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When stalking comes easily.

Facebook can be a deadly invention when it comes to relationships. Facebook stalking is just too damn easy.  One click and you can analyze every picture, every “check in”, every stupid status update. (Don’t even TRY to pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Having access to an ex’s site can leave you with a glorified version of his/her life. Let’s face it, no one is posting about how much it sucked going to bed with blue balls last night or “checking in” from the toilet with diarrhea and a sore asshole. Everything is rainbows and butterflies in Facebook Land. So what’s a girl to do? DE-FRIEND that sucker and save yourself the grief. It’s okay to cut the ties. It actually feels kind of liberating. But what’s more annoying than de-friending someone only to find out that their page is public!??? Come on man, help a sister out.

Speaking of stalkers… I may or many not have a stalker who’s an ex-client…and a sex-offender… Oy Vey. The good news is that he’s a skinny little thing and I’m pretty sure I can take him down if needed, unless of course he’s on the bath salts. Then I’m screwed.

In other news….  how cute is this damn dog?

Chomp Chomp

Sacrificing comfort to be close to her Mama

Off to run my first 5K!

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Life is interesting

Wow. Is it really the second week of June already? It feels like yesterday when I turned 30 and ranted about how this was going to be the best year of my life.   So far this year has been nuts! I’ve missed blogging. Initially, I took a break due to time restraints but then life happened. Oh life happened, alright. A lot has changed in the time I’ve been gone but I’m embracing it. Let’s see….

My sister is 30 weeks pregnant and cuter than ever. You know it’s a bad sign when you weigh more than your knocked up sister. Such is life.

Our beloved family dog died unexpectedly. Miss you Buddy.

So we bought a new dog to help heal the pain. He’ll never replace our Buddy but he’s been a wonderful addition. Meet Cooper.

After 3.5 years, Len and I broke up and then lived together for two months post breakup.  Surprisingly,things weren’t too awkward and remained civil. He’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

I moved to a new part of town and have a new roommate. Hi Melissa!

But I lost Eleanor in the battle. Well, it was a mutual decision and hopefully for the best. She’s in wonderful hands and I plan to visit often. I do miss the energy of a dog around the house but I miss our nightly spooning the most. My sweet rat.

Since single life began, I’ve been saying yes more. Yes to invitations and events that I wouldn’t necessarily participate in otherwise. Such as going to a shooting range.

And partaking in other things that are too inappropriate for this blog 🙂 Use your imagination, folks. Hi mom!

It’s good to be back.

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the goods.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages and sweet comments. So far 30 has been wonderful. My family and friends hooked me up with kick-ass gifts ($, gift cards, jewelry) and cards that could make a grown man cry.

My sister sent me 100 bucks to Urban Outfitter and my mom sent me 100 bucks to Trader Joe’s. Pops sent me good old fashion green in check form. Does my family know me or what?

Thanks to Kate for the gorgeous flowers. What a wonderful surprise.

And Ali, the tribute on your blog touched my heart. Thank you.

This week has been pretty delicious to boot. As a thank you to Len for my party, I cooked him some steak tips. This is a big deal because 1) I never really eat meat and 2) I never ever cook meat. Go me! I picked up some marinated steak tips at Whole Foods and broiled them to perfection. Mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus coming right up.


With my indulgent eating comes the need for exercise. Every Saturday two of my girlfriends and I embark on a long run, usually 8 or more miles. We’ve been doing this since last July and have managed to continue through most of this winter. Last weekend it was 14 degrees for our run 8 miles with lots of snow and ice. Today’s not looking much better and we have 12 miles to schlep. The wind is the real bitch but we’ll survive. We intend to sign up for a 20 mile race in March but haven’t done so yet.  Maybe today.

Okay loves, time to get in my snow suit running pants.

What motivates you to work out in the Winter? For me its all about a workout partner.


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Birthday recap

The weekend has officially come to an end and what a wonderful weekend it was. Len threw me a 30th birthday party at West End Johnnies, here in Boston. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by my sweet boyfriend, good friends, new and old, great food (I ate the whole cheese platter), bountiful wine and a kick-ass location.

Len rented the place from 7-10 but we ended up sharing space with the Boston Bruins. I couldn’t pick a Bruin out of a lineup but it was still kind of cool. One of the best parts of my party was having people show up just for me. I felt very, very special. Another cool part was finally getting a hair cut. Can you believe it hadn’t been cut by a professional (meaning anyone  other than me) since November 2008??!! Nutzoid.

