to understand what the hell was going on. It did keep my attention for most of the movie so that says a lot.

Saturday morning I woke at 5:15 to prepare for a 12 mile run. (My friends are training for a half marathon and I’m just going along for the ride.) Waking up at least an hour early before run time is important for me so I can drink my coffee, go to the bathroom and eat. The morning was perfectly crisp and the run went smoothly. During the run I fueled with Gatorade and shot blocks. The best part about running such a long distance is basking in the glory of accomplishment all day. No matter how many times I run 12 miles, I will always feel proud.

Yesterday I spend the day with my friend and old roommate Lindsay. We shopped around and caught up. Hanging out with girlfriends is super good for my soul. I need more of it. Today I went for a swim (forgot my goggles which I don’t recommend) and now we’re just chillin’, watching the Pats, cooking (recipes tomorrow but you should know they involve beets, squash and lots of beans) and dinner tonight with my girlfriend. Hope everyone is wonderful!

P.S. Thanks Mama for sending me this shirt!! So thoughtful of you and I love it. xoxo

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One with nature

I started off the morning with an 8 mile run, which hopefully burned off the chocolate mouse cake, banana bread and veggie pizza I ate yesterday at work. I avoided weighing in this morning because I didn’t want the number to bum me out.Thanks for the work out tips from yesterday. Hopefully I can make myself a schedule each week and work hard to stick with it. I want to incorporate some weight classes, spin classes, MAYBE a yoga class and running. I need variety in my workout in a bad way.

Len and I are headed up to Vermont this weekend because his high school buddy is having a huge BBQ. His parents have a huge log cabin (on the right) that we are “camping” at tonight; it’s incredibly peaceful since its way back in the woods with no internet connection, television, etc. For New Years Eve 2007 we stayed there and had to take snow mobiles to get there. Good times.

Last night we watched Lovely Bones… it kept my attention which is a first but I wasn’t nuts for it. The only thing it really did was make me scared to go into the basement to change over the laundry. Why are basements SO creepy??? I feel like creeps are lurking in all the musty crevices and corners waiting to attack. Booo!

Okay, I’m off to pack and hit the road.¬†What are you guys up to this weekend?

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“Kill Shot!”

Len and I had date night planned so we saw Date Night. Despite half star reviews (literally), we decided that Tina and Steve are both too funny to make a horrible movie.

We were both pleasantly surprised and laughed tons! We saw some similarities between them as a couple and kinda cracked up at the roles. The humor in that movie is my kind of humor so I really enjoyed the one liners. “That’s a kill shot.” I wasn’t even chewing gum'” SO FUNNY! ¬†Now if you’re looking for a proper action flick, you’ll be disappointed. If you’ve seen Date Night, what did you think?? I’d love to hear some of your reviews.

I’m doing something this morning that I haven’t done in FOREVER–going to church. I met a woman at boot camp who attends a non-denominational church so she’s taking me. I¬†attended a Catholic church growing up and found it so boring. I didn’t buy into much of what was preached. Then the whole perverted priest/sex scandals pissed me off enough to close my mind off to religion as a whole. For years now I’ve wanted to find a church that wasn’t boring or excluding. I want a church that really speaks to me and holds my attention. A good choir always helps. I’m ready to welcome faith back into my life so let’s hope this morning goes well. No pressure, though.

After church I’m ¬†going to drink my face off with some Peanut Butter and Jelly Cocktails. I kid, but how good do they sound?

Sandra Lee gave me the recipeРEqual parts Raspberry vodka and hazelnut liquor with a splash of red grape juice. Holy hat!  I would do some serious damage with those puppies.

Weigh in went well this morning so I’m moving in the right direction. I MUST go for a run sometime today so the rain better take some breaks. ¬†I currently don’t have gym access because I froze my membership to save money while doing booty.

Enjoy a wonderful Saturday!

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Not just for Thanksgiving.

Saturday = best day of the week! Love, love, love it!!! Spring has been kind to us so far and it seems like this weekend will be no different. I don’t have any plans this weekend other than a run today and tomorrow, taxes and school work. ¬†Last night Len and I had date night planned so he made dinner and we watched Up in The Air. I fell asleep within half hour so I’m not sure how it was. I do know that dinner was inspired by Thursday nights Marriage Ref. Green bean casserole anyone? There were no eyeballs or mysterious meat in it but good nonetheless. ¬†Len was in charge of picking up the ingredients and putting it together. Typically I don’t let him make dinner because I like control in the kitchen but I decided to let it go and enjoy a meal by my man. Those french fried onions are SO good but you can literally taste the lard on them. With that description you’d think they taste terrible but not so much. We had a sweet potato on the side topped with REAL maple syrup.

Before dinner I had an apple chip appetizer brought home by Lenny. They were so good and I ate the whole 2.5 servings bag. Oops!! There was no way I could have put that bag down.

Despite my sugary, salty and fatty dinner, I still managed to drop half a pound. I know it’s not much but if we think back to last weekend, I didn’t exactly have the cleanest week of eating so I’ll take it.

Yesterdays lunch consisted of a wrap I’ve been making for the last two days– 100 calories Lavish bread, laughing cow, lots of arugula and beautiful avocado. So good. String cheese and cauliflower with hummus were eaten¬†at lunch.

Now that's gorgeous

Pile on the peppery arugula

I ended up replacing the popcorn and apple for a lemon cookie. So worth it. Lemon is such an underrated flavor.

The past two mornings also consisted of smoothies– almond mill, frozen berries, spinach and either strawberry or vanilla protein powder. I bragged about how good they are at work but everyone promised to take my word for it. I can understand since they don’t look very appetizing. No pictures though, sorry!

I caught up on an interesting Oprah yesterday about sex habits of couples. One couple hadn’t had sex in 2.5 years and the other couple only had sex when the woman bartered for it. “You pick up the house and I’ll have sex with you” type of thing. She also hated the idea of kissing, though this only started once she had kids. Obviously, they had their deeper issues going on but we won’t bother with those right now.

Are you happy with your sex life? Unfortunately I’ve never been someone who desired lots of sex so I definitely need to step it up in that area. I admire those people who need it and really have a craving for it on a regular basis.

Enjoy your day and have some sex!

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