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Best season ever.

There are many people in the world that LOVE Autumn. I am absolutely one of  those people. (If you hate Fall, you’re the devil.) For me, Fall brings about feelings of comfort and happiness, along with a desire for renewal and improvement of self. The crisp air alone makes my heart sing, never mind the beauty that surrounds us as the season progresses.

There are many fun and exciting adventures to partake in during Fall. The most obvious is apple picking. I went to Lookout Farm this weekend with my friends from work. Lookout Farm was very pretty but I wouldn’t go there again. The charged per pound vs. by bag size and they charged 14 bucks admission. Rip off. It was weird going without Len since it was an annual tradition for us. Renewal, right?

The best part of our adventure was staring at the sheep. I love these critters and wish I could take them home.



Fall also encourages sugar comas.

Little bitches get me every single time. I’m surprised my poop wasn’t cone shaped.

Here’s another Fall favorite.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee!!!

Last but not least…..

I could eat this in an ice cream cone. No joke.

What’s do you love about this fabulous season?

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I’m sorry I haven’t blogged, I’ve been too busy having fun.

While my vacation is long gone, the amazing memories remain. Two weekends ago I went to Vermont to attend my best friends wedding. I’d been looking forward to the wedding because essentially, it was a college reunion. It was a chance for all of us girls to gather from different parts of the US to celebrate. Holy crap, it did not disappoint. Fun bride + open bar + a bunch of college girlfriends without dates + beautiful location = Ridiculousness. Things got wild.

The night started off innocently enough… until our “shuttle” decided to drive into the dirt.

The bus got stuck in the ground after dropping us all off. Priceless.

The only natural thing to do while the bride and groom took pictures was to drink  have your own photo shoot.



We eventually made our way into the barn to drink, eat,  and get hammered  our grove on.

I love when everyone dances around the bride and she picks and choses people to come into the circle. We had some special moments.

So what if I spilled a glass of red wine down some guys back in the process. The good news is that neither of us noticed.

There’s nothing better than spending a night with your favorite people. Sheer happiness.

I may or may not have gotten into a fight with Dave Grippo from the Grippo Funk Band.  Apparently requesting Lil’ Wayne isn’t appreciated.  Oops!

It was definitely a night to remember.

Congrats to Biff and Mike. I couldn’t think of a better pair. Love you guys.
















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hooked on a feeling.

When it comes to music, ballads specifically, I can get a bit obsessive. I’ve been known to listen to the same song hundreds of times in a row. I’ve pissed off many a roommate doing this. I can’t help it. First it’s about listening to the words. Then learning them. Then singing the crap out of them. Ballads make my heart happy.

Tonight I’m a little high on life. My roommate and I just got back from seeing Christina Perri at a very intimate venue in Boston.

(Totally stole that pic. Chris won’t mind. )

You all know the song Jar of Hearts, right? If you don’t, please get out more. Christina was incredible– I want to be her. She smiled the entire time she was singing and it was obvious how grateful she was to be on stage, living her dream.

Anyway, the band HoneyHoney opened the show and I am currently obsessing over one song in particular. It’s called Don’t Know How and of course it’s a love song. Check it out. I’m sure it will touch some hearts out there.

What song are you currently hooked on?



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“Why are you broken?”

I’m 30 years old. Let’s face the cold, hard truth- The clock is ticking. Wrinkles are forming. Boobs are sagging. Grays are sprouting. There’s no time to fuck around. Something has got to give.

I joined to world of internet dating.

I first signed up shortly after Len and I broke up. This lasted for a hot minute before it bit me in the ass. I don’t dare share the story- Just know that it’s for the books. Two weeks ago I decided to give it another try and so far it’s been quite interesting. My favorite pick up line so far is definitely– “Why are you broken?” Oh you poor bastard, if you only knew. 🙂
Since initially signing up, I’ve gone on three dates. The first date was cool but not quite me. The second was cute (despite the huge bandage covering a cyst on his face. I mean, really?) but very bitter about life and just kind of blah. The third date sent me over the edge. God forgive me if this person is reading.

