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As you all know by now, today is the first day of December. Now I’m not one to set goals because I never take them seriously but I’m having a change of heart this month. There are 2 things in particular that have been on my mind.

So what if cheese is wedged in the middle.

1. Eating fruit-– I discovered last year that I don’t really like fruit. Sure, grapes and pineapple are awesome but how often do I buy those? Not often. Pineapple is a bitch to carve and by the time you cut the skin and core off, there’s nothing left of the damn thing. And grapes. Those little bastards are expensive. I refuse, refuse (!!!!) to pay 10 bucks for a bag. That leaves me with apples and I’m a little bored with them. My challenge is to eat at least 1 serving of fruit per day. Seriously, this is a challenge. Today I’ve crushed this goal with pomegranate arils. No big deal.

2. Strength freaking Train- My nemesis. I am the cardio queen and a weight rarely touches my fingertips. My goal is to do weights (even for five minutes in my own home) 3 times per week. This included abdominal work. Why does this continue to be such a struggle for me? See ya later flab!

Anyways, fruit and strength training will be conquered in no time. Anyone with me on this??

December 1, 2010 Posted by | Food, goals, strength training | 11 Comments