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Triathlon debate

I was originally registered for my first sprint triathlon on August 14th but decided to attend/work at the Healthy Living Summit instead. Finding a replacement triathlon is very important to me so I was thrilled to find an event in my hometown on September 11th. The only problem is that the swim is .5 miles vs. the .25 miles I was expecting. The swim is my greatest fear, as it is for many. .A half mile swim sounds really scary, especially since I have high anxiety about open bodies of water. I’ve yet to make it past the pool.

I like the idea of doing my first triathlon in my hometown simply because of its convenience. I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel, it’s a very short drive there and back, etc. But that damn half mile swim….

After searching around on the world-wide web, I stumbled upon another triathlon a little over an hour from my hometown on that very same day. The swim is only 1/4 of a mile, the way it should be if you has me. So the question is…….

Do I suck it up and train for the half mile swim in my hometown OR forget about the convenience and drive the extra hour for a shorter distance?

Help!! Also, should I wear a wetsuit???

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There’s been a change in plans

Getting up at 5:30 for a four mile run was difficult this morning but I’m so glad I did it. Isn’t that so true for most things that are hard/annoying/scary to do? It always feels better after an accomplishment. Most importantly, I don’t have to think about working out for the rest of the day.

Speaking of working out— I’m sad to report that I will not be participating in the August 14th triathlon. Instead I will be working at the HEALTHY LIVING SUMMIT!!!! This week I was asked by Attune (the company I am working for this summer) to represent them at the HLS because they are one of the sponsors. I will be there with my Attune shirt on, answering questions about our products and mingling with other bloggers!! I cannot wait for this. I must admit, I’m totally bummed that I’ll be missing the triathlon but I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. (Thanks Biff for understanding! You’re going to rock the tri.) ¬†Part of my job there will be to blog about the event (obvi!) and take lots and lots of pictures. Are you going?

God bless new and exciting opportunities!

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I make grocery stores rich!

Is it me or does it seem like I’m constantly at the grocery store? I swear I am at Trader Joes or Shaws every other day. I can only imagine how much money I spend…. maybe I should keep track of that. My friend uses an envelope system– putting a certain amount of money into an envelope for the entire month and once it’s empty, it’s empty. No more, no less. Majority of my money goes towards food. Hello fat ass. Save a buck or two, why don’t ya. ūüôā

Speaking of grocery shopping, I hit up TJ’s again for a 55 dollar trip, Here’s my shop.

Lots of veggies, frozen pineapple, almond butter, cottage cheese, tofu, edamame, hummus, soy nuggs, soy creamer, Ezekiel bread, avocados, and dog treats.

I had a free fitness consultation today at my new gym (Hi Sam!!) and was inspired to treat my body a little better nutrition wise. I told Sam that I wasn’t interested in learning a strength training routine since I have a system in place and am using Body Pump as my strength training. Instead, we spent the hour talking about food wellness. Sam is totally fit, which automatically gave her “gym cred”, and is starting up her own fitness and nutrition business. I would definitely use her in the future.

Holy Crap, when did Zack Efron grow up? He is HOT! ¬†And how exciting is it that Eat Pray Love was made into a movie and is coming out in August!!???!!! ¬† I LOVE watching Julia Roberts and this role will be great for her. I’m afraid the movie might make me do something impulsive, like book a trip to Italy on my credit card.

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First day on the summer job

Happy weekend! I haven’t had to work a weekend in a long time but today was my first day working for Attune. We set up shop at the Mayors Baseball Tournament in South Boston and were expecting 400 people. Well, it wasn’t quite the turnout we were expecting but we did serve about 20-30 people! That counts right? Check out our venue.

That's my cereal pouring partner.

Big pimpin' in the Uncle Sam mobile.

Our uniform-- Uncle Sam t and a Sox cap.

We were outside for almost four hours today but it went by really quick. I like my little summer job.

Last night was a BLAST with the ladies. We just hung at my friend Katie’s house and gabbed, ate from another awesome spread and sipped on some vino. I could totally get used to this.

My friends are sexy

Our spreads are pretty hot, too.

Katie, Mikaela and I went to grad school together. It makes my heart happy to have met some quality people during my two years at BC. ¬†There’s something really special about social workers. (I’m not biased at all.)

Confession– I was way too scared to weigh in this morning. Yesterday my packed lunch (salad) got tossed aside for several slices of ¬†pizza and chocolate cakesters. I ate my weight in cheese last night so my weigh-in will be postponed until tomorrow morning. I didn’t get a workout in this morning either so that kinda sucked. Oh well. ¬†I know I say this all the time but I’m REALLY going to try to keep my sugar tooth at bay for the next month. 4 more weeks till my triathlon and it’s time to get cracking. I’m also going to be doing some serious brick workouts. Considering I’ll only be working 4 hours a day (max), I’ve got some time on my hands.

