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Back to business

Good morning!! I’m back in Boston and feeling ready to face the week. My house smells amazing as I have a pot of bean soup simmering away. Yum!

The rest of my Vermont vacation was awesome. Friday night we took our friend Katelyn out to dinner for her 30th birthday.

That's my girl!

We went to an amazing new restaurant called The Wooden Spoon Bistro. For some reason, the burger kept calling my name so I went with it. PHENOM!  After dinner we went to see Bad Fish, a Sublime cover band. The crowd was fun– picture a bunch of white hippies dancing around with Redbull Vodkas in hand. I’m definitely guilty. Unfortunately I don’t have any crazy to stories to share as I was pretty well-behaved which is a total bummer.   I was hoping to provide you all with some x-rated entertainment. Perhaps another time.

My face looks like a bloated tick

Despite being hung over on Saturday, we dragged our asses out for a nature walk.


My heart felt sad seeing this cow since I likely ate his brother the night before.

We made sure to bundle up this time.


I love spending time with these two. Thanks for taking care of me this weekend, guys. Love you. I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m dry humping her hubby.



Biffy (real name Elizabeth) met our freshman year in college when she moved into my dorm. Our friendship was solidified when I asked her if she wanted to have a farting contest and without hesitation she said yes. Not sure who won but that’s neither here nor there.

After our walk, we proceeded to eat the store out of samples.









Don’t mind if I do!

Okay folks, off to drag my bloated ass on a run. Happy Monday.


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Time to bust out the ear muffs

Hi Everyone.  How happy are you that it’s Friday?? Sorry to all those suckers out there who work weekends. 😉 Sucks to be you.

I forced myself out of Ali’s warm house this morning for a freezing cold run. Don’t I look psyched?  (If I smiled you’d find peppercorn in my teeth from my breakfast burrito). Don’t mind the unwashed face, unbrushed hair and lack of makeup. Though I never understood people who wear makeup to workout.

My intention was to run 6-8 miles but I could only stand 3. My fingers were like popsicles by the end of it and my vagina was numb. I ran along the Burlington Bike Path which runs along Lake Champlain. So beautiful.










Don’t let the sun fool you.




After the run, I hit up Church Street, which is basically the “city center” of Burlington. It’s so quaint and romantic.  Church Street is very nostalgic for me.


My friend and I attempted to go for a nature walk but we are pussies underdressed and only lasted 500 feet.  Instead I snapped some photos and drove home. Good times.




























Now I’m sitting on my ass eating trail mix. Balance, people.


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My idea of a great vacation doesn’t include  tropical waters,  warm weather, and palm trees. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true.


Welcome to Vermont, folks.   My favorite place on earth.

Though many days here are gloomy and cold, Vermont represents comfort and peace for me. The pace is slow, the people are friendly, and the air smells of bonfires. Most importantly, many of my favorite people live here.  I took a couple of days off to spend time with them. We’re celebrating my friends 30th birthday tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have some scandalous stories to share.



Amen for Girlfriends.

I’m currently blogging from the sweetest little house around town.

If I ever move back to Vermont, I’m totally moving in. I’m sure my friend Ali won’t mind 🙂

I spent the morning drinking coffee from a mason jar.

As if coffee wasn't awesome enough

Catching up with the girls.


And playing with domesticated ducks.



Sunny and Sweetie playing in the kiddie pool.


Only in Vermont.







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Marathon #2, baby!

If you’re in the mood to cream your pants, (yes, I said that.) take a bite out of this bad boy.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar. Holy Helen its delicious. I’m not sure if these are new or just new to me but I dare say they’re the best flavor yet.

Wanna see something else delicious?

This crazy character. Remember Cooper? He’s only six months old and is getting so big! He’s naughty (loves to jump on people) but so cute and a total love boat.

Last weekend I busted him and my grandma taking a mid-day snooze.

Hard life.

Apparently I inherited my grandmas skin tone.

True story– I looked down at my feet yesterday and thought for a second that I was wearing white socks. Sadly, it was my just my pale-ass skin gleaming between my pants and my shoes.  I need a bottle of tinted Jergens in a bad way.

