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Session 2

Well, looks like the snow is over for now here in Boston. It was great while it lasted though. Before going to counseling, Ellie and I hit up a snowy field where she ran around like the crazy lady that she is. I always get a little nervous going to dog parks and things of that nature because Eleanor will do anything for a ball. And I mean anything. At about 10 weeks old she was involved in a nasty fight and it scared the living day lights out of me. Now, when she’s around random dogs I always get a little anxious and I’m sure she picks up on it. I wish I wasn’t giving off that vibe but I can’t help it. Luckily, Lens a little calmer than I am about it so we’ll go to parks together. This morning I hoped and prayed she was the only dog there and she was. Score. She was one with the field.

Anyways, last night Len did a quick grocery shop for us. He’s super aware of the things I like in the house but always puts his own twist to them which is a welcomed treat. ¬†Last night he came hope with a bunch of veggies (I just couldn’t wait till my delivery on Thursday), hummus, pepper jack cheese, ranch soy chips, a NEW veggie product (which will be revealed soon), and 2 bags of Fresh Start salad mixers. I personally never buy these but am totally stocked that he did. Last night we made one of the bags that contained spinach, feta and provolone crumbles, croutons and a light honey mustard. YUM!! We paired it with whole wheat pasta, sauce and mushrooms.

Counseling today with Mimi went well. We came up with a strategy for the week which I think is really interesting. The goal for the coming weeks is to detoxify my binges and make them less special. One of the long-term goals is to decrease the frequency of binges. Yes, please. I’m a little torn about how in-depth I should go on my blog about each session but think it can be helpful to other people who struggle. I am definitely not looking for negative feedback about the therapeutic methods that we are trying out. What may work for me, might not work or sound good to you. With that said, I am totally open to talking openly about my experiences in counseling and what is working, what’s not working and how I feel along the way. Please let me know if this is something that you as the readers are interested in hearing about. If not, I’ll spare you all the details of my saga.

Post session, I hit the gym up for a little TM action and some ROWING!! What’s up bitches. Yep, I was inspired by Gabe and Rachel though I think I’m rowing wrong. Is that possible? I just kinda hopped on and rolled with it, never choosing a setting or anything. Any help out there? Because I was out and about breakfast never happened but lunch did. I dig right into the second salad mixer and ate half of it. This one included lettuce, pine nuts, soy nuts and poppy seed dressing. I used oil and vinegar instead and topped it with half cup of pinto beans, olives and a veggie burger. Basically I pimped it out. No big deal.

I missed my hot sauce

I have a paper to work on for my policy class and reading for my psychodynamic  (snoozefest USA) class. Back later my lovies!

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