I’m just learning the etiquette of online dating. Apparently you’re supposed to talk on the phone before meeting. I get that. Voice is important and I want to know if you sound like Kermit the freaking Frog. I should have known that contestant #3 was going to be brutal when the following little exchange happened via text message. Keep in  mind that we had talked on the phone for about one week at this point.

Contestant #3 — xoxoxo

Me- Are you fucking with me?

Contestant #3– What are you talking about? xo.

If that wasn’t a telltale sign that he’s a stage 10 Klinger I don’t know what was. Things only got worse when he showed up looking like a raccoon and wouldn’t stop trying to kiss me. Oy Vey!  That was a waste of 54 bucks and yes, I paid.

Stayed tuned for future tales.

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bringing you up to speed.

I feel like so much has happened since we’ve last spoken. Well, you know what I mean. Let me sum it up for you.

I went to Vermont 2 weekends ago to celebrate my dear friends birthday.

We went out to dinner at The Alchemist in Waterbury, Vermont. Ali turned 35 so we dolled ourselves up and partied hard (read: home by 7.)  We’re freaking wild and crazy like that. And what’s a birthday without something sweet? A shitty one.

So what If I was the only one who indulged? Bonus– a cute boy from across the restaurant had the waiter bring me a free drink. 🙂 Works for me.

I also attended my best friends bridal shower and assumed the role of gift helper. To show my love, I accidentally stabbed her in the leg with a pen and drew all over her fancy dress. Whoops! I always seem to ruin her clothes. One time (5 years ago but she NEVER lets me forget) I dried her expensive jeans and they shrunk up like jeggings. I’m so fashion forward.

While in Vermont, I tried my hand a scootering…

This likely won’t happen again.

I also tried my hand a paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding was beyond fun! We didn’t get any action shots since falling into the water was inevitable. We each fell in several times and died laughing. I recommend it for a little something different.

This weekend was equally exciting. My friends and I went to see Tim Mcgraw‘s package in concert.

We decided on lawn seating since tickets were cheaper and it’s summer. Why not, right? I forgot how wild lawn seating is! It  was like High School Musical gone horny. Swear to god. By the middle of the show, fools were gettin down and dirty. I’m talking, hands down the booty shorts, bumping and grinding, making out. You name it. God bless em! I’m not judging because god knows I’ve done some shady shit in my earlier years on those lawns. The good old days.

Oh, and I fell in love with some hot Tim Mcgraw loving fool.

So what if he’s only 26 and was so hammered he could barely see. Who says tweens have all the fun.  Johnny, if you’re out there, call me. 🙂

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Story of a new friend.

I’m feeling much better these days. My roommate and I had a nice talk last week where she quite frankly asked, “Are you depressed.” At that point, the answer was yes. Even though it’s only been a week since that discussion, I’m on the up and up. Life isn’t so bad.

This past week has been a little out of the ordinary. If you’re friends with me on facebook, this will be old news.

So last Tuesday night we heard tons and tons of squirrels in the walls. They were having a damn blast. I swear they were having a soccer match up there with an acorn. We could not sleep.

Wednesday we heard something coming from my roommates room. Sure enough, we see a huge, furry paw coming from the ceiling vent.

This was no squirrel. It was scratching and scratching, trying to be free. Holy shit.

Then we hear something coming from my room.

If you look a little closer, you’ll find a furry little raccoon behind that wall vent. The vent sits about one foot from the ground so we had a little stare-down. Then a short counseling session. He was super cute and was determined to claw or bite his way out.

We called seven million trappers but no one was open since it was after hours. The city wouldn’t help unless the raccoon was fully running wild in our living room. What kind of crap deal is that? Finally we reached our heroes, Alex and Roger.