Here’s a recap of my peeps. Thanks to everyone who came. I love you all.

My best friend since 2nd grade. We had a moment in the mens bathroom.

Even preg, they showed up.

And a big, huge, giant thank you to the man in charge. Thank you for making my birthday celebration one that I will remember and cherish forever.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture (nor taste) all the food but here’s some of it.

Honest to god, those cheese wedges were 2 inches thick. No wonder I haven't pooped in days.

These anti-pasti spears were insanity. Criminal, really.

Other bites included vegetarian spring rolls, quesadillas,  beef & chicken skewers, and wings. And of course, the cake.  I felt embarrassed while everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. I wanted to climb the pillar and hide behind the ceiling panel. Clearly I don’t have the arm strength for that.

Chocolate on chocolate baby!

Who’s the psycho with the knife?

I was home and in bed by 12:30. I’m wild and crazy like that.

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I’m crazy excited for the opportunity to start fresh and make 2011 the best year of my life. I have a feeling that it will be 🙂

Yesterday didn’t go as planned with the hair cut and the wedding dress situation. I called the salon to confirm my appointment and it’s a good thing I did because they didn’t have me in the books. Bastards! I chalked it up as a loss and figured I’d just wait until the day of my birthday party in two weeks to get it cut. Gotta look hot on my special night, right? Unless of course I end up with a bowl cut or a mullet of sorts. THEN I was getting ready for the wedding, looking all sexy in my new dress when I felt a huge rip on the seam in the back.  Truth be told, I might have torn it due to my monstrous boobs. Nevertheless, the rip would only get bigger so I made the executive decision to get my 70 bucks back and wear the old ‘go-to’ dress. I certainly wasn’t psyched about the situation but I wasn’t trying to impress anyone there. I’ve only met the bride and groom once for gods sake!

It was fun while it lasted. (all of five minutes.) Cheap thing.

It was black tie optional so Len sported his vest.

Embarrassingly enough, we missed the church ceremony so we hung out at a restaurant drinking wine and eating quesadillas until the reception started. Fine by me.


When ran into the bride and groom as we entered the reception. Totally hot couple.

At the wedding we met some cool peeps, ate some delish food/desserts, drank a lot of wine (and maybe a couple of red bulls and vodkas), and called it  a night at 11:15. Made it home just in time to crawl in bed with my family and watch the ball drop. P.S. When did Dick Clark get so old??!!


Cheers to a year of laughs, love and health.

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Cat walk

If I have to look at another stuffed shell I’m going to freak my freak. Luckily my shell stash has dwindled and my fridge is filled with mostly healthy foods. I can’t speak for the stocking though. That’s a whole different story.

So Christmas has come and gone. Can you believe it? I was lucky this year. My man Santa was good to me and got me everything on my list plus more. Lucky girl.

I asked for a gift card to put towards a new camera. Len took it a step further and bought me the whole dang thing.

That would be a Nikon. I’m still learning how to work it by shooting everything in sight. My favorite subject is getting pretty annoyed by the whole thing.


When Eleanor simply refused to participate in the photo shoot, I looked elsewhere.



Not too shabby.


What was your favorite holiday gift?

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Tis the season to be hairy…

And boy am I ever!  I think Len’s getting a little worried.

I have to apologize for being MIA this week. My thoughts and time have been consumed with the pressures of my new job. (Good pressure but pressure nonetheless.) I hope to get back on track with blogging now that I’m slightly more adjusted.

Nothing very exciting to report from this week. Still up to the same old tricks.

Could you just die looking at this? Yeah, now imagine eating it. That beautiful creation was a brownie, topped with a layer of peppermint (think York Patty), coated in hard chocolate and topped with crushed peppermint. Ridic. Lennster brought it home for me and I didn’t share. I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

There were also some chocolate covered pretzels involved.  Sweets will always have my heart.

We bought those pretzels today at a gift/bake sale hosted by Angel Memorial Animal Hospital. They also offered  Photos with Santa for 20 bucks– all proceeds go to the hospital.  Clearly we couldn’t pass that up.

Ellie was like, What the f-word is this thing?

Payback for chewing my favorite shoes.

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Hi folks. Thanks for the feedback regarding workout motivation. The main tip was to change into workout clothes before leaving work. This is a possibility but most of the time I have to run back to the rat for pee/poop/exercise time. Maybe I can change anyways? I’m going to need all the motivation I can get. I gotta say, it’s incredibly nice to be working full-time again. Things will look even better when the bucks come rolling in.