What are your favorite activities to do on a day that’s SO hot??? (Besides the beach.)

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My special gift.

Check out the new wheels.

That’s right, now Len and I don’t need to share a car because my nana has HOOKED it up!!! Unfortunately ¬†she is quite the hazard behind the wheel so she hasn’t driven in a whole year. Her perfectly good car has been sitting in the garage waiting for some lovin’. I’m here Hyundai Sonata, cry no more. This is so awesome because clearly I’m too broke to buy a car. (Hello? I pour cereal for a living!) Len and I bought a car to share about 1.5 years ago. It worked out perfectly while I was in school because everything was in walking/bus distance. Now that I’m searching for a job, I need the freedom to look outside Boston for more opportunities. Santa Nana really helped a sister out and I’m SO grateful.

In other news, ¬†I cannot for the life of me get motivated to work out. The heat has been really putting a damper on my workouts so I’ve been procrastinating all day. My triathlon is in less that 5 weeks (!!!!!!) and I have SO much work to do. Swimming doesn’t sound like a terrible option but unless I hit the pool before six I must share lanes. Who enjoys that? Not this bird. Is a lane even big enough for two grown swimmers. Last time I shared a lane this man had some sort of OCD ritual he had to do at the end of the pool. It made for some awkward moments.

I’m off to get the car washed and detailed. Right now it smells like moth balls and geezers.

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Tri- Training

I just completed my second week of triathlon training, with six weeks to go before the big day. As I’ve said before, I am most scared about the swim. Since it’s in August, I’m assuming I wouldn’t wear a wet suit, correct? ¬†My goal for any race is never about time, it’s about the training process and finishing. The bike and swim will be difficult but at¬†least I can take a break if needed. The swim on the other hand– stopping means treading water and if I really need to stop and hold onto something, I’ll be disqualified. Ideally I should practice swimming in open water but I’m totally freaked out by the idea and probably won’t get around to it. This means that race day will be my first open water swim. Oy vey.

Anyways, back to the training. Though I printed out a plan, I haven’t followed it at all. I’ve sorta been waking up and doing whatever the hell I feel like for a work out. My activity has included swimming, running, biking and body pump. The problem with varying my workout everyday while training is that I feel like I’m just okay at everything. With half marathons, you run. Run, run and more running. With a tri, we must do it all so it’s hard to gauge improvements. The bonus is that I feel less bored, sometimes even excited to work out, and I’m finally getting some balance in my routine. This body pump class is the missing link to my regime. Love it.

Yesterday I went to body pump and then rode 15.5 miles along the Charles River I saw a PIG getting walked!!!?!! Unfortunately I couldn’t pet him (her?) because the owner said it might bite me. ouch! My legs felt tired after the ride but it was my butt and vageen that hurt the most. Bike seats are not easy on our ladies parts, are they?

Well, I’m off to work. Have a great Monday!!

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My sister needs your help

Hey friends. My sister is a radio DJ in NYC and needs help from EVERYONE. Regis and Kelly are looking for a radio broadcaster to co-host their show for a day. When I tell you that my sister and Kelly are long-lost twins… ¬†I mean it. My sister (Lisa) has wanted to meet Kelly for ever and a day, and this could be her chance. If you have a couple of minutes, nominate her. I would LOVE to see her meet her idol so we appreciate any help. Please know that you have to register to vote but it only take a few. CLICK on this link to get all the information you need. THANK YOU!!

It’s a damn shame my camera is MIA because I’ve had some seriously amazing treats the past couple of days. My dad was in town for a meeting so Len and I met him for dinner last night. We hit up California Pizza Kitchen and I ordered the Tricolore Pizza salad. It’s basically a big honey whole wheat thin pizza crust topped with arugula salad and parm cheese. HOLY!!!!!!! I stole the picture below. That picture doesn’t give it justice. Everyone should try it.¬†

After dinner we headed to JP Licks— an ice cream chain around Massachusetts. I usually get the same hard yogurt flavors but I got a little careless last night and went big. And by big I mean Candied Ginger ice cream. Yes, really. I made sure to sample first because it could have been a serious bust. It was way better than I could have ever imagined. I want to get this weekly.

My girlfriend and I are having a wine and cheese night tonight so I made an effort to get some fruits and veg in today.(By the way, I’m “off” today meaning my hours are greatly decreasing and I’m weeks away from unemployment.) Because it’s hotter than balls, something cold was in order. In the blender went almond milk frozen cherries, ice cubes, spinach and …. wait for it….. Justin ¬†CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT butter…aka Nutella. This smoothie was insane. Not as insane as the candied ginger ice cream but still great.