They came over, opened the vents and carefully placed a plate or two of tuna fish in there.

Did you know raccoons dig tuna? Sure do.

Before long, he was spotted.

And caught.

Roger said he’s about 2 months old. He was scared and hungry so we tried to calm him with bananas and carrots.

He wasn’t psyched.

Fast forward to the next morning. Around 4:45, we woke to sounds of the forest. There were 2 raccoons in the vent making all kinds of raccoon calls, scratching away. We think they were missing their brother.  Later that evening Roger caught a second raccoon. At this point I stopped taking pictures because my heart was sad for the raccoons. They were cuddled up together in the trap.

Up until two days ago all was quiet. We knew there was one left up there but figured she (Harriet) either left or died. Not so much. We woke up at 3 am to scratching in the walls and ceiling again. Then we saw this outside my window.

Harriet was sitting on the outside window peering in!! She is seriously obsessed with us. She would stare in the window, then come back into the walls, then back out to the window.

Roger came over and set another trap so now we wait. We’ve grown quite fond of this little raccoon. She’s smart and quiet, inquisitive. She loves us too. I hope she makes it.

The End.

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Marathon #2, baby!

If you’re in the mood to cream your pants, (yes, I said that.) take a bite out of this bad boy.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar. Holy Helen its delicious. I’m not sure if these are new or just new to me but I dare say they’re the best flavor yet.

Wanna see something else delicious?

This crazy character. Remember Cooper? He’s only six months old and is getting so big! He’s naughty (loves to jump on people) but so cute and a total love boat.

Last weekend I busted him and my grandma taking a mid-day snooze.

Hard life.

Apparently I inherited my grandmas skin tone.

True story– I looked down at my feet yesterday and thought for a second that I was wearing white socks. Sadly, it was my just my pale-ass skin gleaming between my pants and my shoes.  I need a bottle of tinted Jergens in a bad way.

In other exciting news, my roommate and I signed up for the South Hero, Vermont  Marathon on October 16. I lived in Vermont for 7 years and am familiar with the race site. It will be gorgeous, especially with the foliage winding down. As far as training goes? Well, let’s just say we have a lot of work to do. The biggest challenge will be training in the hot summer heat. The race is TINY so I encourage you all the sign up 🙂 I hope they serve bagels afterwards. (Best part of a race event by far!)

Any tips on getting training in the heat?

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That bitch disappeared again.

Oh, hi! I pulled a no-show on the blog again but I’m sure you’ve come to expect it. Sorry! Last you knew, I was headed to CT on a bus full of  jack-offs for my sisters shower. Sadly I brought my camera but forgot the charger. Balls. The celebration was fun– Lisa had a blast and we all enjoyed spending time with the family. (Minus the creepy uncle. Every family has one.) I stuffed my face full of red velvet cake and ice cream all weekend. Came back to Boston feeling like a bloated tick.

The past week was kind of blah. I’m in a serious funk. I might diagnose myself with clinical depression– loss of interest, isolation, eating like an elephant (yes, that’s part of the criteria.) Not sure what my issue is but hopefully my mood will improve soon.

This past weekend I hit the road again for my sisters second shower. Spoiled little bitch. I kid. We had to have two showers because my step-mother and mother can’t be in the same room together. There’s dysfunction in every family folks.  My sister looked stunning as usual.

I’m only slightly bitter that I look more pregnant than she does.

Just Slightly....

Another weekend of stuffing my face with cupcakes and cookies. But seriously, how was I to resist?

Zachary cupcakes! Cookies were hidden in my belly  on the side of the wagon.

My mom got a little carried away with the baby gifts.

God love her.

At this point  I am baby showered out but spilling with baby fever. Someone knock me up, quick! I should probably get health insurance first. And maybe some money in my back account.  And maybe someone to have sex with…… Oh well.

Anyways, the ride home from PA to CT took 6 hours instead of the usual three. Then I hopped in the car for another 2 hours to Boston. I was heated.

