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Morning News

I am SOOO happy right now. For weeks I’ve been searching and searching for the movie, Forces of Nature. I watched it a million times in college and hadn’t seen it since. I’ve looked many places for it and NO ONE sells it. (It’s not the best movie out there I’m sure.) Well to my surprise, it’s on NOW!! Woot, woot, woot. Unfortunately I’ve missed an hour of it but hell, i’ll take what I can get.

On a sour note, Erin and I didn’t get to go to run this morning because it was raining. I’m going to head out for a short run today and we’ll do our nine miles on Tuesday. The half marathon is only a week away so I need to get in the game mentally.

I keep getting feedback to cut back my treats to one a day or once a week (not happening mom). I think the once a day is fair enough. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I had a whole days worth of points yesterday. I wonder if that  contributed to my bitch mood. I was an irrational, cranky, crazy lady yesterday and I was not very nice to the bf. I’m not sure how the man deals with me. Back later with breakfast.




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