Damn I treat myself well…..

P.S. Do you guys know anything about Blue Fish? Like, if they’re in the open water that I train in will they bite off my big toe?

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So long as his speedo is not white..

Being camera-less is really for the birds. My desire to blog diminished knowing I had no photos to post up here. Oh well, we’ll make do. Hmmm, what to tell. I haven’t written in a while so there must be something new and exciting to tell you all about.

I had a doctor’s appointment today at 1:40– a standard yearly physical and gyno exam. My insurance runs out in August so I want to get everything taken care of before then. I went ahead and fasted because I was expecting to have a full set of blood work done. Since my appointment was so late in the day, I called several times to make sure I had to fast. The idea of no coffee pissed me right off but sometimes we have to do things that truly suck. So I get there (you should know that my PCP is in a ghetto hospital that is basically a sterile version of Walmart) and my doctor turns into a blood work nazi, denying me my right to labs! “Cholesterol only needs to be tested every 5 years” she says. But Doc,¬† a lot can change in that amount of time. Do you understand how many donuts, whoopee pies and onion rings I consume on a yearly basis???? Girlfriend needs annual testing, asap! Despite my baked good confessions, she insisted against the labs. Fasting for nothing.

This weekend we are headed to Cape Cod for a wedding which means¬†that¬†old faithful is back. You know…¬†old faithful. The dress that I’ve worn to 700 weddings and has a broken strap held together by a twisted paper clip. I really meant to toss the old thing out last September but it proved to be a difficult task. Instead it’s been sitting on my closet floor for 10 months. Good thing I’m a hoarder¬†otherwise I’d be dress-less for Saturdays wedding.

Food. ¬†I’m still battling my good days with my bad days. Every morning I wake with a new diet plan in my head but the plan never makes it past 11 am. I truly feel that I must follow an eating plan in order to get this weight off but plans and I have a poor relationship. Mimi and I have been having our therapy sessions every other week which is great for right now. My life doesn’t change much from week to week so I consider it 20 bucks saved twice a month.

As for the exercise… I’ve started to get a little panicked. Since my last half marathon which was Memorial day weekend, I’ve gotten way too lax with my exercise schedule. I think I had/have a little cardio burn out which is a total bummer considering my triathlon is in 7 weeks. You must know that I started swimming this week which is pretty comical. I have slight OCD about getting to the pool before everyone else so I can be at peace in my own lane. (Stay out of my lanes you old wrinkly pervs!) Unfortunately that means getting there around 5:15 am. Today I learned the hard way that 6:00 is cattle call for men in speedos. Is it really possible to share a lane without kicking one another or clawing out an eye with the force of a breast stroke? I can’t be trusted. I don’t have a particular swim plan to follow but it’s certainly the event that is most anxiety inducing.

Okay, sorry about the lack of pictures and the long ass post.  I missed you guys.

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Bad news and good news

Bad news–I left my camera in Vermont so I’m going to have to either post old pictures or no pictures for a while. What’s worse?

This weekend has been cool but all this weekend travel is leaving me exhausted. Four more weekends of travel left and then I get a couple of weekend breaks. For some reason I always book my entire summer up and before I know it, it’s over. I’m already looking forward to Fall; let’s just hope I have a job lined up.

Some good news…

My friend and I officially signed up for our first sprint triathlon. It’s nine weeks away and a pool is needed asap. You should know that I despise two things in life: bathing suits and open waters. The many sea animals lurking around are enough to send me into a panic. I swear I was bitten by a lobster once in the Long Island Sound. Little shit scared me for life. Anyway, I’m totally looking forward to a challenge and hope my motivation holds up during the Summer. One of my great friends from college signed up with me. She is really strong at swimming and is mostly terrified of the run. We promised that we’d stick together no matter what so she will get me through the swimming leg and I will encourage her during that run.

Feel free to send me tips and tricks. Any little bit of information is helpful.

So I’m having some trouble with Miss. Eleanor. Don’t let the cute face fool you. At my friends BBQ last night, she got in three fights with two different dogs and instigated them all. This has happened many times before which is why I hate going to the dog park. Ellie is an extremely dominant dog and clearly doesn’t know dog etiquette. Why is she such a territorial brute?

I just want to be able to take her places without the fear of her getting into a fight with another dog. I definitely project nervous energy which doesn’t help but it’s hard to stay calm. How do we remedy this? ¬†Any dog whisperers out there?

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