My depression + my state of bloat + traffic = the biggest asshole on the planet. You know when you’re completely aware that you’re being a bitch but can’t seem to stop no matter what? That was me. All weekend. I’m sorry mom, nana, lisa, and random strangers I might have offended along the way. Girlfriend needs an attitude adjustment asap.

I had plans to go away this holiday weekend but cancelled them to hang at home with Eleanor. I cannot think of anything else I’d rather be doing. She’s the perfect medicine.

I can’t handle that face.

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Loss and renewal.

Since Len and I broke up, I’ve been keeping myself very busy. Initially, I made lots of plans to be out of the house since he and I were still living together. This allowed us space apart. I’ve kept myself busy to connect with old friends and new, and to rejuvenate my social circuit. I’ve kept myself busy to avoid the difficult feelings of loss.

A few days ago I began reading through my old blog posts. Admittedly, I can be pretty funny on here so I got a few good chuckles. However, along with the laughs came a few tears. This blog started well into my relationship with Len and really documented our journey together. It tells the tale of the day he surprised me with Eleanor, along with other anniversaries, and rat’s first and second birthday. It references us as a “family” and speaks to our future together. A few days ago, I finally began to mourn what is no longer and what had been.

Admitting and accepting that your relationship is over is a difficult thing to do–especially at 30 when society says it’s time to be popping out children. We had stuff together: a dog, a car, an apartment, furniture. We had already merged into one another’s family of origin.  On paper, things were perfect.

“Knowing what’s right is sometimes hard. Doing what’s right is sometimes even harder.”  Lyndon Johnson.

The days that followed our breakup were devastatingly difficult. Sadness penetrated my entire being and I wondered if I’d ever feel normal again. I worried about Len and his feelings. I felt angry that our relationship could not be fixed. I wished for healing. Once the intensity of emotions was lifted and clarity set in, I was certain we made the right decision. I felt relieved. It’s easy to get stuck in a dynamic that’s comfortable.

I’m adjusting to life alone now.  I mourn parts of our relationship that were beautiful and fulfilling, and continue to miss Eleanor so much it hurts. But I’m proud that we were able to let go of something that was comfortable, because comfort is simply not good enough. We both deserve more.

What was a difficult decision you had to make?

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sex and shits– what else do we think about?

If you want to give yourself the shits, eat a bag of these.

Just a little heads up.

Good morning blog world and happy Monday. I hit up a spin class this morning which was needed after a weekend of eating and drinking. Now I am feeling quite refreshed. As is my asshole. Okay, I’ll stop.  My spin instructor blows goat so every time I go to his class I dream up ways to make him suffer. This mornings destruction involved Chile Spiced Mango’s. You do the math.

Despite the rain, my weekend was the perfect balance of fun and relaxation. Saturday I saw Bridesmaids with my friend Katie. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop your jelly stick and get your booty to the theater. You.Will.DIE laughing. Trust me. Saturday night my roommate and I made an awesome dinner. I’ve had my eye on Mama Pea’s Black Bean BBQ Pita Pizza for some time now. Holy shoot, were they good.

BBQ sauce and pineapple? Yes, please.

I will definitely be making these babies again.

Melissa and I had big plans to explore the neighborhood bars Saturday night. We started off the evening with a Banana Bread Beer.

It tasted just like Banana Bread but I’m not sure I’d get it again. Can someone create a Whoopee Pie beer?

After another beer we headed out to face the hood. Sadly all we found were old men with missing teeth and a few random douchebags across the bar. Oh well, we managed to have fun anyway.

At some point we got into a debate about the ethics of casual sex. I am pro-casual sex so long as you’re safe about it (Hello, Dental Dam!). Melissa has a different point of view but I’ll save that for a guest post. 🙂

Yesterday I went on a date (saw Bridesmaids again, just as funny the second time around) but more on that later!

What’s your opinion on casual sex?


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