Len bought me a couple of roses on my first day of work. He’s sweet like that.

Let’s talk food. Sunday morning I made vegan tangy corn chowder in the slow cooker. I’m not posting the recipe because it tastes almost as bad as it looks. Regardless, I’ve been eating it everyday for lunch and am about 5 bites away from turning into a corn cob. Side note- Isn’t it weird that corn nuggets come out the other end fully intact? Does this means it’s useless to our body since it doesn’t break down? Craziness.

I’ve been pairing this soup with a salad topped with pom arils and awesome balsamic dressing from Trader Joe’s. I have a constant battle with dressings: Do I get fat free with all the sugars or get the real deal with it’s high fat/calorie content. I got the real deal this time. What’s your dressing of choice?

No I didn't eat that whole container of up-chuck in one day.


My breakfasts have been a little strange since I’m taking them for the road. Yesterdays was a piece of toast with refried beans and hummus. I’ve also been packing a bag of homemade trail mix which equals out to way too many calories to be considered a snack. Now, if I didn’t gobble the whole thing down that would be one thing but look at who you’re dealing with here.


honey nut chex, raisins, walnuts, toasted pumpkin seeds.

Who even buys honey nut chex anyway?

And I’m off! Have a wonderful day friends.



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Lit up.

It wasn’t until I lived in Boston that I picked my Christmas tree from a parking lot. Gotta say, it feels a little strange. At the same time it’s a very quick process. Len and I were at the Christmas tree “farm” for a total of 10 minutes. Done and Done.

It was love at first sight.

This will be our 4th Christmas together and every year we give each other an ornament. This tradition makes decorating the tree very nostalgic. Every year we attempt to take a family portrait and every year they come out terribly.

Circa 2007- We didn’t live together so we didn’t have a tree. This picture was taken at Boston’s tree lighting. I can’t believe I was only 26 there. Now I’m basically 30. Sigh… to be young again.:)

2008- Len surprised me with Eleanor several weeks after this photo was taken so she hadn’t joined us yet.

don't ask about my haircut. let's just say it was a hair salon mishap. Just call me mushroom head.


Trying to get the rat to cooperate.

2010- As usual, we took many photos but none of them were just right. Clearly we get dressed up for the occasion. Maybe next year I might even apply some chapstick.

I wish the photo below wasn’t so damn dark. Also that Eleanor didn’t look like an alien.

One day we’ll have a Christmas photo that’s not so ghetto but this works for now. Tis’ the season friends.

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back to my kitchen

We arrived back to Boston a little bit ago and I think we’re all happy to be home. The ride back was quick and easy, well, for me anyway.  Len drives and I sleep. He wouldn’t have it any other way since I’m “dangerous behind the wheel.” This does have some truth to it.

I had such faith in myself that yesterday I’d eat healthy and stay away from all the goodies. Breakfast and lunch started off on the right foot.


Quality egg white and veggie omelette with dry toast

asparagus, stuffed pepper and roasted carrots/yams with honey mustard


But things quickly went downhill around mid-afternoon when I indulged in more date balls (damn you, balls), apple pie, and pecan pie. Ew. I went to bed stuffed and cranky then had nightmares.

Alas! Today is a new day.

The first thing I did when I got home was hit up Trader Joe’s. 103 dollars spent and my fridge still appears to be empty. I just don’t get it. Here are the goods.

3 potatoes, lime, pomegranate, 2 grapefruits, butternut squash (even though I’m so sick of it),  3 bell peppers, broccoli. bag of romaine, bag of spinach, bag of sweet potatoes, bag of white potatoes,  spaghetti squash, mushrooms, baby tomatoes, avocado, bag of onions

2 peanut butter chocolate chip Lara bars (new to me and to TJ’s), Mac and Cheese, organic milk, greek yogurt, salad dressing, bread, 2 cans corn, can white beans, black beans, refried beans, frozen corn, baby carrots, soy dogs, soy creamer, organic jelly, cage free eggs, beef for Lennster, the worlds best mozzarella cheese (no joke), fat free feta (the only cheese I could find without rennet), 2 kinds of hummus, pepper, crushed red pepper, whole wheat tortillas, and tempeh.  Not pictured are 4 kinds of dog treats. I guess that’s a lot for 103 bucks.

Tonight I’m just chilling at home with the family in an attempt to recover from all the shit I’ve eaten.

This picture is from Thanksgiving last year and sums it up perfectly.


Fooooooood comaaaaa


Any good movies on On Demand??


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