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Yo! Long time no talk. Happy belated ❤ Day. A long time friend/sixth grade boyfriend/first kiss flew in from Colorado for the week so he and I went to dinner last night. We hadn’t seen one another for 18 years so it was fun catching up. We went to my all time favorite place, The Beehive.  I ordered old faithful, the Mezze Platter. No surprise there. I should own stock in that damn restaurant and dish.

I took today off from work and saw Big Miracle, matinée style. (Stolen pic below.)

I want a whale.

Make fun if you must but the blue hairs (old ladies) and I had a great time.  Such a beautiful story, good for any age.  Prior to the movies, a fabulous breakfast was had at Sorella’s in Jamaica plain. This place is a hidden gem: tasty, unique, and reasonably priced. The menu is very long and overwhelming however.

6 page menu, front and back.

I’m going through a no-meat and dairy phase so today was all about the tofu scram.

Holy crap!

Tofu, avocado, black beans, spinach, pesto, mushrooms, arugula, sprouts, and more. Goat cheese was omitted. Hash browns and toast on the side. Wipe the drool off the keyboard people. It was definitely as good as it looks.

Some other updates

1. I’m still fat and can’t fit into my pants. Ask my clients, they’ll tell you. 🙂 The good news is that a few colleagues and I started a three-month Biggest Loser Challenge. So far it’s motivated me a teeny tiny bit. I’ve been in a serious life rut the past month or so and my exercise habits have suffered. I think I’m going to take a break from running and put energy into other things like yoga, swimming, and sex. I kid.

2. Online dating has come to a screeching halt. I never went on second dates with the two guys I last blogged about. We made plans but then one of us would cancel so the spark quickly dwindled.  I’m gonna hop back on the horse (no pun intended) next week. I need to find myself a baby daddy one way or another. Anyone know of a reputable sperm bank? My roommate and I may or may not have looked into that last week. Oh, brother.  🙂 I just started writing for  as the Boston Online Dating Examiner so I need to get some good material. With that said, if anyone has any funny online dating stories to share, please comment below.

Check out my new bed spread courtesy of Urban Outfitters!

Thanks Dad and Rob for the gift card

Double sided

What guy wouldn’t want to crawl under beautiful creation…

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two lunches

I had a stomach ache until about 11 today so I wasn’t able to eat before going to yoga. I take that back– I slugged back a Chocolate Mint Gu right before walking in the door. Despite not being crazy for Bikram on Monday, it’s important for me to keep trying. The introductory package was 20 dollars for 10 consecutive days so why not get my moneys worth. I liked it more today than Monday. I had a different teacher who had a SMOKING hot body. I just stared at her when times got tough. (Not in a creepy way.)It felt harder and I definitely got light-headed several time but I pushed myself a little further. I embraced being called out and actually appreciated help getting into positions. Also, I was basically the heaviest person in the class. Still, I felt strong and healthy. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I pictured Len doing yoga with me and laughed hysterically inside. I hope he never wants to.


Post yoga I had two lunches.

Lunch 1: Goat cheese, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, one baby purple potato, s&p and balsamic vinegar.

A little while later, lunch 2: the rest of my butternut squash topped with almond butter. Slice of Ezekial bread with tomato paste and hummus.

The plate looks wicked dirty because it’s been sitting in the fridge holding squash all week. Don’t judge.

Off for a quick 3 mile run then a fancy dinner with my man.

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Not so sure about this bikram business.

I tried Bikram today for the first time. Two things that I hate,  yoga and the heat, all wrapped up in one. I was nervous to walk in, shaking almost. My friend (who insisted that I try it) talked me down from my freak out. I was sure that I might suffocate from the heat. What if I can’t breathe? What if I need to puke? Will I be judged if I lay down? If someone rips ass there’s no way I’ll be able to compose myself. I secretly wanted it to happen.

The good news is that I only almost blacked out three times. No seriously. I got light-headed and saw spots. The first time I got dizzy I laid down. Then the bitch instructor called out, “Lindsay, don’t throw in the towel. Please sit on your knees with your head above your heart.” I was only mildly embarrassed. Thanks for calling me out lady. Appreciate it.

By the end of the 90 minutes I was more than ready for class to be over. I was bummed to not experience a “high” like I always get after a run–something that I very much look forward to. Is there such a thing as a “yoga high”? I’d go back but I’m not convinced that it’s the great workout everyone says it is. Yeah it was hard but only because it was so hot. I must admit that my heart rate was up through a fair amount of class and there were a lot of moves I could not do.

I’d love some feedback from those of you who have tried/love/hate bikram.

Best part of yoga? My lunch afterwards.

Tempeh dipped in BBQ sauce and squash topped with almond butter. SO.DAMN.GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

So is everyone in a kit kat coma or what??



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