In other exciting news, my roommate and I signed up for the South Hero, Vermont  Marathon on October 16. I lived in Vermont for 7 years and am familiar with the race site. It will be gorgeous, especially with the foliage winding down. As far as training goes? Well, let’s just say we have a lot of work to do. The biggest challenge will be training in the hot summer heat. The race is TINY so I encourage you all the sign up 🙂 I hope they serve bagels afterwards. (Best part of a race event by far!)

Any tips on getting training in the heat?

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day after

We woke this morning to Christmas snow (as Len likes to call it) and my little old family was clearly very excited.

We said SCREW YOU BLACK FRIDAY and bailed due to freezing rain and the anticipation of very annoying people. I’m so glad we did. I did, however, order Lens Christmas present online. Too bad the black friday deal was totally bogus and not much of a deal at all. Now I have a whole month to keep his present a secret… very, very tough task. If he didn’t love Christmas so much I would have already told him.

I woke this morning feeling like a mama hippo with swollen limbs. Last night I enjoyed chocolate cream pie, apple pie, chocolates, candy, and more than my fair share of balls….. date balls that is. Pervs.

Now this is what I call a tasty ball



We ended up sleeping at a hotel last night because Lens allergies (to the cat) got pretty bad. It’s nice to have our own space and a king sized bed. Happy Thanksgiving to meeeeeeeee. Plus, we don’t have to deal with Ellie and Sadie constantly up to no good. They look innocent but much like those stuffed peppers, they’re deceiving.


















They rule the roost.

Well friends, I’m off. Got some work lounging to do. Gotta work on this bloat.

P.S. When will my fingers stop looking like stuffed sausages?


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Although it’s always hard to leave Vermont, I was happy to come home to my family in Boston. I’m pretty sure they both missed me.

Can’t you just see it on their faces? Yeah, me either. Oh well.

The rest of my weekend was really chill. We saw Life or Something Like it which I HIGHLY recommend. It did not help my baby fever whatsoever; in fact, it made it even worse. The actors had such great chemistry on film and I just love a movie that can make me both cry and laugh. I actually haven’t met a movie that hasn’t made me cry. (Cue: Cool Runnings.) I’m a baby like that.

Every time I visit Vermont, it is imperative to eat at Magnolia Bistro. I’ve written about this restaurant many times on my blog and for a damn good reason. The food is local, organic, healthy (most), and creative. The atmosphere is green, warm and comfy. I ALWAYS get the same exact thing when I go there– Huevos Con Diablo.

It’s polenta topped with black beans and two runny eggs. I left out the sour cream and added dry toast to the mix. They serve it with homemade jam and lots of different hot sauce.

Ali got the cheddar and black bean tofu scram, served with home fries and toast.

I had eaten like a fat pig the night before so we procrastinated breakfast since I was still full. We took care of some errands and went to the gym– but it was after one by the time we were actually sitting to eat. At that point I was ready to eat Ali’s head. I looked cool, calm, and collected in the picture but inside I was screaming FEED ME YOU MO’ FO’S!!!

Ali threatened to eat the table.

I kept my stomach busy by taking pictures of their incredible bathroom. They have quotes painted on the walls, inside and out of the stalls. Side note– snapping pictures in the bathroom doesn’t go over well with customers. You’d think I was trying to catch them taking a dump or something. Pahlease people.

These were some of my favorites.


Compost and landfill

Be the change you wish to see in the world












No one can make you feel inferior without your consent











At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.


So sweet, right?


Okay friends, I’m off!

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Mother nature hates me

Well, I hate to report that our hiking trip got cancelled due to a weather advisory– snow in the mountains. Currently there is 6 inches on the trail that we would have been on. We’re hardcore but not that hardcore. To drown our sorrows, we stuffed our face with cheese nachos and then watched Catch and Release over some ice cream. Life happens.

These dirty little bitches didn’t make us feel better in the long run but you know, it was a momentary fix.

Yesterday it rained all day so I sat inside studying from the cutest little coffee shop drinking beet, apple, ginger and carrot juice.

I’m pretty sure the man sitting next to me thought I was taking a picture of him and not the juice. Things got awkward.

If you are ever in Vermont, you must stop by Muddy Waters. It’s everything you’d imagine a Vermont coffee shop to be like. Complete with a tree type thing inside and men with burly beards. Love.  And P.S.– who’s the liar who claimed that fresh juice is energizing? It put me right to sleep.

I’m sad that my vacation here is almost over. We’re off to brunch and then the movies.

What are you doing today?

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